Thousand Hills Golf Course – Hole #4

Yards: 164
Par: 3
Handicap: 13

The par three fourth hole at Thousand Hills Golf Resort is rated as one of the easier holes on the golf course. But we are going to give you a little insight here that might be valuable. The course has not been re-rated since the installation of a pond directly in front of the green and moving the blue to the right by thirty feet. We have a feeling that the difficulty of the hole might move up slightly if the course were re-rated. The hole plays to a modest 164 yards from the blue tee, 124 yards from the white and 95 yards from the red tee so distance should not be an issue.

The problem is getting the pond out of your head. The pond spans the entire width of the hole, is within twenty feet of the red tee and within ten feet of the front edge of the green. A stack rock wall is the buffer between the waters edge and the green and is very difficult to get a favorable bounce if hit. The entire hole is carry, there is no short bailout area.

Once over the water, the green complex is not the most favorable environment either. The immediate right and left sides offer the only real relief for a chip shot close to the pin. The back rough of the green complex is severely sloped downward and offers an extremely difficult shot to stop on the dance floor before going into the pond.

The green itself is one of the most deceiving putting greens on the course. The back of the green is flared up to meet the landscape and slopes forward all the way to the front to a lessening degree. The front of the green looks level but you will need to play more break than you think, there is no level spot on this green.

It is best just to hole out from the tee on this Thousand Hills masterpiece, if you can, but at the very least you should be on the dance floor to minimize the damage on the scorecard.


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