How to Hit a Pitch Shot

Learn How to Hit a Pitch Shot From The Pro!

Every golfer will need to know how to hit a pitch shot, a shot that is designed to fly high but only travel a relatively short distance. Ideally you’ll want to get the ball on the green and let it roll towards the pin. Watch as Matt shows you how to hit a pitch shot with a sand wedge, pitching wedge, and an 8 iron. All behave a little differently but have many elements in common.

MATT DILLMAN, PGA PRO>> Hi, my name’s Matt Dillman head golf professional here at Thousand Hills golf resort in beautiful Branson, Missouri. I’m talking about some short game shots today and what a better shot to have than this one here. I’ve got about 45 yards into this green, I’ve got 3 clubs, I’ve got plenty of options on how to hit this shot.

First one I want to go over is with my sand wedge, I’m just going to fly it to the hole. The way I’m going to play this one, just like a normal shot. A little bit further back in my stance to get that ball spinning, hopefully it will stop right by the pin.

It came up a little short, but that was acceptable. The next shot I’m going to hit is with my pitching wedge. More or less, not really a bump and run. I’m going to fly to the green and then release. The ball won’t fly much with this club so I’m allowing it to release back to the hole. I’m going to put it back in my stance in the same motion.

And the lost shot I’ve picked is with my 8 iron. The classic bump and run. I’m going to play this in the back of my stance, keep my hands low & out of it, and by that I mean by not releasing the club. Kind of dead hand through it, keep my hands in front of the club head, all the way through impact.

Those weren’t the greatest shots. But you can see the trajectory difference and the way they reacted when they hit the green. Next time you’re out on the golf course try these 3 shots, see which one works out best for you.

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