Log Cabin Siding

Log Cabin Siding Can Be An Affordable Alternative in Modern Log Cabins Construction

Do you love the look of a traditional log cabin – but cringe at the cumbersome price tag? Then log cabin siding made of half-logs with a hewn finish may be what you’re looking for. What are the benefits of log cabin siding? The benefits of the log siding include:

  • Lower cost Per Square Foot
  • Tighter Construction with Less Maintenance
  • No log shrinkage, as happens in conventional log homes
  • No log checking, both inside and outside
  • No twisted logs
  • No home settlement due to log movement
  • No air or water leakage due to log movement which brings about improved “R” factors

All in all log cabin siding homes tend to be better insulated, have a faster construction time, and are constructed in a controlled environment, away from harmful elements.

Manufactured on slab log cabin siding homes are built as traditionally stick-built 2x stud walls which are then insulated. On their exterior there is a half log or thinner rounded log cabin siding. Normally this is either cut from rough logs (which is rare in modern construction) or cut and planed from heavy lumber. Slab-sided log cabin look-alike homes combine the appearance of a log home from the outside with conventional wood framed structures. Since the bulk of the house is traditional construction familiar to every construction worker in the United States, this makes the installation of wiring, piping, and insulation a bit easier than a full-blown modern log cabin.

As the most popular log cabin siding style, the hewn half-log siding is perfect for those who want a full-log home without the full-log price. It’s available in 3×6 and 3×8; pine or cedar; and 3×10 pine, and comes with unique end-matching. Log cabin siding is used in home, cabin and commercial construction which makes for a beautiful design statement. With the log cabin siding made from hewn half logs, you can have the charm that logs offer and the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a traditional frame structure – mixed into an affordable and attractive home. Because of the framed walls this type of construction benefits from a much lower construction cost.

Traditional log cabin enthusiasts will shun this type of log cabin, however it is a perfect choice for someone wanting the look of a log cabin but just doesn’t have the deep pockets to afford the expense of one.