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Vacation Planning Made Easy, Ask our Experts

Thousand Hills Golf Resort LogoThousand Hills Golf Resort offers several vacation lodging options that can help make your vacation planning made easy. At Thousand Hills you can get the best accommodations available in Branson. After selecting the best vacation spot, the next decision to consider is to choose the best resort in the area that offers modern amenities, excellent service, and a location that is convenient for shopping and dining opportunities, fun activities, and more. In choosing the most comfortable and convenient lodging, there are some several factors to consider, these are the party size and planned activities.

If a vacationing party is large that may number a minimum of 8 guests, an option might be three-bedroom townhouse or a three-bedroom condo lodging.  For a party of one or two people, it is best to select a single hotel room, where many of it provides a standard accommodation. A big group that settles in a three bedroom lodging will have many advantages that include high-end amenities in each room such as cable TV with HBO, DVD player, free wireless internet connection, and features of king size bed, Jacuzzi tub, master bath in the master bedroom,  a separate living room, and Jacuzzi Suite with a mini kitchen.

Large parties that are staying longer, may select a vacation condo with two or three bedrooms where every kitchen is fully equipped with essential things such as kitchen wares, dishes, utensils, dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Many of the vacationers are also after the great location of the accommodation where some features beautiful natural scenery, calm and peaceful environment, and a beautiful surrounding with a picturesque view of the wildlife. Travelers who are in the level of senior citizens or older have also factors to consider when choosing an accommodation. These travelers should choose a cabin accommodation where it doesn’t have a second level as compared to condo or townhouse where it has always higher floor levels.

The activities to be enjoyed by travelers play an important role in determining which lodging is best for them. If their planned activities include boating, swimming, scuba-diving or para-sailing, they should choose a lakefront lodging. Lodging in the lakefront is also perfect for visitors who want to spend great outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking, or horseback riding. If travelers are attending in a variety of activities, choosing a lodging that has proximity to places to be visited is a great option.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is proud to offer all three lodging accommodations in a cabin, a condominium, or a townhouse. Condo or cabin rentals in Branson unlike regular hotels, are highly recommended for groups of any size. With Branson cabin or condo rentals you will have the opportunity to enjoy tranquil settings that include picturesque scenery of the rustic wildlife areas around Thousand Hills Resort.

If you are planning a wonderful summer vacation with your family, get a reservation now, and ask the experts of the Thousand Hills Golf Resort the best accommodation that is best for you.



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Fun Under The Stars at Night Water


It is every child’s dream to get stuck at a theme park, and probably watch all the festival characters come to life. Too bad these theme parks do not stay open until the wee hours of the night. Or do they? Rejoice, rejoice for Branson’s White Water is one amusement park that can make your wildest dreams come true.

White Water is Branson’s most exciting water park that covers 13 acres of land. It also has the most exciting rides that people of all ages will surely enjoy. Have a thrilling water adventure in White Water, and it gives you more treats this month of July! For July 3 to 5, 2014, you can enjoy White Water until late in the evening. This event is called Night Water, where you can have some fun in the water under the stars.

Play all day in White Water, and let the fun continue even when nighttime comes. Be unstoppable with your water adventures from 10 AM to 10 PM! These extended hours in the park will let you experience more of White Water’s rides and water attractions. Get ready for one long day in White Water, as you continue the fun in Night Water. Try the rides like the Aloha River in White Water. You can also test the rapids in White Water’s Ohana Falls during the evening to feel the magic of the night sky while in the water. For the daredevils, experience the thrill of falling from 75 feet from the ground in the dark in White Water’s Kalani Towers. Imagine the fun it would bring you when you can try your favorite water rides after the dark has set in.

Other things in White Water that you can enjoy are the water blasters, super soakers, speed water slides, and a wave pool. If you are planning to join the fun in Night Water, bring a friend along as you can have two days tickets in Night Water for the price of one. For those who want to avail of this promo, contact White Water at 1-800-785-1550. The park opens at 10 AM for its usual daytime activities, and the activities for Night Water starts at 5 PM. There are also food booths and souvenir shops open in White Water even after the sun has set so you can get to buy some for yourself and for your loved ones back home.

Make your White Water adventure even more memorable by spending your nights in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Contact Thousand Hills for more of its lodging options that will perfectly suit you. For more inquiries and reservations, just dial 1-877-262-0430. We hope to see you in Branson very soon!

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Golf Newbie? No Worries, Get Help from Branson’s Golf Pros

If you are one of the golf newbies who wants to visit a golf course anytime soon, there are golf professionals at Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson who are ready to give you golf playing instructions. The beautiful setting of the Thousand Hills golf in Branson is recognized as one of the best golf courses in the Midwest that offer golf playing instructions to novice golfer hopefuls. The perfect location of the gold course, its good weather, affordability, and its availability all year round offer visitors and golf enthusiasts alike to play and learn golf from the pros.Matt Dillman at Thousand Hills Golf Resort Logo

PGA Pro Matt Dillman was welcomed in Thousand Hills golf course in 2011. His wide experience and interest in golf will assure every visitor to the golf course to get a great service from a golf expert. Matt completed his studies from Arkansas Tech University with Bachelors Degree in Turf Management.  In 2009, he became a member of the PGA . Matt gained experience in golf from working with top clubs in Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas and received recognition for his work in Junior Golf Program in Overland Park, Kansas.

Branson boasts about eight world-class golf courses that makes the place the best destination to play golf. Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Bobby Clampett and Robert E. Cupp are some of the world’s top golf course architects who chose to design golf courses in Branson. Branson features amazing golf courses that cater to a wide array of professional and novice golfers. Each course in the Thousand Hills Golf Resort provides a variety of challenges that include lakes, Ozark streams, beautiful hardwood forests, and dramatic elevation changes.

Thousand Hills Golf Course offers golf packages and golf specials. Open all year long, weather permitting, this course is the only public golf course just blocks away from the heart of Branson’s world-famous entertainment shows and Highway 76 Strip. These Golf Packages and Specials include Early Bird Special that is opened in the first hour to play back nine holes for only $29.00, cart included; 3 Day Unlimited Golf Pass – you will get 3 consecutive days of unlimited golf for $99 plus tax including power cart; $29 Twilight Golf Special – 18-hole golf play with a cart for only $29.

Golf neophytes need to learn some important things so that they can play like a pro someday. Some of these things is to learn how to improve golf swing and improving golf grip that starts where the hand handles the club. If you play golf for the first time or looking to improve it – mastering the grip is the best way to begin playing golf. You need also to learn quick and easy drills to improve your short golf game. While many wish every shot to land in the middle of the green, this won’t happen always like you expected.

If you want to learn golf from professional golfers who have a wide experience in playing professional golf, visit the Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson.


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Catch Titanic Museum's Tribute to Musicians


Branson is not only known for its excellent live musical shows and theater plays; it is also made even more special with the museums it has. The museums in Branson are said to be the most unique in their own ways – certainly not your ordinary museum. But what if Branson has an event that will fuse perfectly its music and its great museums? That is definitely worth watching!

Branson’s Titanic Museums is one of the most visited museums in Branson. It also has a very unique façade that you can’t really miss. The Titanic Museum is not one of your shoebox-type of buildings; it is what it is – the Titanic itself. The museum is a replica of the actual Titanic and offers the guests lots of adventures. Upon entering the museum, you are given a boarding pass with a name of a real passenger of the Titanic. You get to explore the ship and all of the artifacts on display. Remember the grand staircase from the movie Titanic? You can have your very own Jack and Rose moment on board the Titanic, too! You can also touch a real iceberg and hear the stories of actual survivors of the Titanic.

To add to your delight, the Branson Titanic Museum has a themed exhibit for you. The exhibit goes all year round, starting January 1 and ends at December 31. For this year 2014, the theme of the exhibit is Tribute to the Musicians. This exhibit is in honor of the 8 musicians on board the Titanic, who continued to play on even when the ship was already sinking. These musicians helped ease the sorrow and the darkness of that uneventful night. Get to know more about these musicians and their own stories. You can see that these 8 musicians were the epitome of self-service, duty, and courage as they never stopped playing even when their own lives were already in peril. Such inspirational stories of courage will be yours if you go through this exhibit. This exhibit will also be a great addition to the many attractions inside the Titanic Museum in Branson.

While you are in Branson, why not make the most of the time to explore more about Branson? It is, after all, the live entertainment capital of the world. Try to catch some of Branson’s shows and theater plays. You can also get to shop in the best malls in Branson, and dine in the best restaurants in Branson. For a lodging place in Branson, stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It has various lodging options for you to choose from, and it is also strategically situated near Branson’s entertainment district, and near Branson museums. For your Branson vacation, let Thousand Hills make it an even more perfect one. Book your stay now! Call 1-877-262-0430.

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Try the New Ride at Branson's White Water


Summer is once again here, and it’s time to beat the summer heat! And who says you can’t have a good time with the scorching rays of the sun? Grab your summer gear now and prepare to get a blast on your summer vacation. The perfect place to be in this summer is in Branson Missouri. Branson is the ultimate summer vacation for lots of people since it has the best outdoor and indoor activities!

More than the live music shows that Branson is very famous for, it also has outdoor activities that you can enjoy this summer. You can do fishing, boating, scuba diving, picnicking, hiking, and a whole lot more. But what would summer be like if you don’t get yourself wet? Branson also has the perfect place to have fun in the water. For your Branson vacation, come to White Water in Branson, for unique and thrilling water adventures.

May 18, 2014. Mark this date on your calendars as White Water opens to the public with all its awesomeness. Not only that, there will also be a new addition to the adrenaline-filled rides in this water park. The new ride in White Water is the KaPau Plummet, which features two dueling 240-foot slides. Each slide launches you from a drop-floor into a 70-degree plunge. This might just be the most thrilling water ride in White Water so far! This is an excellent addition to the collection of rides in White Water already. Several other rides in White Water are sprawled across the entire 13 acres of this Branson water park.

Be brave enough to try this ride in the water park as this ride gets you in an encapsulated ride atop a 40 foot tower, and experience the drop at a speed of at most 26 feet per second before you make your final splash. This ride is certainly not for the weak hearted! Get your adrenaline pumping hard with this breathtaking ride in Branson’s White Water. For tickets to White Water, you can also avail of two day passes at the price of just a one day pass. For more information on the tickets, kindly call 1-800-785-1550.

Make your Branson summer vacation even more special by spending it in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. This will be even more convenient for you as Thousand Hills is located near White Water. It is also located near the best shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, and parks in Branson so anything you need is within arms’ reach. Thousand Hills also offers you lodging options like the Branson condo and the Branson log cabin. Comfort is another guarantee of Thousand Hills because it is situated in the Ozark Mountains to give you a very relaxing ambiance. Make a reservation now in Thousand Hills. Just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Be Amazed With The Incredible Acrobats of China


There is no denying that Branson has the most incredible talents ever combined in one place. With the exceptional live music shows in Branson that has granted its title as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, Branson is really the dream vacation getaway for the music lovers. Not only that, as Branson also offers endless adventures for all the wanderlust with its nature parks, theme parks, museums, caves, and unique tours of the whole city. Branson is not anymore the backwoods town that many people had known before; it is now one of the most visited places in the Midwest!

One attraction that people can’t miss in Branson is the Incredible Acrobats of China. If you are looking for some indoor fun, if you are looking to stay away from under the sun, but you still want to have that Branson experience, then this shows might just be for you! The Incredible Acrobats of China is the perfect mix of culture, talents, uniqueness, and awe. Watch as the performers soar through the air, defy the laws of physics, and a lot more!

The shows of the Incredible Acrobats of China are performed in the New Shanghai Theater. This theater is located in Highway 165 in Missouri. The intense shows of the Incredible Acrobats of China features more than forty of the most talented acrobats in the Orient. You can see these performers go up in the air, performing stunts like you have never seen before. The death defying stunts of the performers will surely leave you in awe and wonder! Recently, the Incredible Acrobats of China shows in Branson have added a new attraction in the already amazing show – the Shanghai Circus. Also, there are new additions to their pool of acrobats every year which makes it an exclusive group of outstanding athletes and performers, too.

If you plan to watch a show by the Incredible Acrobats of China, make sure that you look out for the acts like Butterfly Lovers, Spinning Girls, Human Strength, Beauty, Diablo, Magic Clock, Jar Jugglers, Plates Spinning, and many others. You will also see some amazing stuff like lions, Chinese Paper Dragons, tumbling and bending acrobats, and jugglers to entertain people of all ages.

In the past year 2013, the first annual Shanghai Cultural Festival was hosted by the Acrobats of China. The festival was able to bring together all the best Chinese performers, from the opera groups, orchestras, and other fields of the arts. The second Shanghai Cultural Festival is being planned to happen on June 2014, as the first festival of that kind here in Branson was a huge success. This June 2014, there will also be a community building event to be hosted by the Acrobats of China, which will be called the Annual Reunion for Families with Adopted Chinese Children.

To purchase tickets for the shows of the Acrobats of China, contact the concierge at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. For more inquiries about the show and about Thousand Hills, just call 1-800-262-0430.

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Spend A Family Vacation In A Two Bedroom Branson Lake Condo


Make your family vacation even more memorable by spending it in Branson Missouri. Branson is the perfect place for you to spend your quality time with the family because it has a lot of activities and attractions that people of all ages will surely enjoy. From its theme parks, live music shows, museums, and festivals, Branson will definitely be worth every second of your vacation.

As you plan your trip to Branson, make sure that you also get the best lodging place for you vacation. And when we are talking about the best of the best, there is only one place for that – Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills has been the industry leader when it comes to rentals of lodging options such as Branson log cabins, and Branson condos. Now, Thousand Hills also offers you their new addition to the condo units – the Branson lake condo. Lake condos in Thousand Hills are called The Majestic because it will definitely give you luxury living at its finest. Thousand Hills is the best choice for your lodging place because it is situated in Branson’s entertainment district. Imagine watching your favorite show and being home in just a couple of minutes. The advantage of choosing a Branson lake condo for your vacation is that it is located near Table Rock Lake. You are guaranteed of a wonderful scenery just overlooking Table Rock Lake, and also a very refreshing ambiance.

A family vacation would be so much better when you are all together in one place. In Thousand Hills, say goodbye to renting multiple hotel rooms! If you are coming as a group, you can get the two bedroom Branson lake condo. This option would be a perfect fit for big groups and medium to large-sized families, too. The condo units are spacious enough no matter how large a group you are. Your rentals of a two bedroom Branson lake condo assures you of the best amenities. You already have fully furnished bedrooms, with each bedroom having its own private bath, and also a master bath. Bathrooms also come with a Jacuzzi tub. The condos also have a fully equipped kitchen so you can cook for the whole family if you want to. The kitchen has granite countertops, and all the appliances you might need like dryers, dishes, flatware, pots, and pans. For your entertainment needs, the condo also has cable televisions with premium channels in every room, and also a DVD player. There is also free wireless internet so you can stay updated in the online world. Renting a lake condo also gives you access to Table Rock Lake swimming and a private boat dock or lounge. There is also an adjacent pool which has a gazebo and a covered picnic area for your family bonding activities.

It’s always better when you are together. Make this a vacation that you will remember for many years to come. Book your trip to Branson now and make Thousand Hills a partner in making your dream vacation come true.

For inquiries and reservations, just dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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Get Set to Get Wet in White Water Adventure Pools

PipelinePlunge LogoThe White Water Adventure Pools in Branson is a perfect summer vacation destination that will let you enjoy awesome great wave pools, water slides, and other exciting water rides. Your summer getaway in Silver Dollar City White Water Park in Branson will always be full of excitement and wholesome fun no matter how hot the outside temperature is because at the White Water Adventure Pools you have many reasons to cool off under the scorching sun. This park in Silver Dollar City has an area of 13 acres and features ten water thrill rides. Aside from the popular White Water Park, there are also other great attractions in Silver Dollar City that includes Ride The Ducks, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Show, and Showboat Branson Belle.

This summer time, White Water Park offers a new water ride, the KaPau Plummet which is featuring two dueling 240-foot slides that launches riders into a 70-degree plunge. This water ride is surpassing any water ride thrills ever constructed in Silver Dollar City. The thrill riders in each of the 240-foot slides can have an exhilarating and breathtaking thrill ride where they are encapsulated in a slide ride that begins from the top of the 40-foot tower. This exciting attraction and heart pumping thrilling ride has a speed of 26 feet per second on a free fall. 

White Water Park in Silver Dollar City is the only water park in Branson that offers speed water slides, water-blasters, super-soakers, and a wave pool. The park also features Kalani Towers, a 310-feet long slides which is a racing thrill slides of 6 lanes. The two lanes feature  a 75-foot free fall drop lanes while the other four lanes are for racing with friends at a speed of 40 mph down from the height of 7 and a half story.  White Water is the only park in the Ozarks that features the largest selections of water rides and water attractions.

This summer season, it is great to enjoy a wild water adventure and splash into the fantastic cool water of the playground in the park. Water enthusiasts in the White Water Park’s 7,000 feet of slides will surely enjoy a variety of thrilling and exciting water rides. From speed-slides and twisting typhoons to soakers and great geysers, water riders will surely enjoy every moment with the thrilling water rides at White Water Adventure Pools in Silver Dollar City.

The enjoyment of many water enthusiasts with thrilling water rides will not be complete without indulging delicious treats. Have a family lunch at High Tide Hannah’s Island Café that serves chicken strips, cheeseburgers, wraps, and salads. You can also have a mid-afternoon snack at Surf’s Up Snacks where you will be served with sandwiches, funnel cakes, and fresh hand-cut fries.

If you want to have a fantastic vacation this summer season no matter how hot the outside temperature is, visit the White Water Adventure Pools at Silver Dollar City in Branson where you can enjoy many thrilling water activities that will surely beat the summer heat.


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Catch the 32nd Annual Texaco Country Showdown


Branson Landing is known to many to be one of Branson’s most famous shopping malls. It is where they can have unique finds, and also the latest fashion trends. It is also a place where people can find unique gift ideas and special collectible items. Branson Landing is also a place for interesting events that will surely make your stay in Branson more memorable and fun.

This June 14, 2014, catch the 32nd Annual Texaco Country Showdown in the Branson Landing Town Square. This event will be filled with music and fun! 102.9 the Z will host this event, which is also considered as America’s largest country music talent search and radio promotion. A total of $200,000 will be given away to the winners of this talent search, including the national winner’s prize of $100,000.

The Texaco Country Showdown has been a venue for talented musicians to be discovered by recording companies for over thirty years. This event has been a huge success in every year it is being held, with thousands of aspiring performers competing in this talent search yearly. Having the Country Showdown title is one big feat for every performer, and that’s what makes this event a big hit, too, among Branson locals and guests.

The Texaco Country Showdown begins with the local contests, wherein these local winners then advance to the state contests, and on to the regional contests. At the end of the regional contests, there will be five chosen contestants to compete for the grand title. These winners will have an all-expense-paid trip to the National Final to determine who gets to win the National Title and be $100,000 richer.

This contest is open to all vocal and/or instrumental performers, whether you may be an individual act or a group with up to seven members. One condition is that the acts must not have performed on a record chapter in the top 100 country format of Billboard within 18 months before the local competition. A fee of $20 is required of all acts who want to join the Texaco Country Showdown. The contest itself upholds a uniform set of rules on all levels and areas of competition. If you are interested to join the contest, you may get an entry form at the 102.9 the Z studio or by calling 870-741-2301.

If you are one of the people who would like to watch the contest, you may also do so by coming to Branson Missouri to witness the performances live. For those who needs a place to stay in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for a convenient and comfortable stay in Branson. Thousand Hills is located near Branson Landing, and it has a variety of lodging options you can choose from. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430. 

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Have a FUNtastic Summer with IMAX and Ride the Ducks!


IMAX Entertainment LogoIMAX Entertainment Complex during summer season gives every visitor a chance to watch blockbuster movies on the big screen using cutting-edge film technology and sophisticated IMAX movie presentations. This entertainment complex features educational and entertaining film productions that focus on education aspects and modern technology of IMAX movie shows. New productions and many old classic movies comprise the list of films in the IMAX Entertainment Complex that truly tell an interesting story to all visitors. Whether you want to see a movie for excitement and fun or the one that can energize your body or increase your vitality, you can find both at the IMAX Entertainment Complex in Branson.

When the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies are showing nationwide, most movie goers wanted to watch it in big screen with great surround sound systems. In IMAX theaters, they have a surround sound system with 22,000 watts that can excite every moviegoer with its unique movie presentations. Movie goers at the IMAX Entertainment Complex will really fall in love with its giant IMAX screen that measures 83 feet in width and about six stories in height. If you want to watch some of the latest blockbuster movies, you can enjoy it at Elite Cinema III which is one of the best theaters in the IMAX Entertainment Complex. Theaters in the complex all feature stadium style seating, oversized seats, and seat pads made of famous Tempur-Pedic foam. 

At Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex, you can get the chance to watch great live entertainment shows all throughout the year. This live entertainment show can be enjoyed at the Little Opry Theater that features Petersen Family Bluegrass Band. This live show at the complex also includes Johnny Cash Songbook, A Tribute to John Denver, Hank Williams Revisited; Smoke on the Mountain, Tribute to Marty Robins, and Patsy Cline Remembered.

The IMAX Entertainment Complex is not only for movie goers, it also offers shopping and fine dining opportunities that will satisfy your shopping needs and cravings for delectable foods. The shopping area in the complex features sixteen different shops that offer a variety of items from fine jewelries, men’s and ladies’ accessories, arts and collectible, and many specialties making the place a perfect vacation spot.

While you are in Branson, you should not miss a unique tour with the Ride the Ducks that utilizes a marine technology that provides riders a safe and exciting tour. While the duck is an amphibian, it will take the riders across the land of the beautiful landscape of the Ozarks and explore the waters of Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo in Branson. This amphibian duck ride is really fabulous that creates a memorable and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

If you want to experience a wonderful vacation during this hot summer season, it is best for you to enjoy indoor activities at the IMAX Entertainment Complex in Branson where you can have the chance to watch Hollywood blockbuster movies on the big screen with great surround sound systems.



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