Branson Traffic

Branson Traffic: Getting Around Branson Without Getting a Headache

By Ginger Groves, Branson Cabins Rental Director

When I first heard about Branson many years ago, I was hesitant to go because of the old Branson traffic horror stories that were around. Actually, the traffic was never that bad compared to the long waits and dangerous situation some people experience in big cities on a daily basis. I do know that the majority of Branson locals, and tourists soon catch on, will be overly polite in most situations and take turns at difficult intersections, wave you into the Branson traffic, even stop to let pedestrians cross.

76 Music Boulevard (the Strip) at one time was about the only road in Branson leading to congested traffic in Branson. However, many side roads have improved the flow and speed at which you can maneuver around town. With just a little help, or a map freely supplied by all merchants, going from one end of the Strip to just about anywhere is not an ordeal at all.

Side roads have been given names and plenty of signs will keep you on track. If you take the Branson Red Route, you can start from Highway 65, go west, and hit the western edge of the area activities. When the Red Route hits 76, you are just a few short, scenic miles from Silver Dollar City. If you want to skirt the Strip, but come into it a little sooner, jump off within the first mile and take Roark Valley Road, better known as the Blue Route. This route conveniently intersects back to the Strip just next to the Titanic Museum. From the Blue Route you can turn south on many other side roads and get to your destination in minutes.

For a southern shortcut around the Strip, take the Branson yellow route. This is a combination of Fall Creek Road, Wildwood Drive and Green Mountain Drive. Just a couple of miles into the Strip, going west, veer south, drive by the Thousand Hills Golf Resort, and swiftly drive paralleling the Strip all the way to Highway 376, or turn north just a short jaunt to again blend with the Strip.

The newest road in this system connects Highway 248 to James Epps Road then goes directly to the Strip, crosses over, then heads into the Yellow Route which is a great way to avoid the Branson traffic that forms near the Dixie Stampede at show times.

Silver Dollar City has also improved and expanded their entry roads so backlogs and traffic jams at the amusement park are a thing of the past. In fact, traffic in Branson is simply not an issue with all the recent improvements. Just pick up a free map anywhere and go from your Branson Cabins to The Branson Landing, theaters, fine dining, and ultimate shopping in minutes without getting stuck in a Branson traffic jam.

Branson Traffic Map (Click to Enlarge)
For more guides from a local, read Ginger’s article about Branson locations on the south side of town that many visitors overlook. Or maybe you’re planning on driving to Silver Dollar City and want to avoid as much theme park traffic as possible. Of course, the easiest way to avoid traffic is to fly over it–find out about the innovative, brand new Branson airport! If you’d rather stick to the ground, get directions from all nearby major cities for driving to Branson Missouri. Keep up to date on the latest Branson roads being built to tie all the traffic routes together into a cohesive network.