Thousand Hills Golf Course – Hole #10

Yards: 203
Par: 3
Handicap: 9

The tenth hole at Thousand Hills Golf Resort plays out to 203 yards from the blue tees but seldom does due to the difficulty. The tees are elevated and the hole seems like it should play shorter than it does, but it does not, so choose your club accordingly. Typically the hole plays 187yds from blue, 160yds from white and 143yds from the red tees. Unlike the second hole there is no forgiveness with this hole. Wildwood creek meanders from the left of the green and then parallels the hole inline with the tee shot for a distance before passing in front of the red tee. There is a large native area to the left of the creek that is just as hungry for golf balls. The creek is and if that weren’t enough the front and the left side of the green are protected by bunkers.

A small approach extends out from the green if short and the right side is maintained rough but hilly so the lie might be difficult, regardless favor the right side if any. The green is relatively large and accommodating with some undulation through the center. Putts in excess of 75+ feet are possible but if you knock it close you should be rewarded with a makeable putt and the possibility or a birdie or par.


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