Thousand Hills Golf Course – Hole #11

Yards: 162
Par: 3
Handicap: 15

The par 3 eleventh fifth hole will give you somewhat of break after the difficult nine and ten combination. The blue tees play to 162 yards but the white and red tees have a definite advantage playing to 119 and 102 yards respectively. It is ranked as one of the easier holes on the golf course but can add strokes if you let it.

There is plenty of trouble to get into off of the tee: Wildwood creek looms in close proximity to the left of the green; a native area cuts in front of the tees; a large rock bluff and mulched native area run above and almost the entire length of the hole; and the green is protected in the front, middle left and rear by bunkers. The rock bluff and mulched native area, although menacing to look at, actually yield a high percent of playable shots, you might even get lucky and get a favorable bounce onto the green where a birdie is possible.

The green itself is generous in size and depth. It has a pear shape to it with back of the green being narrow and tilted forward for a big breaking putt, a ridge toward the center and then leveling out in the front. Pin placements on this hole will have the final say how you score. Knock it close off the tee to a front pin and it could result in a two. Knock it close to a center or back pin and take a little extra time to size up the situation.


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