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Joyous celebrations demand an ideal setting, and there's no more joyous a celebration than Branson weddings! While you savor each moment, we're hard at work for you and your guests: Our friendly and gracious event team keeps track of the all the details and will share your excitement on your special day. Your guests will love coming here whether they're local residents or from out-of-state. Some of them have probably heard about our great resort. But they will also enjoy the Branson center city location within minutes of shopping, restaurants, attractions, shows & three beautiful lakes. Let us help when you are planning a Branson wedding!



Thousand Hills Branson Wedding Accommodations
Thousand Hills Branson Wedding Thousand Hills Resort offers a host of accommodation options for your Branson wedding guests at a group rate. Take a virtual Tour of our facilities below, or contact us to tour them in person! 

Branson Wedding Rehearsal
The beautiful Thousand Hills Golf Course can serve as a backdrop for your wedding photos. Rehearsal Dinner at Thousand Hills Clubhouse

Branson Wedding Lodging  Branson Weddings Lodging  Branson Honeymoon Cabin
Golf View Condominiums For Your Guest Majestic on Table Rock Lake Honeymoon Cabin at Grand Mountain



Branson Wedding Chapels & Venues
 Stonegate Glass Wedding Chapel
 Stonegate Glass Wedding Chapel Branson  Stonegate Chapel Branson Weddings
The Stonegate Glass Wedding Chapel is a retreat amongst the beautiful Ozark Mountain just 10 mi north of Branson. Enlarged glass windows overlook natures own settings, for the perfect marital union of man and nature. The chapels Romanesque columns & a large luminous chandelier create and elegant wedding venue. While the lush landscaping and exquisite water fountain set the mood for a perfect wedding photography. Positioned on a wooded hilltop overlooking the beautiful Ozarks, the Chapel is surrounded by prestigious lakes and Dogwood.



Branson Catering Services
Jamie's Creative Catering

Branson Catered Weddings  Branson Weddings Creative Catering
Jamie's Creative Catering has great food, beautifully prepared and offers event rentals. Our creative catering team will prepare entrees that can be served to your guests at a buffet or at their tables. Our staff will work with you to customize the menu to suit your tastes and your lifestyle.