Thousand Hills Golf Course – Hole #6

Yards: 388
Par: 4
Handicap: 11

The sixth at Thousand Hills plays out to 388, 345 and 303 from the blue, white and red tees respectively. The tees are elevated by at least 50 feet from the fairway landing area. There are several ways to play this hole off of the tees: first, you can play the safe shot to the landing area somewhere around 195 yard to 215 yards and leave a short iron into the green; second, you can draw the ball around the left side to have an even shorter iron into the green; third, you can get real gutsy and try to cut the corner and hope the trees on the left side don’t gobble up your ball but it is a very risky shot with a 285 yard carry to edge of the green. Club selection off the tee is just important here as it was on the fifth. A driver off of the tee might land you on three fairway with a very difficult shot to get back online let alone on the green in regulation.

With an optimal tee shot you will be somewhere around 140 yards out, shooting to green that is guarded on the right side by a large bunker and steep grades all around. The left side grade flows to the green and everywhere else are away. Placement of the ball near the pin is essential here as the putting green has a lot of character and can break in any direction dependent upon location. A right side middle pin placement is the most favorable but you only get that once a week. Keep this green to a minimum of two putts and you will be rewarded with a great par.


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