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April Showers, Flower Powers on Spring Season in Branson

If you are planning a wonderful vacation with a perfect mix of warm, sunny spring with rain shower that gives off fresh blooms of flowers and plants, come and explore the Spring Season in Branson. Spring season in Branson is a great time to enjoy the cool mornings, the mountain lush greenery, boat trips on the scenic rivers, cruises on the lake, outlet shopping, and entertainment shows that feature America’s brightest stars. To enjoy these attractions, you need to stay in a condo or a cabin in Branson at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

During springtime, there will be lots of kids and families enjoying the many opportunities in Branson. With the moderate climate in Branson during spring season, the temperature averages between 50 degrees to 80 degrees which means the nights are refreshing, but day time has a perfect blend of sunny and warm.  Spring season in Branson offers occasional rain shower which brings forth lush greenery around the beautiful natural scenery around the Ozark Mountain.The Celtic Ladies Logo

If you are a golf enthusiast, then Branson is the perfect place for your spring break vacation. Branson has seven golf courses, one of which is the well known Thousand Hills Golf Course and Resort. However, if you are looking for something that can give you more thrills and excitements, there are plenty more to enjoy in Branson during spring months than simply playing golf. You can visit the Titanic museum with the only permanent Titanic exhibit that features personal artifacts from the passengers of the Titanic.

For fishing enthusiasts or those just interested in fish, the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery in Branson is such a great educational destination for you and your family. Here you will learn what fish and how much fish the hatchery can produce in a year. If you are a wine drinker, the Stone Hill Winery is a good place to visit not to satisfy your thirst but to enhance your knowledge about the wine industry in Missouri.

Springtime in Branson is also great to enjoy the many worlds’ famous live entertainment shows. These world’s famous entertainment shows include:  the “Dancing Queen: Abba’s Greatest Hits” which is performed in King’s Castle Theatre;  Dublin’s Irish Tenors and The Celtic Ladies which is also performed in King’s Castle Theatre; and Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus which is performed in the New Shanghai Theatre, and many other exciting live entertainment shows.


However, your enjoyment with the many exciting attractions and live entertainment shows will not be enough if you don’t include shopping in your itineraries. Branson has three outlet malls and over 101 specialty shops in the downtown area. With the abundance of shopping outlets, you surely can find the items you want to take home with you such as antiques, crafts, and souvenir items.

So, if you want to enjoy a perfect vacation during spring time where rain shower gives off fresh blooms of flowers and plants, come to Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

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2014 NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship

It will soon be that time of year again, folks! No, not hunting season. No, not tourist season (yet!). No, not the summer season. No, not the holiday season either. Can you guess? It will very soon be…basketball season! That’s right, Branson dwellers, business owners and vacationers – it is almost time for the 2014 NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship held at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. Get your game face on and get ready to watch some wicked hoop shooting, ladies and gentleman!

NAIA Basketball TournamentThe NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes) has long been a forerunner in combining athletic sports with academic rigor. In 1937, the NAIA began to put forth sports programs and championships that held a proper balance with the importance of college student’s overall educational experience. This combination of sports and schooling has put the NAIA at the top of their game in the world of collegiate athletics; students in this association strive to be the absolute best they can be, in the classroom and out, on and off the court, field or track. In 2000, the NAIA developed Champions of Character, through which the association re-adhered to their goal of fostering the character building aspects of athletic sports, which further fostered the success of the association.

Every year since 2000, College of the Ozarks, a four year college known for their rigorous character building curriculum, has hosted the basketball championship that has become the kickoff for the annual Branson tourist season. Hosting this event has become a symbol of pride for ‘Hard Work U’ and for the community – the basketball championship draws five hundred NAIA students and coaches, and over twenty-five thousand fans, and requires nearly seven hundred volunteers. That makes for not only great basketball games, but great business for local restaurants, hotels and shops.

This year, the basketball championship will be held March 12 through March 18, 2014. There will be thirty-two men’s basketball teams playing at the near Branson college campus. The games will be played in a single-elimination format. Since College of the Ozarks is the host institution for the 2014 NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship, they will receive a host berth for the games. The college is currently tied as the second-longest active tenured national championship host.

So if you want to see some of the greatest college basketball athletes in the nation play a good game of basketball, and also support a local college and the community that backs it, make plans to attend the 2014 NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship at College of the Ozarks!

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Branson Outdoors, Perfect for Adventure and Vacation

Only in Branson, MO is the place for your great outdoor activities and escapades. If you are planning to try a taste of these excitements, book a ticket now and get your whole family head to Branson!

Here are some of the great Branson Outdoors attractions you would not want to miss. These are based from their popularity and qualifications, why they are chosen as tourists drawers:

Table Rock Lake, a very big beautiful lake with so much of nature and great outdoor activity! You could choose from boating, skiing, and parasailing. But the best is forBranson Outdoors Logo fishing where you could fish big or small trout fish. The lake itself is also ideal for swimming. Together with your family pack, you will enjoy total satisfaction. The lake is just comparable to other world renowned beaches of the world like the Caribbean Islands.

Marvel Cave; try this wonderful outdoor escapade, together with your kids. You will experience a different feeling. The wet limestone and the narrow inner chamber doors of the caves are just so enjoyable to watch. The stalactite and stalagmites cave formations up and on the ground are unbelievable. You would also see some natural formations of a man or an animal, as if there are gods and goddesses while inside. This will make wonders to you and your children so much. You will have to bring your own personal flashlights in this regard, though.

Moonshine Beach is the only beach found in Table Rock Lake and proudly having a fine, white beach, complete with all the amenities of a quality resort. Lots of picnic areas, pavilion, and complete shower and comfort rooms are just available. Why not try to play on sports, like the volleyball or handballs for your kids on the soft, fine sands this beach boast of. You will really have such a great amusement.

Lake Taneycomo, is full of natural habitats and great parasailing or kayaking. Depending on your wild choices of any outdoor activity, you would be treated with such an amazing treat. This lake is full of motor cruise where you and your family will enjoy a 2 and a half mile stretch in the cruise. All food, entertainments of world class character are just so superb. While in the cruise, you will be shown a once in a lifetime actual rendition of your favorite singers, famed and popular, who are actually doing the act, live at that! Your favorite singers from pop to rock, classic to RB, are there to sing for you. Not to mention also about having to jam with them, already in person. Your kids will also be delighted of great dance shows and comedy pageants, exclusively for your kid’s entertainment. Of course, the food menu are all delicious, worth your dollars you have with you, all are just packaged in one of your great tour of the lake.

Table Rock Lake is the queen of the lakes, where the great dam is located. Actually, this lake started it all for the two other flourishing lakes. Such a lake is so amazing. By scuba diving in the lake, you and your kids will see in a big aquarium deep inside fish of different species, like the bass and trout and others. You will see a different hatchery fish aquarium to propagate its further growth. Your children will be greatly awed by such kind of diversity. The plants inside the lake are just so irresistible, the cool and freshness of the lake beyond comparable.

Ruth and Penning Conservation Area is a wildlife sanctuary place. Still undiscovered by some of the tourists, it is a secluded place hiding in the Ozark Mountains. Good for your exclusivity with your family, there are numerous rock and water formations, with wildlife creatures and the plants as well. You will see beautiful insects, ground habitats of small and big animals, still untapped. Just the woods you see, all are preserved and it is a paradise of nature, really.

Butterfly Palace is a must see for your pack where you could find millions of butterfly specie in a Mirror Maze building atop a hill. Different animals and insects are also inside. You will be greatly entertained of the sounds and techniques inside the palace, which add to your great tour and outdoor fulfillment. The butterflies are just so appealing, big and small, of different bright colors. Others are so tamed, they perch on your clothes and your kids will enjoy with the great smiles and awe, the moment you show them this beautiful butterfly palace.

Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area where each of the 3 lakes has well preserved forest parks which are so enchanting. Enjoy the feel of great wildlife sanctuary in these enchanted kingdoms. You will see different wildlife preservations, the birds, the big trees and pool of water just around, the creeks and brooks, the snakes, rock formations. Coupled with the forest scented cool climate and the rain forest, everything you would like is already in these forests sanctuaries by the sides and banks of the lakes.


These are just a few of the suggested popular outdoor activities you may visit while in Branson, MO. They are great escapade experience designed for you and your whole family, especially your children.

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Get Wet and Wild with Ride the Ducks in Branson

There is one great big value of total entertainment  while you are in Branson, MO this year, starting now up to the Christmas holidays. Either your trip to Branson is an organized group excursion or just exclusive for your families and friends. The wild excitement and fun are just there. Beyond the anxiety and total satisfaction you would expect, why not try to Ride the Ducks and enjoy a thrilling experience.

Ride the Ducks LogoActually , this unique vehicle  is a sightseeing truck designed like a duck with wheels and a duck-shaped boat when plunged into the water! In your rides, you and your family or group of friends, even the ages or little kids with you may have the chance to tour the whole of Branson or just around the famous lakes and the Table Rock  Dam. You will see famous historical places while touring the town. A lot of whack and quack stories, filled with laughter and smiles will just add to your sheer enjoyment. You begin to get wild.  

This sort of a unique vehicle while you enjoy the ride is just so entertaining, with the crew of smiling and singing staffs. You and your family could sing with them while enjoying the land tour. Mixed with the lush greeneries and beautiful attractions you would pass by, the scenic lakes and the big trees lined up along the highways will just add merriment to your trip while inside the “Ride the Ducks”. You could share fun stories and the laughter, jokes and the children’s giggling will only add to the total happiness while inside the duck vehicle.

The best moment however is when you are about to splash and try a different feeling of wetness. That is after coming from the land, you will follow a somewhat trail of a waterfall and splash. And you are in the lake already sailing like a duck. What a unique situation really. You and your children or  group of friends will find a sort of total entertainment. As you sail on the waters of the lake, you will be able to continue the fun. The captain of the duck boat will also give you a chance or your kids to try the driving wheel, and do it yourself. The staff will also begin to get wild with you and bonds with the group for fun. You will sing along with them and the kids just giggling. You would notice in your faces the ultimate satisfaction you get while riding this sort of an enjoyable experience.

The vehicle cum boat is equipped with the latest marine safety and there is no worry about it. Lifesaver jackets are always visible during the ride. While you travel by the land and sail on the water on Ride the Ducks, be sure to get in with you some foodstuffs and drinks for the thrilling trip. You will enjoy the trip while eating and tell stories of your wild experience.

So hurry, why not book a ticket for Ride the Ducks and you will greatly experience  a most thrilling moment for your whole family, or group of friends or the whole community!

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You Deserve the Perfect Valentine’s Day Fine Dining Treat!


Have you already planned a Valentine’s getaway in Branson Missouri? If you already have, why don’t you read along to find out more Valentine date ideas to make the moment even more special for your loved one?

Your vacation in Branson Missouri for the Valentine weekend may be short lived, but the romance and adventure in Branson never stops. Make memories you will both remember for a lifetime as you spend your Valentine’s Day in Branson. Branson is full of activities and attractions that will surely give you lots of thrills and fun with your loved one. To cap off your weekend getaway in Branson, make sure that you end it with a Valentine’s Day fine dining treat with your special someone.

Have that special fine dining date with your sweetheart this Valentine’s at Keeter Center in the College of the Ozarks. It is the night that you have been dreaming of. The romance is kept alive in Keeter Center with the best food, live music, and slow dancing. To add further to the perfection of the night, the entire place has rose petals all over and a candlelight setting. This is truly the perfect Valentine’s dinner that every woman has been dreaming of.

The menu of Keeter Center this Valentine’s Day only serves you the best of the best dishes. For the starters in the menu, you can have pork and pecan pinwheels (pork tenderloin grilled and stuffed with bacon, pecans, and brown sugar), and crab and avocado salad (layers of crabmeat, avocado, tomatoes, and veggies served with rice wine and lemon vinaigrette). You also have to try their Valentine’s special for the starters – St. Valentine’s Salad. St. Valentine’s Salad consists of field greens, candied pecans, red onion, mandarin oranges, and strawberries with raspberry vinaigrette, and finished with a balsamic drizzle.

For the main dishes in Keeter Center, you have to try the Filet Mignon and Shrimps, which is even made more special with layered au gratin potatoes and garden green beans with bacon. They also serve Salmon en Croute, which is grilled salmon with spinach and cheese and served with asparagus cream soup. Steak lovers will also be delighted with the Steak Diane. This is beef tenderloin medallions and crackled black pepper pan sauce flambéed with mustard and cream. This dish is also served with garlic mashed potatoes and garden green beans with bacon.  

Make it a sweet night with the desserts in Keeter Center. You have to try the Dobyns Classic 10-Layer Chocolate Cake for Two, and the Black Forest Bavarian. These desserts will really satiate one’s sweet tooth.

To reserve for a dinner date, you can call 417-690-2146. For your lodging needs for your Branson vacation this Valentine’s Day, make Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort your lodging place. Prepare yourself for the best Valentine celebration you will ever have in Branson. 

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A Cozy Log Cabin for your Branson Real Estate

You frequently pay a visit to Branson, especially during your weekends or long vacation perk from your company you work with. The beauty of Branson is your great escape from your daily routine in work, and for your children’s future to own a home as your vacation place. Why not plan to own one in Branson! There is plenty of real estate for sale in the whole of Branson Real Estate area.Branson Real Estate Logo

The best recommendation for you is in the Grand Mountains, where lots of finished and well appointed log cabins are for sale. You may choose a 2 or 3 bedroom log cabins, complete with all furnishings and appliances, the three bedrooms are well provided with the finest accessories of blankets and mattresses. The toilets, one toilet in each bedroom and bath are just so excellent, and there are two lofts upstairs too. Wide patios with complete tables and chairs are also included in the package.

The latest wireless connections are installed for your television, internet, and other communication requirements. Wide sofa with the complete and luxurious living room set is big and spacious, and there is a gas furnace fireplace right in your living room.

Your planned purchases of this highly recommendable unit are presently the best. The ambience is just so captivating. As you go around there are woods, the cool and breezy trees. Wide roads and cozy environment are so revealing with complete tranquility. No one will disturb you.

Each cabin log for a 3 bedroom is 1,422 square feet. These are priced at $ 271,000 per unit. It is just near the Andy Williams Theater.

The Branson Thousand Hills Management is always available for your dream come true. Especially if you have the need hard earned money for cash, why not avail a real estate financing and the management will just assist you on that. They will provide all the necessary information and detailed procedures, the right contact persons. They will also advise you on the most economical aspect of your purchase. Excellently, these real estate agents of the Thousand Hills Management have included in their tourist programs for visitors to purchase their house and lots, conveniently located in every scenic spots around the Ozark Mountains and the near golf courses and the nature.

All of your doubts and queries, your instinct requirements are just there in their offer. They will have to answer in every detail your other hang ups in owning a simple, yet affordable cabin log real estate.

If I were you, I will try to plan owning one now, choosing a house and lot financed loan from your company or through the banks, or just say your fringe benefits from your company. If you and your wife are employed both, you will not be hard up. It is a really good investment for your future. Since you are fond of having a vacation in Branson, together with your family, why not start owning right now before the price just go up and up.


The location at Grand Mountains will be the best for you and your family because it is so accessible, affordable and convenient. Since you frequently go to Branson to play golf, or cruise on the Lakes Taneycomo and Table Rock, why not choose at Grand Mountain 3 bedroom log cabin! These are well equipped with the best resorts and golf courses Branson has to offer. There are also wide arrays of future plans for infrastructure. With the best and modern existing great shopping malls, eateries, recreational theme parks already around, your choice to purchase a log cabin are a wise decision for you and your family.

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Experience a Branson Cabin Fever this Spring Season

Your stay in Branson Cabin at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort can be a great vacation this spring season where it offers top quality amenities. Each Branson Cabin is fully furnished with free wi-fi internet access, cable TV, and DVD. The cabin’s kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances such as microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, kitchen utensils, and pots and pans that make your vacation a wonderful one in the Branson Cabins. The resort has an activity center offering board games, arcade, pool tables, and a bunch of DVDs to borrow and much more.

Branson cabin offers guests several tranquil views including the exotic wooded settings and the golf course. With the beautiful location near the wildlife and the beautiful scenery of the Ozark Mountain, Branson cabin units are very near the only golf course in the heart of Branson. When you stay at Branson cabin rentals, you can feel the wonderful atmosphere around the beautiful secluded place and wooded valleys that will make you forget noisy city life. Many of our cabin lodging can handle large families or big group. If you want to work out, Thousand Hills Hotel has exercise facility near the Branson cabins.

The cabins in Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort provide quality and luxury lodging with convenience not found in regular hotels. Branson cabins which are located in the center of Branson surround our 18-hole golf course near the Table Rock Lake. All of our Branson Lodging properties feature indoor and outdoor swimming pools and many added special features. No one will definitely experience boredom with the many attractions, entertainment shows, exciting activities, and theme parks. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can use our exercise facility or play 18 holes golf in the resort.

Cabin rentals unlike Branson hotels are highly recommended for families or groups of any size. You will experience a unique vacation when you stay at our Branson cabins as it feature king size bed, Jacuzzi Suite, a separate living room, and a mini kitchen. For a unique and wonderful stay in Branson cabins, you will surely enjoy its stone fireplace, whirlpool tub plus a two person rain shower. Each cabin unit is only minutes away from the 76 Music Boulevard with a view of the beautiful golf course. This only means that all Branson’s exciting attractions and activities are all within walking distance from Branson cabin accommodation.

After you enjoy lots of indoor and outdoor activities and watching live entertainment shows, you may want to shop at the ne Branson Landing shopping district in downtown Branson. Here you will have the opportunity to buy shopping items such as souvenirs, accessories, and jewelries. In Branson, there’s no reason that you can’t find a perfect gift for the special person you cherished all your life.

If you want to experience a wonderful vacation this spring season in a secluded and private log cabin, with warm and cozy ambiance overlooking the great surroundings of the Ozark Mountains stay in Branson Cabins at the Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

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Get Some Great Branson Date Ideas!

Most couples love going out together for an enjoyable date on the town. Dates give couples a chance to relax, have some fun, and spend some quality time together. Some go out once a month, some go out once a week or more. Whatever your date schedule is for you and your sweetheart, it is always fun to try something new and adventurous – especially together! If you and your partner in love happen to be around the Branson/Tri-Lakes area, you both are in luck – the live entertainment capital of the U.S. has some great Branson date ideas in store for you!

Traditional: Sometimes couples crave a traditional, all American date night – with dinner and a movie. If you and your special someone want this type of date, you have a multitude of movie theatres and restaurants at your fingertips for some Branson date ideas. Fuddruckers on East Highway 76 is a classy burger joint that will fill you up without breaking the bank. Chiles, located near the Walmart Supercenter on Branson Hills Parkway, is also a nice place for some couples dinner conversation – it features mood lighting, great food, and a bar. After a great dinner, head to any of the three movie theatres in Branson to catch on of the latest films!

Romantic: Are you and yours in the mood for a candlelit dinner to spark the romance? There are a number of fine restaurants in the area to fit your tastes. Check out the Worman House down at Big Cedar Lodge – a carriage ride after your dinner will give you and your date a chance to snuggle up together and watch the lights of Big Cedar go by. Or come visit the Keeter Center and enjoy the taste of their student cooked and served food like locally raised trout and college raised pork and beef.

Unique: Are you and your date a little out of the ordinary? Do you like to do things that other couples might scoff at? Luckily for you, Branson is full of unique places to go! Like the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, for example. The two of you can meander through giant concrete raceways full of trout, learn about the breeding, raising and releasing process, and even feed the fish! Follow up your fishy date with a hike on one of the hatchery’s trails that border the facility. Or pack a picnic lunch and spend the day hiking or fishing down at Roaring River State Park! It’s the perfect place for some couples hiking, and some quality time spent outdoors – not to mention together! Miles of beautiful trails will make for a very unique, outdoorsy date.

With these and other great Branson date ideas, you and your special someone will never run out of places to spend time together!

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An Ozarks Winter Wonderland

Branson Cabin SnowWinter Wonderland in the Ozarks began early this year with a beautiful, nine inch blanket of snow. What a perfect way to start the winter season while staying in one of our one, two, two plus loft or four bedroom cabin. Cozy up to the warm ambiance of the fireplace and settle in for a cold winter’s night with beverage of your choice.

The Cabins at Grand Mountain offer the perfect retreat for those looking for a short getaway commute that makes you feel a million miles away. Each cabin comes with a fully equipped kitchen, so prepare to bring your favorite comfort foods. Snuggle into a luxurious king sized bed and enjoy a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Our studio-style cabins are the choice for Honeymoons and Anniversaries including a two-person, Jacuzzi tub. Enjoy all of the coziness of staying in, or venture out to take in the scenic views from your porch or other local interests. You can also order additional amenities from our Concierge such as truffles, flowers or chocolate covered strawberries.

Our two bedroom cabins offer two layouts; all one level, or upstairs bedroom with bath. Regardless of your preference, both offer spacious floor plans. If it’s additional bedding that you’re looking for, we also have two bedroom plus loft cabins that lend well to extended families and children. Pack light. Each of our cabins is equipped with washer and dryer.

Of course, larger families and groups love our four bedroom cabins! Several different floor plans are available starting at 2500 square feet. All of these cabins are individually owned, so it is truly like home away from home, each with personal touches in décor and items such as games and books.

Available winter amenities include indoor pool and golf with weather permitting. Our Concierge is available to direct you towards the available local attractions to round out your winter getaway. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, grab your treats and ease into relaxing getaway at The Cabins at Grand Mountain. Call 855-353-0886 for reservations.

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Thousand Hills Lets You Own Your Own Branson Home

For many, just vacationing in Branson isn’t enough. Being part of the friendly community year in and year out is a must. But how do you do that?

Real Estate at Thousand HillsThe easiest way to become part of the Branson community is to let Thousand Hills help you on your way to having your own Branson home. Thousand Hills not only allows you to vacation in Branson, but also gives you the option of having your own home part of the year or year-round. Thousand Hills offers dwellings to fit every need. Their condos and cabins are luxurious and comfortable, and come in a variety of floor plans.

Table Rock condos are the first of Thousand Hills’ many home options. Located just north of the Chateau on the Lake, these condos overlook the majestic beauty of Table Rock Lake. The best part is they are a stone’s throw away from Indian Point Marina and minutes from the shows and attractions in Branson. Two to four bedroom floor plans are available, and the condos range from 1,070 square feet to 1,900 square feet. Spacious living rooms, granite countertops, and a balcony to enjoy the lake from come with this beautiful condo.

Golf homes and condos are more options for your Branson home. With open floor plans, golf condos are spacious with 1,050 square feet and one, two, and three bedroom layouts available. Granite countertops, wood flooring, two-car garages and a swimming pool are part of the amenities you get when you own your golf home at Thousand Hills. Floor plans for these gold homes include three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The Cabins at Grand Mountain are another choice for your Branson home. Located north of the Grand Palace, these cabins are built from Colorado spruce logs, and feature two to three bedrooms in each. Loft floor plans are also available. These luxurious cabins combine the best Branson has to offer by being secluded enough to enjoy and being close enough to Branson to see a show.

Additionally, Thousand Hills is also home to one of Branson’s favorite golf courses. As one of the only courses in Branson that caters to different skill levels, Thousand Hills is ready to accommodate your needs before you tee off. Daily golf specials are available, including the Three Day Unlimited Golf Pass. The best part about owning a Thousand Hills condo or cabin is that you get proximity to this lush course and all the amenities that come with it.

Even if you plan on using your condo as a summer home or your cabin as a weekend getaway, there are advantages to owning a cabin or condo at Thousand Hills. Aside from the accommodations, you get the peace of the Ozark Mountains and the attractions Branson has to offer. To learn more about Thousand Hills’ condos and cabins, visit or call 417-336-5873.

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