Branson Yellow Route

Branson Yellow Route – Lodging, Restaurants and Attractions Just Off the Strip!

Branson, Missouri has long been famous for all the activities situated along Highway 76, also known as Main Street or 76 Music Boulevard. Maybe guests love the “Strip” so because of all the many fun things you can do and see in such a defined area. From go carts to fabulous shopping to dynamite music shows and restaurants, it’s all along the “Strip”–of course, that’s where you also find a majority of Branson traffic. But there are plenty of alternative traffic routes!

The Green Route (76) is no longer the only road in town. Pick up a map at any attraction and check out the Branson Yellow Route. Wildwood Drive will take you by The Award Winning Thousand Hills Golf Resort (the course is open to the public) and condos for nightly rental. If you prefer miniature golf the Branson Yellow Route also has two great fun spots, Dinosaur Canyon and Pirates Cove.

For the adult palate there are also two wineries, Stone Hill and Mount Pleasant. Both have free tasting times and lots of local information on Missouri grapes and the wine making process.

The Branson Yellow Route ends and connects with 76 at the RFD-TV Theater and a wonderful attraction the entire family will love, The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Attraction. Green Mountain Drive / Branson Yellow Route will take you to the backside of most of the theater parking lots that are on the south side of 76 with very little traffic congestion-a great way to get to your show without fighting everyone else in town! This is the way most locals go too!.

Green Mountain Drive also intersects with Highway 165 and this will offer a very scenic drive over the Table Rock Dam and by the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. Continuing on will take you all the way back to Highway 65 where going north will take you to Springfield, Missouri or turning south will lead to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Branson has blossomed over the past several years with many new venues on the outskirts of town and the older infamous Strip and it’s equally infamous Branson traffic. Be sure not to miss the new and different attractions on the Branson Yellow route, Blue and Red Routes that can save you traveling time and introduce new family fun attractions to your itinerary.

Watch the video below to take a visual tour of some of the Yellow Route Highlights!

JENNIFER>> Hello! My name is Jennifer and I’d like to tell you a few things about the Yellow Route that you might not know.

First of all, none of us like to be stuck in traffic-especially me! And sometimes when I’m in Branson I’m tempted to go right down the Strip–in that case, traffic often looks kind of like this. Lots of cars, sometimes worse, sometimes a little better. But if I want to get someplace I’ll take one of the bypasses that are listed on all the local maps. I’m going to show you today two things about the Yellow Route that you might like to know. It’s not just a bypass; it’s an easy and interesting route to get to some of the really neat things that Branson has to offer.

So here’s a glimpse of the Yellow Route. Wide Lanes, not too much traffic – kind of the secret back entrance to several things. First, I’d like to show you one of the nature trails you can take if you just happen to have a little extra time or want to wear off some of those calories from all the good places you’ve been eating. Hang on, I’ll show you!

If you’re in pretty good shape you might want to take a little jaunt down here to the Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area. This isn’t for the weak of heart, there’s quite a few steps down to the lake but well worth it.

The Yellow Route will also take you right along the edge of Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It’s an 18 hole public course and really fun to play. You can also stay at this resort for a night, a week, a month or however long you’d like. It’s a great, great place to stay. Close and as you can see, beautiful and quiet.

My, I wish I were playing, but I have an assignment to do–I’ve got more to show you of the yellow route.

Not quite ready for the 18 holes at Thousand Hills? You might just spend the afternoon with your family and friends at one of the places to miniature golf on the Yellow Route. This is on Green Mountain Drive, called Dinosaur Canyon.

If you prefer pirates over dinosaurs you have your choice here on the Yellow Route. You can have Pirate’s Cove mini-golf as well as dinosaurs if you prefer.

Did you know that Missouri is quite famous for it’s grape growing and wine making abilities? Here in Branson you can stop in at the Mount Pleasant Winery. Also right along Green Mountain Drive, on the yellow route.

Did you know that in places the Yellow Route almost parallels the Strip where all the theaters are? And if some night you’re wanting to slip in or slip out of a theater without getting in all that traffic take the yellow route, come into the backside of the theater. You’re going to wind up here anyway! It’s just a lot more convenient.

What’s this on the hill? Gosh I think it’s the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest. You’ll find this at the end of the yellow route.

Yes we have now made it to the end of the Yellow Route. If you go north, you’ll run right into the Red Route and Shepherd of the Hills Expressway; a good, quick way to get out of town.

At the end of the Yellow Route you’re only about 4 miles from Highway 65 that will go north to Springfield or south to Arkansas. You’re only about 7 miles to Branson West, probably about 5 miles to Silver Dollar City.

Thank you for looking at the yellow route with me and remember, when in Branson, always drive friendly!