Thousand Hills Golf Course – Hole #5

Yards: 350
Par: 4
Handicap: 7

The fifth hole at Thousand Hills is a 90° dogleg right. It plays 350 from the blues, 340 from the whites and 245 from the red. The fifth is a hole where club selection off the tee is critical. The blue and white play from the same elevated tee which hugs a tree line for about 150 yards down the right side before the hole turns to the right. A short native area is directly in front of the tee with a short tree that looks much more intimidating than it is, (that actually only comes into play with a low line drive), and a fairway bunker is at the left side of the fairway on the dogleg around 250 yards out. It is possible to hit the green, (only about 280 out) but the shot is such a high risk shot that you want to think twice before attempting. It is also possible to shoot through the fairway where a thin tree line is waiting to penalize the errant shot. The best way to go is to grab a club less 250 that you can move to the right just a little and place yourself in the fairway with a sort iron into the green. A safe shot in the fairway is going to save strokes because once on the green a three putt is not out of the picture.

The approach into the green is slightly downhill and bunker protection (for the green) is provided to the right and to the rear but with a wedge or short iron in your hand you should be dancing though. The green itself has three different distinct tiers: the left half of the green moves significantly to the right half; the right half is divided into two tiers that also move right but the back right of the green also moves to the rear. It is possible to get bad kick into the woods from the back slope of the greens. Green speed is also going to need to be taken into consideration if you land on different tiers and need to go either up or down. Proceed with caution.


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