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Start Planning Your January Branson Vacation



The year 2013 is nearing to an end. With the month of December fast approaching, it is never too early to start planning your January vacation. Start the year right with the perfect vacation with your loved ones. And when the “perfect” vacation is needed, there is no other place to go but in Branson Missouri.


May people think twice of having a January Branson vacation, but doubt no more since a lot of people swear that a January Branson vacation is just the perfect year-starter. Branson has a lot of activities and attractions perfect for any season of the year. It is also known to be the Live Music Entertainment of the World so there is no doubt that you will certainly have the time of your life in Branson Missouri. If you are also the type of person who shies away from large crowds, Branson in January is the perfect place for you since the holiday madness is already over.


One of the popular events for your January Branson vacation is the honoring of American veterans. This is done in remembrance of the signing of the Vietnam Peace Accord in the year 1973. This war is the longest and most talked-about war wherein America is involved, so a ceremony and a dinner for the honor of the veterans are only fitting to commemorate their heroic deeds. This tradition has been going on annually for the people who fought in the war.


Another event you may consider as historic, and at the same time fun, for your January Branson vacation is the annual ice sculpting event in the world-renowned Branson Titanic Museum. Relive the memories of the unsinkable ship that sank in this museum. There are also other activities in this museum. You can listen to the stories of other survivors of the Titanic and tour the grand halls of the Titanic – just like in the movies! The ice sculpting event is for free and it also features the best ice sculptors in the world.


Another museum which you can take on a tour is the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. This museum is anything but ordinary – with its unique façade and its mind-boggling contents. Enjoy on the fun facts about anything under the sun brought to you by Ripley’s museum. After your tour, you will definitely see the world in a new light!



To complete your January Branson vacation, book your stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. With the perfect location of Thousand Hills, you can stay close to all the live shows, concerts, amusement parks, shopping districts, and restaurants that Branson has. Thousand Hills also offers you lodging options such as a Branson cabin or a Branson condo. Book now and enjoy Branson in January!

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It’s Always A Good Time in Silver Dollar City



Have you ever wanted to feel what others say YOLO, or You Only Live Once? If you do, then it’s time to pack your stuff and head over to Branson Missouri! You can have the time of your life with the overflowing attractions and activities you can do in Branson.


One thing that spells pure entertainment, fun, and adventure in Branson is Silver Dollar City. This is an 1880’s-themed amusement park which features rides and attractions that will surely please people of all ages. Whether you are a kid or an adult, there is certainly something for you to enjoy in Silver Dollar City. After all, this theme would not be considered as “world-class” for no reason.


Silver Dollar City is open from mid-March to December 31 to give Branson guests an adventure of a lifetime. This theme park has more than 30 rides and attractions to keep everyone entertained. Some of its rides are also considered to be the best. When you go to Silver Dollar City, you have to try the ride called the Outlaw Run. This ride is considered to be the world’s most daring wood coaster. With its twists and turns, and ups and downs, you will definitely feel like a daredevil when you are aboard the Outlaw Run. But there is nothing to be scared when riding the Outlaw Run because you are also treated to the sceneries of the Ozark Mountains. Other rides that you should try when you visit Silver Dollar City are Powder Keg, Giant Swing, and the steam engine train. For the kids, there is also a mini roller coaster that is fit for them.


To provide a breather from all the excitement and adventures you will have in Silver Dollar City, there are over 40 musical shows and theater plays you can spend your time watching. You can also take a break by strolling the park and marveling at the other attractions you can see. One thing unique about Silver Dollar City is it embodies everything about the 1880’s so much that you can find everything about the 1800’s in the park. There are crafts being made in the park, so you will find more than a hundred craftsmen and women to show you how the essential crafts during the 1880s are made. Watch how they can transform a simple piece of glass into an elegant vase and other crafts. These crafts people can also show you how to cook using just homemade sap.


Silver Dollar City also has the best theme park food in all of America. After a long day of adventure, you can treat yourself to the best meals or pastries in Silver Dollar City. You can get the best meals in Aunt Polly’s, known for their fried chicken and catfish, and The Ribhouse, known for its barbecue, baby back ribs, smoked chicken, and smoked brisket. For desserts, there are ice cream stands and bakeries all over the park to cure your sweet tooth.


When you visit Silver Dollar City, make sure to book your stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort for the best lodging options. For inquiries, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Plan Your Branson February Vacation



A new year has come upon us! This 2014, make sure that your year will be filled with lots of adventures and fun with your loved ones. Make priceless memories that you will cherish forever. Right now, plan your February vacation already. Where else should you go but in Branson, Missouri!


Branson Missouri is a place filled with family-friendly activities. There are a lot of theme parks and nature parks to quench your thirst for adventure. Branson is the perfect place for your February vacation, as it is any month of the year. One of the reasons why Branson is the place to go during the month of February is the absence of tourist traffic. No more lining up for your favorite rides in amusement parks or for a table in Branson restaurants. Another reason why you should visit in February is the great savings that you can get. The month of February is considered as off-season, so expect the prices of lodging, souvenir, and many more to drop.


Tourists may be less, and prices may drop but for sure the activities will be no lesser and your excitement in Branson will never drop. For one thing, there is Silver Dollar City, Branson’s premier amusement park, to provide you with endless fun and excitement suited for people of all ages. You have to try the Outlaw Run, one of Silver Dollar City’s prized rides. Apart from the amusement park, there is also the Table Rock State Park Marina which will be perfect for picnics and water bonding activities. There are also restaurants in Branson where you can have a delectable dining experience and make your stay in Branson memorable.


The month of February is known as the love month. If you choose to go to Branson with your special someone, then a candlelit dinner in one of Branson’s posh restaurants or a romantic tour aboard Branson’s Titanic Museum would be more than perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day. February visits to Branson can be chilly, but there are a lot of indoor activities for you to enjoy with your loved one. You can go museum hopping, or to one of Branson’s indoor water parks. If you are either sports enthusiasts, or at least willing to learn a new sport, then you can also go to Branson’s indoor mini golf and arcades.


For your lodging needs, staying in Branson’s cozy log cabins would really exude romance in the air. The log cabins in Thousand Hills offers luxurious amenities that you will surely enjoy with your loved one. The log cabins come with fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchen. There are also cable TVs and DVD players for your entertainment needs. Wireless internet is also available for free. All these and more when you decide to spend your Branson February vacation in a Thousand Hills log cabin.



What are you waiting for? Ask him or her out to a date that will give you memories you will both remember for a lifetime.

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Visit Branson This January



January is still a good month to have that vacation you have been dreaming of. Yes, it is the post-holiday season but that fact can also become a blessing for you. January means that there would be less people because the holiday season is already over. And since the crowd would be less, you could expect that there would be no more waiting in long lines in theme parks, restaurants, and theaters.


If you want to have the total entertainment package for your January vacation, the best place to be in is Branson Missouri. Branson is known to be the entertainment central in Missouri and also has lots of activities for you to experience. You can never go wrong with going for a Branson January vacation. Find out what activities are in line for you this January.


One of the activities that you can do in Branson this January is to experience the honoring of the American veterans who served as America’s heroes during the war. The war is regarded as the longest and most controversial war that America has ever been involved in. Thus, the honoring of the war veterans in Branson has long become a tradition for the Branson locals. The ceremony also comes with a dinner to accompany the honor for the veterans.


You can also take your nationalistic spirit to another level by visiting the museums in Branson. There is the Veterans Memorial Museum if you want to see the heroic deeds of the American soldiers back then. There are also museums that can tickle your fancy. One is the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. This museum features all the oddities and some of which may not even be imaginable. Take a tour of this museum and it is already up to you if you want to believe it or not. Another museum that you might not want to miss is the Hollywood Wax Museum. This museum showcases wax replicas of your favorite Hollywood legends. There are replicas of Hollywood greats of the past and the present, so now is your time to take a picture of yourself together with these Hollywood legends.


Branson in January is not a peak season for the tourists so this would be a great time to do some shopping in Branson. Since everything is at a much slower pace in January compared to the holiday season, you can take your time to shop until you drop. Branson has become a shopper’s heaven with shopping malls like Branson Landing, Tanger Outlet Center, and The Shoppes at Branson Meadows. There a lot more outlet malls in Branson for you to explore in the course of your vacation this January.



With all these exciting activities in Branson this January, what would keep you from booking your trip to the entertainment capital of the Midwest? to make your stay in Branson more enjoyable and comfortable, book your stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can have various lodging options. For inquiries, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Winter Lodging in Thousand Hills’ Cabins

If you’re planning on being in the Branson area for a holiday show or a simple weekend getaway this holiday, make sure you check out Thousand Hills’ beautiful cabins as a great location for your vacation.

cabin-snow-tallThousand Hills offers some of Branson’s best cabins to its guests and its residents. The Cabins at Grand Mountain combine Colorado spruce logs with great floor plans, along with the seclusion and privacy you want. Located north of the Grand Palace, each of these beautiful cabins features two to three bedrooms in each. Loft floor plans are available at Grand Mountain.

Each of Thousand Hills cabins are equipped with luxuries you can find (and even some you can’t) at a five-star hotel, including a swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub, cable television, DVD players, spacious living rooms, fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi and all of your major appliances, including a washer and dryer and soaps and detergents.

During your trip, you can experience the winter wonderland of Branson without having to go far. All of Branson’s attractions are located just minutes from Thousand Hills’ gorgeous cabins. While you’re in Branson, visit the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre for one of Branson’s favorite Christmas shows. Visit downtown Branson’s variety of unique shops to find one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

Renting a Branson cabin can be a great place to have your “home base” when you’re visiting and shopping in Branson. The quaint, cozy atmosphere of a cabin gives you a place to relax and unwind after a long day at the Landing. You also get a place where you can keep your vacation organized amongst all of the shopping bags and suitcases that come with traveling. Consider a Branson cabin when visiting and shopping. You’ll love the luxury experience, comfort, and relaxation a Thousand Hills cabin can offer you.

Thousand Hills cabins are also a great option if your family reunion is coming to Branson for the holidays. With cabins that can accommodate up to 16 people, your whole family can stay together to celebrate the holidays when you’re in Branson. If you’re looking for things to do as a group, the Branson Tourism Center has guides created especially for family reunion planners so their lives are much easier. Booking show tickets early can help take some of the stress out of the trip, and you can get the best rate on group tickets by reserving early. Cabins at Thousand Hills are ideal lodging for your Branson vacation or family reunion.

While An Old Time Christmas Festival is going on at Silver Dollar City, be sure to spend an evening experiencing the five story special effects Christmas tree and the Holiday Light Parade. Until December 30, Silver Dollar City will remain open until 9 p.m. nightly, so go and enjoy the Christmas wonderland in the park before hitting the hay in the luxury of a cabin at Thousand Hills.

Cabins in Branson are very popular, so make sure to call Thousand Hills to reserve yours today! The peaceful atmosphere of the Ozarks is waiting for out just outside the front door of your Branson cabin, and you can have the best of the Ozarks’ wintry scenes starting at $129 per night.

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The History of Taney County, Missouri

What do you think of when think of Taney County, Missouri? Perhaps you think of the famous and fish filled lake by the name of Lake Taneycomo – which is short for Taney County Missouri. Maybe you think of College of the Ozarks, the only college in the county. Or perhaps you might think of the Taney County Fire Department, or the town of Forsyth, Missouri, which happens to be the county seat. Taney County is full to bursting with great people, beautiful places, and fun things to do. The county also boasts a rich history, one that any citizen of Taney County can be proud of.

Taney County was carved out of the rugged Ozarks wilderness – it took hard work, determination and a bit of luck on the part of the people who inhabited the area. But they did it – and their heritage is one that should not be forgotten. Taney County became an officially organized and federally recognized county on January 4, 1837. The county was named in the honor of Roger Brooke Taney. This famous man was the fifth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court – he is most often recognized for delivering the majority opinion on the Dred Scott v. Sanford case. (This historical event happened some years after the Southwest Missouri county was named after him.)

Once the county was in place, a courthouse was built in 1837 by pioneer settlers in the area. It remained standing until the dawn of the single bloodiest event in the history of the United States: the Civil War. The Taney County courthouse was destroyed on July 22, 1861, during a Civil War battle. Post war, a second courthouse was built, and stood tall as a symbol of the county until it was destroyed by fire in December of 1885. With the stubborn determination that still characterizes the Ozarks people today, loyal county citizens built yet another courthouse. In 1952, this courthouse was removed so that the construction of Bull Shoals Lake could be carried out to completion. The fourth, final and current courthouse was occupied on August 1, 1952.

Taney County was the county in which Harold Bell Wright settled to write his famous novel, The Shepherd of the Hills – county residents still take pride in this today. But the county saw its fair share of historical troubles as well; Taney County was the hotspot for the Baldknobber vigilantes. Deep in the heart of the county lies the old bald hill upon which the leaders would light signal fires to summon the rest of the gang. The Baldknobbers murdered, plundered and robbed many of Taney County’s residents, and are featured as the main villains in Wright’s book.

Today, Taney County is known for its lakes – Bull Shoals, Table Rock and Taneycomo – as well as being the county in which Branson, Missouri is located. It is also famous for its hiking trails, and for being the locale for the acclaimed movie ‘Winter’s Bone.’ It is a county full of history, rock formations and hill folk – if you haven’t been yet, come see it for yourself! If you want to find out more about the history of Taney County, visit the Branson library.

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Planning Your Branson Wedding

A wedding is by far one of the most prominent events that can happen in a person’s life – and there is certainly a great deal of planning involved in putting on such a grand event! There are details such as flowers, cake, wedding clothes and decorations to consider. There is the choice of music, wedding reception food and who to hire to photograph the special occasion. One of the biggest choices the bride and groom have to make, however, is the location of the wedding! If you want a memorable marriage event for yourself and your guests, consider holding your wedding in Branson, Missouri! There are a number of fun and unique locations in the Tri-Lakes area that are sure to fit your style and make your Branson wedding memorable.

weddingportraitA Traditional Setting: If you and your soon to be spouse like the idea of a traditional church wedding, consider holding your event at the beautiful College of the Ozarks Chapel, located on the college campus in historic Point Lookout, Missouri! This awe-inspiring location features a cathedral style high vaulted ceiling, student made stained glass windows, padded church pews and rustic chandeliers – making it a great place to tie the knot! The chapel can be reserved through the campus Christian Ministries Department. College of the Ozarks also hosts weddings at The Keeter Center, a lodge style restaurant and event center.

A Rustic Location: If you like a quaint and rustic style nestled into the woods, check out Silver Dollar City’s Wilderness Church in Branson, Missouri! This historic location where lovers have exchanged vows for decades smacks of quiet charm and is a very unique location for your special day. The bride and groom will dedicate their lives to each other in front of a grand picture window that overlooks the beautiful wooded Ozark Mountains, while their guests look on from old fashioned church pews. There are a number of packages available, each featuring different amenities to make your Branson wedding perfect. More information is available on the SDC website. Another lovely rustic option is The Hope Wilderness Chapel at Dogwood Canyon. This gorgeous nature park provides a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. The chapel is a replica of an 1800s country church, featuring all local materials, such as native Shortleaf Pine logs, sawn Oak floorboards and an Eastern Red Cedar ceiling. The chapel seats up to one hundred twenty guests and boasts a back wall made entirely of windows, so you can gaze out upon the scenic canyon views as you say “I do.” Visit the Dogwood Canyon website for more information.

An Outdoor Event: If you and your sweetie relish the idea of open air vows, you are sure to find the Ledgestone Gardens in Walnut Shade, Missouri, very appealing! A uniquely landscaped garden wedding venue, this location features native plants, beautifully manicured garden pathways and a variety of water features. You are sure to find serenity here at the Ledgestone Gardens. A variety of packages are offered, including wine tasting and lodging at the neighboring bed and breakfast. Visit their website for pricing and information.

And For The Party Afterwards: After your Branson wedding, chances are that you will need somewhere to hold a reception to celebrate your union. If you are looking for a place that can really handle a crowd, consider reserving the meeting and event space at Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort in Branson, Missouri! They have the room; all you need to provide is the party. Thousand Hills also offers condos, cabins and suites for your honeymoon after your Branson wedding celebration. Visit the Thousand Hills website for listings of available spaces, as well as lodging availability and pricing.

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Clay Cooper Theater Adds New Shows and Old Favorites for 2014

Clay Cooper Brings Fun in 2014When Clay Cooper began performing for Branson audiences at 16, he knew he loved country music and meeting new people. He’s now celebrating his 26th season in Branson, MO, and shares the stage with 21 veteran cast members in his high energy variety show.

Ten dancers and a six-piece band make up a portion of the cast for Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express. Their song, dance, and comedy make for a show that’s sure to get your feet stomping and bursting with laughter! Classic country, contemporary country, and some rock and roll are sure to be heard at Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express.

In addition to his own show, Clay Cooper Theater is home to a variety of other performers, including the Rankin Brothers. Voted Branson’s Best Show in 2009 and 2010, the Rankin Brothers Classic Music Review has received more than 15 awards in its first three seasons in Branson. The best part is the Rankin Brothers are impressionists, recreating the sounds and voices of legends like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and even Sonny and Cher. This talented pair brings music and comedy to the stage at the Clay Cooper Theater.

Red, Hot… & Blue is another show that will return to the Clay Cooper Theater for 2014. Awarded Best Morning Show, Best Costumes, and Best Vocal and Dance Group, the talented cast of Red, Hot…& Blue take you on a journey through the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s through the music and dance of the era. An All-American salute to veterans is also part of the lineup for Red, Hot… and Blue.

One of the newest additions to Clay Cooper Theater is the fast paced percussion of Buckets N Boards. Matt Levingston and Gareth Sever have created a high energy show full of rhythmic and musical comedy that will captivate audiences young and old. Great tap dancing and hilarious songs are just two of the unexpected things you’ll find in Buckets N Boards.

Last but certainly not least is the legendary Mel Tillis. A Grand Ole Opry member and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Tillis has made his mark as an entertainer, especially with his many hits, including “Ruby” and “Coca Cola Cowboy.” Through Dec., Tillis will entertain crowds at the Clay Cooper Theater with his award winning and chart topping songs.

To get tickets for any of the shows at Clay Cooper Theater, visit the concierge at Thousand Hills. For an updated show schedule, visit for more information about show times, & dates.

While you’re in Branson for the holidays, be sure to consider Clay Cooper when choosing a family show that everyone can enjoy.

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Branson Titanic Museum’s Newest Additions


The Branson Titanic Museum is a museum that is dedicated to the RMS Titanic. It is established to house different artifacts from the actual Titanic under the Atlantic Ocean. Besides that, it also captures the details of the tragic event that sank the great ship through history of the things that are related to the ship. So, this holiday season, include the Branson Titanic Museum in your holiday itinerary in Branson, Missouri. Discover more than what the ship was as you go through the big museum.

If you come looking for the Branson Titanic Museum, you won’t get lost as its building is a half-scale replica of the actual RMS Titanic! Once you are inside, you will witness over 20 galleries telling the different stories about the Titanic. There are over 400 artifacts collected and gathered from the sunken ship for guests and visitors to see! You will learn lots about the ship from its first construction to its rediscovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. See the replica of the staircase of the ship that was featured prominently in the Titanic movie. Guests of all ages will have fun here!

This year, the Branson Titanic Museum adds two new things to see. When you visit Branson this holiday season, be sure to drop by this great museum! Here are the two additions in the Branson Titanic:

The Children of Titanic

The Branson Titanic introduces the littlest heroes, the Children of Titanic! There will be new stories dedicated exclusively to the children who boarded the great ship over 100 years ago. You will learn the history of the Titanic through the eyes of children as each one of them has their own story to tell! Be prepared to have you hearts melted by the endearing stories of the little ones!

Titanic Fantasy Princess

According to legend, the Ozark Mountains has blithe spirits and woodland fairies living in the area. Even if the spirits could not be seen, they could be felt in the mountains. And this holiday season, the Branson Titanic Museum will bring these spirits into life through a mythical Fantasy Princess. She will bring magic into the museum and the enchanting forest of the Ozark Mountains will be seen through her as she brings joy and entertainment to all the guests and visitors of the museum. Starting November 28 and every Wednesday through December 29, behold the magic that goes on in the Branson Titanic Museum!


While you are in Branson, make Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort your home away from home. With the perfect location in the heart of Branson, you can have all the fun you want and not be far from home. Choose from a Branson Condo, a Branson Log Cabin, or a Branson Lakefront Condo. With our affordable prices and the luxury we provide guests, you will have the best holiday you have ever had. For more information on the Branson Titanic Museum, please visit or dial 1-800-381-7670. For more information on Thousand Hills or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Silver Dollar City: A Place for Year-Round Fun


Silver Dollar City is considered far by Branson’s most famous theme park. It is a place where you can take the whole family to have fun and excitement. It is also the place to go if you are looking for some spine-tingling, mind-boggling thrill rides. The theme park has different features that you would just enjoy. Starting off with its rides, it has over 30 rides and attractions for you to enjoy. If you are looking for world-class roller coasters, then Silver Dollar City is the place to go! Another is that it provides 6 entertainment venues for Branson’s famous live shows where you can enjoy more than 40 shows per day! Now, a theme is not a theme park without the food, right? Silver Dollar City is also home to 12 different restaurants that serve traditional and unique Branson dishes. As a matter of fact, “Amusement Today” has given the theme park the title for best theme park food in the whole of America. Silver Dollar City the an action-packed theme park, which also features craftsmanship all over the area as there are over 100 craftsmen in every corner doing crafts. So, when you are in Branson, Missouri, don’t forget to visit Silver Dollar City!

The fun doesn’t end with that because Silver Dollar City is also a venue for different festivities and celebrations all throughout the year. Branson, Missouri is a number one tourist destination and Silver Dollar City is one of the best Area Attractions in the entertainment capital of the Midwest. Here are the festivals you could see every year at Siler Dollar City from mid-March through December 30. Click the links for more details:


Bluegrass and BBQ Festival

National Kids Fest

Southern Gospel Picnic

National Harvest Festival

Old Time Christmas

With all of these festivities, there is no doubt why more and more people are going to Branson, Missouri and visit Silver Dollar City to make the most out of their stay. The theme park provides more than just fun as it lets you create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives with your family.

While you are in Branson, maximize your stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. At any time of the year, the resort will provide you with the best Branson accommodation. And for whatever purpose, you will surely have more than what you pay for. You can choose from a Branson Condo, a Branson Log Cabin, or a Branson Lakefront Condo. Whatever you lifestyle or taste is, Thousand Hills has what you are looking for. For more information, or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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