Getting the Best Vacation Value

Getting the Best Vacation Values is Easy!

Getting the best vacation value is the desire of every traveler. Once your decision has been made as to plan a condo vacation and the appropriate accommodations have been chosen, you will want to be sure that you take advantage of all the services and benefits the resort (or other accommodation provider) has to offer.

First, for the best vacation value, you should browse through the resort website site for coupons that might lower your overall cost. Keep in mind that coupons/offers change almost weekly and something may appear that is just right for you between the booking time and time of arrival. If the offer doesn’t quite fit your needs, just call the resort and check for a variation that might make the offer more accommodating to your stay. Many resorts offer discounts on certain times of their season, days of the week, or length of stay. Just moving your arrival date one or two days, may amount to a sizeable change in cost per night. Do you need an early arrival or late departure? Don’t be afraid to ask for these services at no cost-be bold in getting the best vacation value. Your answer and cost may well depend on how busy the resort is and who answers the phone. When given a deviation from the rules, always ask for the name of the person you spoke with. An accommodating name may come in handy for future requests. Don’t drag items with you if the resort keeps them in stock. Portable baby cribs are almost always available at no cost if you will reserve it before arrival. However, if you require a certain type/style of pillow, you’ll probably need to bring that from home. You would not want to sleep poorly while on vacation since pillow preference has huge variances and getting the best vacation values won’t mean a thing if you don’t sleep well!

Many upscale resorts will provide a concierge to help you with tickets and activities around the area. A concierge may have lower tickets prices to pass along due to their volume purchasing power which in turn leads to getting the best vacation value for you. Most concierges have visited all local attractions and will give honest advice about what’s good and worth your time. However, be cautious about restaurants and shows directly tied to the resort you are staying at. There may be some pressure to direct clients to company venues when the best breakfast in town is at a competing bed and breakfast. Directions and shortcuts given from the concierge may save you precious time. Locals should know the shortcuts and scenic routes head over heels better than a GPS ever will. Parking and costs associated with are also questions to ask your concierge. Check on pricing and reliability of public transportation with your concierge to make sure you are getting the best vacation value every step of the way–from parking to the show & everything in between.

Don’t forget to ask about discounts on return visits. Did you ask to be notified about upcoming special events and values? Most resorts are glad to add you to their email database with birthday specials and discounts for multiple stays which means you’ll be getting the best value on any future stays.

Do you really want to drag your laptop on vacation just to check emails a couple of times? Ask about a business center and costs. Many resorts not only have free internet but a business center with computers and printers you may use as well.

Don’t forget to ask about the resort pet policy. What is the cost and rules associated with bringing a pet along? Will you need to bring a pet carrier? May a pet be left unattended in the room? If your pet needs to be boarded for all or part of your vacation, the concierge will have a list of reputable kennels.

And last, always ask the concierge or front desk staff if there is anything else you should know about the property or added benefits of staying there. Also, what is the area’s best kept secret? No telling what you might find out.

As you can see, it just takes a little extra leg work when you plan a condo vacation to ensure that you are getting the best vacation value. It never hurts to ask, and who knows you may save hours of time and hundreds of dollars off your stay!