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Fishing and Scuba Diving for your Branson Spring Break

SCUBA Diving at the Table Rock LogoBranson Spring Break is a wonderful time of year for guests who want to experience exciting attractions and great outdoor activities. Spending your vacation during spring break in Branson is perfect if you stay  in a condo or cabin at the Thousand Hills Resort. The great location of your wonderful vacation in a cabin or condo in Branson offers excellent amenities that will let you enjoy luxurious and comfortable stay. During spring season many families with kids flock Branson to enjoy lots of exciting attractions and fun packed outdoor adventures.

Families and kids come to Branson to spend the time for a great bonding, enjoy the fun, and experience the exciting attractions and many wonderful activities. With the perfect location of Branson accommodations near the beautiful scenery of the Ozark mountains, you will also experience a wonderful setting of the golf course of the Thousand Hills Resort. While staying at any of the accommodation of the Thousand Hills Resort, you can feel the refreshing atmosphere around the beautiful Table Rock Lake.

Thousand Hills Resort cabin and condo units provide quality and luxury lodging that is not felt in a regular hotel accommodation. Branson accommodations which are centrally located in the central Branson surround the 18-hole golf course near the Table Rock Lake. All of Thousand Hills Resort lodging properties feature swimming pools, exercise facility and other outdoor activities. Thousand Hills Resort  is proudly offering first class accommodations with top quality amenities.

During spring time, Table Rock Lake in Branson offers many great water sports activities that include fishing, scuba diving, swimming, and boating. Table Rock Lake has a shoreline of 800 miles where you can find ledges and beautiful rock formations populated by schools of fish that make the lake a perfect place for scuba diving. Scuba divers love the lake because of its many interesting dive sites and great underwater visibility.

At the Table Rock Lake, there is a State Park Marina where you can find dive shops with equipments and diving lessons offered for first-time scuba diver with refresher course led by diving instructor. Diving equipments such as fins, snorkels, wet suits, and air tanks can be rented at the State Park Marina. Available also in the Marina are guided dive trips and dive boats.

Table Rock Lake is also great for fishing where you can find large numbers of largemouth, small mouth bass along with many other species that can be experienced by novice anglers and professionals alike. Before spawning season in early spring, largemouth and Kentucky bass can be found near feeder creeks in the lake. Table Rock Lake is a fishing enthusiast’s dream but it can be intimidating. It is truly difficult to know the best types of live bait to use. Although there are many lure types on the market; it is always best to ask help from professional angler.

If you want to spend a great water sports adventure during spring break, visit the Table Rock Lake in Branson where you can enjoy fishing and scuba diving.


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A Wonderful Spring Bonding Days at the Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run

In 2013, Silver Dollar City amusement park unveiled the newest roller coaster, Outlaw Run. This wooden roller coaster was constructed for several months at the park frontier just west of Branson. Rocky Mountain Construction, a famous coaster designer built the Outlaw Run at a cost of nearly ten million dollars. This wooden coaster is the world’s first with the steepest drop of 81 degree and the only one in the USA that features a 720 degree double barrel roll in an upside down twist. This coaster is also the second fastest wooden coaster in the world with speeds reaching up to 68 miles an hour.

The Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run wooden coaster has a travel length of 2,937 feet with a height of 107 feet and provides a 162 feet drop. The riders cannot take much advantage of the parks terrain when it travels at fast speed of 68 mph. The coaster runs pretty smooth, thanks to the wooden support structure and the steel topper track designed by the Rocky Mountain Construction. Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run, is really one of the most daring wood coaster in the world.

Outlaw Run LogoThis $10 million wooden coaster takes passengers soaring through the wildlife of the Ozark Mountains with world’s first attributes:

*It is the world’s first and only 720-degree double barrel roll

*It is the world’s steepest drop equivalent to a 16-story drop

*It is the world’s only wood coaster with three inversions

*It is the world’s second fastest wood coaster with speed of 68 mph.

With the monitoring by coaster ride enthusiasts, Outlaw Run proved that such elements as the double barrel roll can be done on a wood coaster. Brad Thomas, senior vice president of Silver Dollar City Attractions said that “We wanted to give guests a new thrill ride like nothing anywhere in the world”.  The wooden coaster ride takes passengers an advantage of the natural mountain terrain. The coaster soars high through nine locations where riders experience weightlessness.

The Silver Dollar City’s 1880s-style theme park has several attractions and more than 30 rides, and features award-winning entertainment and festivals, plus  100 authentic craftsmen. The Outlaw Run in Silver Dollar City brought home the award as the ‘Best New Ride’ by a highly prestigious Golden Ticket Award in the industry of theme parks worldwide. The park was also voted as one of the top ten Best Parks in the world. Amusement Today magazine presented to Branson, Missouri  theme park  the Golden Ticket for Best New Ride at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California.

Industry leaders and theme park insiders considered the Golden Ticket Awards a prestigious annual event. In addition, Amusement Today magazine oversees the selection process of seeking “Best of the Best” in the amusement industry by sending surveys to well-travelled amusement park fans around the world – asking them to rate the “bests” in several categories.


So, if you want to see for yourself why the Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run was awarded by the Golden Ticket for Best New Ride, come to Branson and try to enjoy this thrill ride in Silver Dollar City.

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Things you’d Love to do at Downtown Branson on Your Vacation

A Branson vacation this first quarter or 2014 will let you see and enjoy many things you’d love to do in the historic downtown Branson. Whether you’re travelling with your loved one, your whole family, or with some friends, Branson offers tons of attractions for the whole year round.  If you’re looking for great shopping and fine dining, Branson has it all for you.  Visit many outlet malls, retail shops, and fine restaurants in the heart of Branson for your shopping needs and cravings for delicious foods. You can even travel back in time and tour the Veterans Memoriam Museum,  Titanic Museum,  and Hollywood Wax Museum.

Veterans Memorial Museum LogoIn the Veterans Memorial Museum, there are over 2000 exhibits that showcase the wars of the 20th Century that included WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. Here you will see incredible collections of war exhibits covering the depths and heights of human experience. You can also explore ten beautiful halls containing murals, sculptures, objects d’art, historical artifacts and thousands of authentic wartime memorabilia.

One of the most exciting things you’d love to do is to visit the Titanic Museum Attractions.  Since its opening day, this museum has generated a steady flow of visitors from across the states and around the world. This museum has built an interactive and permanent Titanic Ship in Branson, Missouri. The museum attractions are Branson’s irresistible tourist magnets. Experience a walk at the Grand Staircase and feel the wonderful times of the rich and famous passengers getting-together. You can also come up to the bridge, steer the ship or learn to send an SOS signal.

If you like to get up close and personal with your favorite star, visit the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson. Get ready with your camera, take picture the life-size wax of Lucille Ball to Lucy Lui, Elvis to Will Smith and John Wayne to Johnny Depp. Step around the Yellow Brick Road and encounter Frankenstein and Freddy. Inside the museum, don’t forget to get a chance to take a photo of the gargantuan 40-foot King Kong.

While spending your vacation in Branson, don’t forget to visit its most unusual building, the 12,000 sq. foot Ripley’s Odditorium where everything is cracked. This rare building has jaw dropping oddities, unbelievable artifacts, world records, pranks of nature, cool inter-actives, amazing illusions and awesome works of art.  See some few newest additions of a pair of horses made from welded horseshoes and a full size stagecoach made of 1.5 million toothpicks.  There are also African fantasy coffins, a laser shooting gallery and not to be missed the wacky “spinning vortex” tunnel.

With all these wonderful and unbelievable attractions around Branson, you surely don’t have to think twice to plan a Branson vacation this first quarter of 2014.

Chances are you plan on seeing a show or purchasing an attraction on your next Branson vacation. Why not save some money and book your show and/or attraction tickets along with lodging? Our money-saving Branson vacation packages bundle the most popular tickets in town with your choice of hotel. Not seeing exactly what you want? Build your own vacation package and customize your Branson vacation exactly the way you want it.

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Branson Real Estate Log Cabins are More Than Just Vacation Homes

If you are looking for a log cabin for your winter vacation in Branson, Missouri, Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort has lot of choices for your second home away from home. The wonderful ambiance of the place will let you experience a perfect relaxation as you enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful natural scenery at the foothills of the Ozark Mountain. Branson Real Estate Log Cabins do not only provide you luxury and comfort, they also offer live entertainments and shows, and lots of indoor and outdoor activities around the vicinity.

Branson Real Estate Log Cabin rentals will surely satisfy your stay and may surpass your expectations. With log cabin’s top quality, space and modern amenities, you will surely feel a complete satisfaction and complacency during the times of your stay. Log cabin units are located a few feet way from the golf course within the city limits of Branson. With ample parking space in the golf course, you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle. To experience a worry-free and relaxing vacation, away from crowded and busy city streets, stay at one of Branson Real Estate Log Cabins.

In Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort, your Branson cabin rentals can come with several picturesque views including the rustic wooded hills and valleys and the golf course. Branson has also many lodging options that can accommodate larger families. Your vacation at Branson is like no other with all the perks that come with luxurious and comfortable stay at the log cabin. Guests from all walks of life, young and old will surely enjoy the pools, both indoor and outdoor. Guests who are sports enthusiasts can also enjoy a full exercise facility located very near the Branson log cabins with no extra cost.

Branson, Missouri is famous all over the world as the capital of entertainment of the Midwest.  Branson offers all kinds of fun of entertaining live performances and movie shows. Visitors have the choice to visit museums such as the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, and the Hollywood Wax Museum, engage in outdoor activities in the Ozarks or at the lakes. Other attractions include the thrill rides and water activities at Silver Dollar City and White Water, dine at fine restaurants serving delicious Branson dishes, shop at Branson Landing shopping malls and enjoy sales and discounts.

When you are visiting Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort, make your Branson log cabin your second home away from home. Branson log cabins are the most famous Branson lodging in the Ozark region.  With its perfect location just a few blocks north of the 76 Country Music Blvd., you will enjoy a luxurious and comfortable accommodation while being near the area of Branson attractions. Branson log cabins are perfectly located in rural and wooded valleys and hills that make you feel the tranquility of the natural scenery.

If you are looking for a wonderful vacation that you want to make it a second home away from home, visit the Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort and stay at log cabin for your relaxing vacation this winter season.

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The Greatest Adventures Minigolf is the Ideal Destination this Spring Season

Greatest Adventures Minigolf in Branson is a perfect golf adventure that gives delight and entertainment for couples who want to spend a intimate moment together. Greatest Adventures Minigolf that was built in 2008 is one of the newest and the largest mini golf course in Branson. This 36-hole golf course has a beautiful design that offers wholesome fun for visitors of all ages. This fun packed adventure in the Great Adventures Minigolf offers waterfall cave, the Egyptian artifacts, the jungle animals, and the smoking dragon.

Your mini golf adventure takes you to enjoy beautiful panoramic view of the wildlife and the lakes that you would never think you are near the76 strip and the live entertainment district in Branson. The perfect location of the Greatest Adventure Minigolf course in Branson is ten minutes drive from Table Rock Lake and five minutes to Lake Taneycomo where the lakeside scenery is a wonderful outdoor attraction.  Mini golf course features gift shop that offers souvenirs and other unique items.

If you are not joining the action happening in the mini golf course, you can enjoy a relaxing moment in the snack bar, visit the patio next to the huge waterfall, or watch a flat screen TV program show inside the building. The Greatest Adventure Minigolf is conveniently located near the Thousand Hills Resort that offers the best quality cabin and condominium rentals in Branson.

A beautiful 36-hole themed miniature golf course can be played right in the heart of Branson. The list of miniature golf that can be played in Branson includes knights,Indoor Mini Golf at W 76 County Blvd Logo smoking dragon, gorilla, and medieval castle. The following is a list of mini golf courses in Branson that can be enjoyed if you want to experience a great golf adventure:

*Greatest Adventures Miniature Golf located at Gretna Road

*Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf & Games located at Green Mountain Drive

*Brookside Miniature Golf at Shepherd of the Hills Expressway

*Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf at W Highway 76

*Grand Country Market at W 76 Country Blvd.

*Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon at Green Mountain Drive

*Back to the 50s Mini Golf at West Highway 76

*Indoor Mini Golf at W 76 Country Blvd.

Many great golfers from around the world come to Branson to participate in the spectacular golf competition. The US Pro Mini Golf Association (USPMGA) rated the Greatest Adventures Miniature Golf among the top 10 mini golf courses in the US.

These mini golf adventures in Branson are really great for the whole family. Enjoy watching the family of ducks wading through the streams. If you want to play miniature golf in Branson, the course offers mini-links and you can battle your way through Dinosaurs, Pirates, and Gators and more.  Vacationing in Branson during spring season is perfect for your family as it will give you the chance to enjoy the lush greenery and fresh blooms of flower and plants surrounding the wildlife of the Ozark Mountains.

If you want to experience a wonderful golf adventure with your family, come to the Greatest Adventures Minigolf in Branson.


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Enjoy the Branson Outdoors this March


Branson is known for its live music shows, that is why it is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Another reason to visit Branson this month of March is the outdoors. There is certainly more to Branson than the music and the concerts. Commune more with nature during your vacation by visiting the Branson outdoors.

First stop is the TriLakes Area in Branson. The Trilakes Area is known to be home to Branson’s most perfect lakes. The area is composed of three pristine lakes – Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals Lake, and Table Rock Lake. The lakes offers you great sceneries, and also some activities for you to experience the outdoors. Some activities that can be done in the TriLakes Area are parasailing, boating, bass fishing, and many more. For the daredevils, you can also try scuba diving if you want to go deeper into the lake, and see the lost sunken boats and cities! If you want to shy away from the water, then you can always have picnic with the whole family near the lakes.

One of the many activities you can do in the Branson outdoors are hiking. There are miles and miles of nature trails that surround the lake. The Ozark hills also have paved, easy walking trails to rustic and rough trails. You choose which trail you would like to hike on. For beginners, it is recommended to take on the easy trails first. For the advanced hikers, you can take the rough trails already. No matter what season you may visit Branson, there is always a hiking path that will be suitable for you.

For those who are looking for adrenaline pumping activities, Branson also has some for you! You can do some mountain biking and zipline tours in Branson. It is as exciting to be doing mountain biking in Branson as compared to other more mountainous areas because you get to see amazing and breathtaking sceneries too. The zipline tours in Branson provides the tourists with an exciting way to tour Branson. Get a panoramic view of the whole city of Branson by zipping through the treetops. The ziplines in Branson are a new way to experience the Branson outdoors, so you better try this one! Not only will you have a view of Branson, you will also learn something about the history of the place.

If you have already decided to spend your vacation this March in the Branson outdoors, then book your trip now. For your lodging needs, trust Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort to provide you with the best lodging options and a comfortable and peaceful stay in Branson. Wait no longer to experience the Branson outdoors. Call 1-877-262-0430 now.

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Plan a Picnic on Your Next Branson Visit

As the weather warms up in Branson during the spring months, boaters, campers, fishermen, and other lake-goers are undoubtedly trying to find a way to get lunch without breaking the bank or having to leave their activities for long. You may just want to get a more outdoorsy experience amidst your shopping. Whatever the case may be, planning a picnic is a great way to explore the Ozarks.

Branson Picnic SpotsThe first thing to take into consideration is your picnic location. The Branson area has a wide variety of possibilities. Table Rock State Park is one option for those who want to have their picnics in conjunction with lakeside fun. Some state park locations have picnic tables for your use so you don’t have to worry about packing your picnic blanket. However, the State Park locations aren’t the only lake options you have. You can spread your blanket out almost anywhere on the shoreline to enjoy your lunch.

Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area is another area where you can enjoy a picnic in the sunshine. Hiking enthusiasts will love the trails in Busiek, and you can find plenty of places to spread a blanket. You may camp overnight in Busiek with a permit and enjoy picnics for more than one of your meals.

Branson Parks and Recreation also offer a number of parks throughout the city of Branson. One of the best known is the Branson RecPlex. Whether you’re chilling poolside at the aquatic center or just celebrating the last win of the youth baseball season, Branson Parks and Recreation have a great space for you. If you’re looking for a city park near you, visit

The next thing to think about when planning a picnic is your food. The possibilities are endless in Branson, from take-out BBQ to cold cut sandwiches. Rib Crib and Danna’s BBQ offer carryout from their menu. You could have short ribs on your picnic, or you could have BBQ brisket. You could also choose from Chinese or Mexican cuisine, or even do some grocery shopping and have your favorite cold cut sandwich, or even grill up some burgers and hot dogs at one of the camping areas at Table Rock State Park.

Another great option for a picnic is Sugar Leaf Bakery Café, located in the Grand Village Shops. Serving the perfect picnic fare, Sugar Leaf offers bakery paninis, salads, soups, quiche, and decadent desserts. Everything is made fresh daily, and you’ll never go hungry. With the carryout option, you can get a perfect and delicious sandwich to take with you on your adventure.

Plan a camping trip during your Branson stay this spring. You’ll have a chance to enjoy some great food and the magnificence of the Ozark Mountains as the flowers bloom and the birds sing in the trees just for you.

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Come to Branson for the Flame of Freedom Ceremony


Branson is famous all over the world for its live music shows and numerous attractions and activities. Because of these, Branson is a sure hit to people of all ages. Aside from these, there is also one thing that is very notable about Branson – the celebration of ceremonies to commemorate the heroes of yesterday. The celebrations of Branson are sure to be grand and unique. It is also one of the few places who gets to do a solemn celebration in honor of the unsung heroes.

Mark this date on your calendars: March 29, 2014. This will be the date for the celebration of the Flame of Freedom Ceremony. What is the Flame of Freedom Ceremony, you may ask. This ceremony is held to honor the people who are still held in captivity. The Flame of Freedom Ceremony is a symbol of hope for the captives. The light is kept burning to show the captives their way home. With the tagline “You are not forgotten”, the Flame of Freedom Ceremony is certainly the beacon of hope for those who are held in captivity and also to their families.

The Flame of Freedom Ceremony begins at 11:30 AM at the Radisson Hotel. Show your nationalistic spirit by supporting this event. Let your hope for the captives radiate through to them as you participate in this year’s Flame of Freedom Ceremony in Branson. Your attendance in this event will surely mean a lot.

And while you are in Branson, why not make the most out of it by trying out the different attractions and activities. Catch some of Branson’s world-famous live music shows and concerts so you will also be a witness why it is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Branson is also known to be the ultimate vacation destination for its thrilling nature parks and theme parks. Bring along the whole family in your Branson vacation so you can show some patriotism and at the same time have some quality time with each other.

For your lodging needs in your Branson vacation, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. No matter how big a group you come to Branson, Thousand Hills always has the best lodging option for you. It offers nightly rentals of Branson log cabins and Branson condo units, which come in one bedroom to five bedroom units. Having this nightly rental in Thousand Hills is much more practical and convenient as to having multiple hotel rooms for your vacation.

Make this Branson vacation the perfect one for your family by going to the Flame of Freedom Ceremony and by experiencing all the fun that Branson has to offer.

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Merge with Nature and Fill your Vacation with Biking and Hiking at the Busiek State Forest

If you want to experience a glorious and fulfilling vacation with a lot of nature activities such as biking, hiking, and horseback riding, visit the Busiek State Forest in Branson. In 1981, the state forest was named in honor of Dr. Urban and Erma Marie Busiek when the state purchased the first sections of the land from them. Busiek State Forest has an area of 2,505 acres which are all accessible for hiking, camping, biking, and more. Although this park doesn’t have spectacular rock formations or waterfalls, it does offer campsites and panoramic hilltop views of the Ozark.

Busiek State Forest which is now owned by the Missouri Department of Conservation, provides visitors multiple recreational opportunities. The state forest has a stream called Woods Fork Creek that runs through the middle of the forest. In spring time, the stream is cold and clear and around knee deep.

Busiek Hiking Trail LogoThe park’s well-marked 18 miles trail system provides great fun for bicyclers, hikers, and horseback riders. At certain times of the year fur trapping and deer hunting is allowed in the forest. The elevation of the hills of the state forest is 980 feet to 1,200 feet above sea level on the mountaintops, so the uses of motorized vehicles are prohibited.

The state forest also features unstaffed shooting range and primitive camping at designated sites which is available by permit only. There is no potable water or amenities in the area. At the top of the hill, you will find a hidden secret treasure and a cemetery. No one is buried here for a long time. The headstones aren’t legible anymore because the cemetery was erected during the time of the civil war.

The Busiek State Forest also has two hiking trail systems, an 8-mile “West” trail system, and a 10-mile “East” trail system. Each trail system ranges from 2-4 miles each with three color-coded loop trails. The trails are for mixed use, which means open to mountain-biking, hiking, and equestrian use. If you are going to camp or hike in the state park, it is advisable to wear orange blaze.

Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area has 18 miles of hiking trails, 9 campsites, and unsupervised shooting range. The state forest can be accessed through U.S. Highway 65, it is about 18 miles south of Springfield and 15 miles north of Branson.  In the park, there are nine primitive designated campsites, all close to the eastern trail system. The state forest is actually close to the Mark Twain National Forest but they are separated by several private property tracts of land.

The state forest is home to several wildlife creatures and plants to keep environmentalists happy in their exciting and thrilling adventures. During spring time, dogwood and redbud trees practically bloom with flowers, giving the forested hills a pink, purple, and white hue. During summer, it is nice to enjoy the nature when you are under the shade of leafy trees.

If you are looking for a glorious vacation filled with nature-friendly activities such as biking, hiking, and horseback riding with the whole family, come to Busiek State Forest in Branson this spring season.

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Pump Up your Spring Vacation by the Lake and Aboard the Showboat Branson Belle

Branson Belle LogoThis spring season, you may want to experience a fantastic and wonderful vacation by the lake aboard the Showboat Branson Belle. This river boat that cruises along the lake in Branson features on board world-class performers. Showboat Branson Belle was constructed at its home port in White River Landing and was christened on April 13, 1995. The boat uses the power thrust of 2 twin rear paddle wheels with measurement of 16 x 24 ft in diameter and it travels at a maximum speed of 14 knots (26 mph). It has a weight of 1250 tons, 278 ft in length, has a beam of 78 ft, with a height of 112 ft, and a draught of 7 ft. This river boat can accommodate 700 passengers.

The showboat cruises in the Table Rock Lake which is landlocked by the Table Rock Dam on one side and Beaver Lake Dam on the other side. The launching rails of the Showboat Branson Belle are lubricated by about two tons of bananas. This lubrication from bananas is a biodegradable material which is not pollutant and will not contaminate the Table Rock Lake.  The boat is considered the biggest ship in a landlocked lake in America. Exciting shows on board feature world-class performers like comedian Christopher James, The Showmen group, and violinist Janice Martin. While you are enjoying the live performances, you will be served a three-course meal.

The two and a half hour river cruise of the Showboat Branson Belle offers you a perfect relaxation as you enjoy picturesque views of the natural scenery around the Table Rock Lake. You can enjoy a unique shopping experience while you are onboard the showboat. Shopping in boutiques will help you complete your Showboat Branson Belle cruising experience. At the White River Landing, McAdoo’s Boatworks and Layton’s Mercantile offer an array of men’s accessories, ladies’ apparel, jewelry, along with inspirational home décor and souvenir items. Candies, Silver Dollar City jams, coffee, preserves, jellies, and more can also be found in White River Landing boutiques.

The Showboat Branson Belle features a lunch show “Made in The USA” that gives honor to the stars and stripes featuring the amazing voices of all female four-member quartet, The ShowBelles along with master pianist Julie McClarey and dynamic fiddler Dean Church. The show is hosted by magician and comedian Christopher James with the support of The Showboat’s live band, The Castaways. All audiences watching the varied musical performances of the “Made in the USA” show applaud with great pride and excitement. The show also features Janice Martin and The Showmen which is accompanied by a rockin’ live band.

All around the Showboat Branson Belle you can feel that it is really filled with laughter and illusions with the great live entertainment show of varied performers including the comedy show of Christopher James. If you want to experience a wonderful spring vacation with great attractions in the Table Rock Lake and fantastic onboard entertainments in the Showboat Branson Belle, consider a wonderful river cruise with the Showboat in Branson, Missouri.

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