Improving Golf Swing Mechanics – A Routine Alignment

By: Dan Davis for Thousand Hills Branson Golf Resort

Every golfer, from a first time putter to a PGA professional is constantly looking for ways of improving golf swing mechanics. The first step to improving mechanics is to improve your alignment with the ball, the club, and the hole.

An archer peers down the arrow before releasing the string. The shooter looks through a scope or down the barrel of his gun before pulling the trigger. The golfer does not have the luxury of having this type of view when striking the ball. The rules of golf state that we may not straddle our target line while attempting a shot. The best way to overcome this visual disadvantage is to develop a routine while improving golf swing mechanics.

The first step of your routine should always be to establish a target line. The best way to do this is to stand behind the ball and try to draw an imaginary target line from the target back through the ball. I try to imagine the yellow 1st down line as seen on T.V. during NFL Football. Once I am committed to this line, then I am free to approach the ball.

After the target line is clearly established and visualized we will be concentrating on this line more than the actual target. Approaching the ball from behind, you will want to align the club first. The bottom groove of the club face should be perpendicular to or perfectly intersect the target line.

When the club has been properly aligned you may now set your feet. Each foot should be positioned an equal distance from the target line. The line created from toe to toe will be referred to as the toe line. The toe line should be parallel to the target line. If done properly on a mid iron shot your toe line will actually be pointed about ten yards to the left of your target. Your routine should now consist of establishing a target line, setting the club face and setting your toe line. Developing a repeatable routine when aligning to the target will help put the flag back into the crosshairs while improving golf swing mechanics for golfers of all abilities.

For more tips on the perfect swing alignment, or other helpful hints for improving golf swing mechanics contact the Branson Golf pro at Thousand Hills Golf Course, Branson Missouri or look below for more articles on golf swing improvement.


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