Thousand Hills Golf Course – Hole #2

Yards: 124
Par: 3
Handicap: 17

After coming from the first hole the second at Thousand Hills is a cake walk. It is rated as the second easiest hole on the golf course and is the shortest playing out to 124 yards from the blue tees but only 71 yards from the red tees. The second is the first of the Thousand Hills nine par threes and probably the easiest to obtain a hole in one on. The green is deep and has moderate width, character and speed. There is not much rough between the tees and the approach is cut low enough to be able to roll a ball onto the green if mishit short still leaving a birdie putt with minimal break, (dependent upon where the pin is set of course). An easy birdie.

Not so fast, if you let it, the second will eat you up and spit you out. The green is heavily guarded by bunkers on the left and behind with very little room for mistake, heavy mounding and rough on the right makes for a difficult short save shot and Wildwood creek is looming to the left and below the bunker. Again, a mishit to the right or even short is desired because, even though, Wildwood creek is not in the direct path it does sit nearly thirty feet below the green and a careening shot off of the hill has a more than insignificant chance of being gobbled up and from there a bogey is going to look good on the scorecard.


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