Why Women Should Play Golf

Why Women Should Play Golf? – Why Not!

So you want to know why women should play golf. Maybe you’re a woman who’s always wanted to play but never had the motivation. Maybe you’re a female golfer looking for more company on the course. Whatever reason you’re asking why women should play golf, maybe some of the reasons I’ve chosen will be compelling in your case as well.

An obvious answer to why women should play golf is to meet men! Many more men play golf than do women, so the golf course is a good place for women golfers to make a new acquaintance. What better way to get a relationship off on the right foot than sharing a common interest, such as golf?

However, for those of us not looking for a new man in her life there are plenty of other reasons on why women should play golf. Golf is one of the most beautiful games you can play. And Branson golf courses are among the most beautiful in the midwest. With the elevation changes and the lakes in this area, it is easy to see why the courses are so spectacular.

Golf courses are also great places to see wildlife. I’ve seen deer, fox, raccoons, beaver, snakes, squirrels, woodchucks, fish, alligators, beautiful birds and turkeys. (Not all in the same round and not all in Branson!) This reason alone can be a good reason for women to play golf, considering chances to see nature like this are getting fewer & farther between all the time.

To be on a golf course very early in the morning or late in the evening is a little bit of heaven. The peace and quiet of the course at those times is so very relaxing and I even like the dew in the morning—although many golfers do not.

Need another reason as to why women should play golf? Competitiveness, really! Golf is a game where women can compete equally with men. With handicaps and tee placements, the possibility of women and men reaching the green in regulation should be equal. And there’s no advantage for either sex once your ball is on the green. The advantage goes to the person who has practiced the most—and women can do that!

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