Meeting planner

We understand that planning any group function can be a daunting task. Branson family reunions, midwest business meetings, local church retreats, workshops or educational seminars all involve common planning steps. With so many aspects to cover and numerous people to please, it is understandably very easy to overlook one or two meeting details. To assist in planning your conference, meeting or event, we have compiled a free meeting checklist to help you (and us) through most of the planning phase. Print this page & check off each item when you’re done and then call our meetings team at Thousand Hills Resort to discuss the details. Our expert meeting planners can help you arrange everything from a Branson Golf Outing to a dinner show or cruise on beautiful Table Rock Lake.


First 6 Planner Steps:
Before you contact a provider (hotel or resort) you need to have a rough idea of the following seven points:
  The arrival and departure date of your meeting/event?
  How many rooms/cabins/condos would you estimate?
  Will you need a banquet room and food service?
  How many attendees and how do you want the room set for your meeting?
  Will you be the sole contact or will others handle different decisions, e.g. golf, attractions, show tickets, transportation, etc.?
  Who will be authorized to make changes for your group that would involve extra costs from the hotel/resort?

Important policies to learn from the provider:
  What are the advance deposit and payment schedules?
  What are their cancellation and attrition policies?
  What local laws (health codes and liquor licensing laws) could affect your contract?
  What are the hotel’s/resort’s policies on pets, smoking, check-in and check-out?

Lodging Details:
  How many will need accommodations and is this an estimate or a guaranteed number?
  When are rooming lists due?
  Are there any guests with special needs?
  Will each person pay individually or will it be a master bill?
  What are the cancellation and attrition policies?
  To avoid extra fees it is best to follow the “time-lines” exactly as laid out in the contract.

Banquet/Meeting Space:
  Specify the type of function, i.e. banquet, business meeting, seminar etc.
  Specify the number of attendees at each planned meeting time.
  How many square feet will be needed?
  What is the rental fee for the banquet/meeting room?
  Determine the set-up style, the fees for this and for any resets.
  What will be the duration of the function(s) and its start and finish times?
  Will there be any A/V equipment needed and what will it cost?
  Will extra set-up and teardown time be needed?
  Are there any extra cleaning costs, i.e. for confetti or excessive clean up?
  What are the non-catered food policies?

Food and Beverage:
  Determine the number of people for whom food and/or drinks will be ordered.
  Choose menus and beverages.
  Select the times and styles of serving the food.
  Inform provider of any special dietary requirements.
  If a bar will be needed decide on the style, i.e. full or beer and wine only.
  What is the maximum amount of time the provider can guarantee the food prices quoted?
  Are there minimum numbers (of guests) for food orders?
  When are deposits due and what will be the payment method?

About Banquet Event Orders:
After the contract has been signed and if your group requires more than just accommodations, a BEO (Banquet Event Order) will be prepared by the provider. A BEO is not only a function schedule showing dates, times, numbers and prices but also a contractual agreement that will need to be signed in its final state.

Special Events for Meeting Guests:

  How many will play, at what times and on what date?
  Will there be any special requirements, e.g. a scramble, closest to the pin markers etc.?
  Who will be responsible for payment of fees…the individual or will it be charged to the Master Account?
  Are deposits needed to secure tee times for a certain number of players?
  What are the cancellation policies?
  If charged to the Master Account, will only the golf fees be charged or will players be able to charge drinks and other items, such as balls, rental clubs etc.?

Events Off Property (theatre tickets, dinner reservations, etc):
  Will deposits and/or pre-payments be required?
  What are the cancellation policies?
  Will a service charge or tip be included in the final bill?
  Provide the date, desired time and the number of guests attending.

  Will the attendees need group transportation (motor coaches or shuttles etc.) to offsite events?
  What will be the dates, times and number of passengers?
  Will deposits and/or pre-payments be required?
  What are the cancellation policies?
  Will a service charge or tip (for the driver) be included in the bill?
  Will the driver be offered a meal along with the other guests?
  Will you need transportation to & from the airport?
Directions to Branson, Missouri and Thousand Hills Resort

Incidentals, (faxes, copying, deliveries and storage):
  Are such services available?
  What are the rates/charges?
  Who is authorized to approve these charges being added to the Master Account?


  • Ask. Do not assume anything.
  • Read both the contract and the BEO very carefully.
  • Follow the time lines as written in the contract.
  • There is a lot to remember but it is not as difficult as it seems.
  • Just take it one step at a time.
  • Trust your event meeting planners’ expertise.

When planning preliminary arrangements for your Branson business meeting, church retreat, family or military reunions and special events, keep a printed copy of this list beside you and mark off tasks as completed.