Branson Youth Sports Activities

Branson Youth Sports Activities – A video introduction by Wanda Nicol

Find out more about how Branson has become a center for Branson Youth Sports Activities!

>>Hi I’m Wanda Nicol, Director of Group Sales here at Thousand Hills Resort. And today I’d like to talk about Branson Youth Activities.

We’re starting to get lots of calls for sports teams. The AAU girls national basketball championship, the USSSA boys and girls world series tournaments, so I thought, “Gee, maybe I’ll just do a little video and say This is How We can Help You at Thousand Hills!”

Our condominiums are perfect for these events. These events are often 5 days long. So with a full kitchen, living room, dining room, patio-even the living room has a couch that pulls out into a queen bed-makes it perfect for bringing the family. Everybody’s going to come to the sports games, even Grandma & Grandpa and while they’re here Branson is so perfect for going ahead & staying and making it your family vacation. That really makes it more affordable also. One thing that the sports teams really like is having washers and dryers for the uniforms. That’s great.

Also we have 7 pools, tennis court, sports court, exercise room, we’re located about 5 country blocks (we don’t have blocks around here!) from the 76 strip, right behind the Andy Williams Theater. So we’re really easy to get to from either the Rec Plex where a lot of the teams play, the Branson High School and sometimes College of the Ozarks.

We would love to take care of the groups. What we do is, we can set aside a block of rooms and then we would get your team together in that block of rooms. Everyone would call, make their own reservation, pay with their own credit card, but you would be responsible for kind of helping get that block of rooms set aside and you would put down a small deposit and that would also go towards your room. This helps the whole team out because then everyone is staying at 1 property and they can have fun together and make this event very special for them.

We would love to help you out at Thousand Hills, we would love to host your sports event!

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