Women Golfers at Thousand Hills

Thousand Hills is well designed for women golfers. The tees are placed such that each hole permits women golfers to reach the green in regulation. I consider a course to be fair to women golfers because when I’m playing with men, we hit the same club to the green. That is, on a par 4, if I’m 80 yards out and hitting a pitching wedge to the green, the man I’m playing with should also be hitting a pitching wedge to the green. He may be 135 yards out while I’m 80 yards, but we’re hitting the same club to reach the green.

There are nine par three’s on Thousand Hills—all of them reachable for women golfers. Some are difficult, but none are impossible. Most of the eight par fours are reachable in regulation. I have trouble with two of them because I’m not long off the tee, but when I do occasionally make a par, I know I’ve done about as well as I can do.

Every hole on Thousand Hills Branson Golf Course is beautiful! The course is very well maintained and the elevations changes make for a scenic day. You even get to drive through a bit of wooded areas between some of the tees and greens which doesn’t happen on many courses.

Two of the most remarkable features of Thousand Hills are the restrooms that are on the course. I did not expect to see granite counter tops, hot water, and hand lotion in an on-course restroom. Usually, we’re happy to see port-a-potties! Another example of the little things done at Thousand Hills to make a great golf experience for our guests, men and women golfers alike!

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