Scuba Diving on Table Rock Lake

Did you know there is scuba diving on Table Rock Lake? Not only is the lake fun above water, it’s fun below water! Plenty of experienced dive shops and countless great diving spots, the Branson Trilakes Area is a great spot for freshwater scuba diving.

Most of the great scuba diving sites on Table Rock Lake are located just off Kimberling City. The Zebulon Pike is one of those places; did you know that Zebulon Pike is also known as the Branson Belle (the underwater one, of course!)? Zebulon Pike is located across the cove from point 1, and is a 90 ft. long double Decker excursion boat lying on a slope between 75-95 feet of water. There is a guideline which starts at the base of a tree at 15 feet and leads all the way out to the boat where it’s tied to the stern deck rail. This is a fun dive for the more experienced scuba diver on Table Rock Lake.

When the rains came after the completion of Table Rock Dam, the ironically named small town of Oasis, Missouri was submerged. A Midwestern Atlantis, the town still sits under about 100 feet of water. Deep dives in this location will provide the diver with a glimpse of the once quaint little town that includes its one-lane bridge, foundations and building rubble. However, being under water since 1957 has left little remaining of the settlement. Advanced divers can float down Main Street to the town’s small wooden church, which, although deteriorating after nearly 40 years underwater, offers wreck diving of a different order.

Treasures like Oasis make Scuba diving on Table Rock Lake, which is a well-known Midwestern destination for topside water activities, a regional draw for divers, many of whom travel hundreds of miles for open-water training dives for all certification levels.

Just a few other great dive spots on Table Rock Lake include The Enchanted Forest which is sort of like diving in a kelp forest. This site is a long rock bluff about a one-half mile north of Table Rock Dam. If you descend to 65-80 feet you’ll be at the base of a grove of large submerged oak trees, some of which break the surface. Another great spot is Duck Island which is just out from the State Park boat ramp. On the east side of the island, at a heading of 65 off the base of a partially submerged willow tree, lays a 25 ft. cruiser in 45 feet of water.

From beginner to expert, the Branson trilakes area offers diving spots galore. Try your hand at scuba diving on Table Rock Lake to see a whole other world, just below the waves!