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Be One of the Legends. Play Golf in Thousand Hills.


Branson is not only the Live Entertainment Capital of the World because of the endless attractions that it has for you. Branson is also a haven for sports enthusiasts, particularly those who like playing golf. Several golf tournaments are held in Branson because it has the best golf courses in Missouri. If you want to further better your game, or learn how to play golf, then Branson is definitely the place to be.

Branson is home to the most beautiful golf courses that it is an arduous task to choose a golf course where you can play your game. Here’s to help you choose. One of the best golf courses is Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills Golf Course is also the most popular golf course in Branson Missouri. It has a number of accolades which can serve as proof to how great this golf course is. This golf course was rated 4 stars by the Golf Digest Magazine and it was also voted as the Best of the Ozarks for Branson Golf Courses by the readers of the Springfield Newsleader for two years in a row. The golf course in Thousand Hills is also known to be friendly to golfers with different skill sets. There are three different sets of tees to make sure that the golf course is fair to all golfers, and at the same time assuring a challenging experience to them.

Playing golf in Thousand Hills Golf Resort also gives you the privilege to be in a breathtaking scenery in Branson. Play golf amidst the forests, rock formations, and streams of the Ozarks. Being in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, you would not think that you are near Branson’s entertainment district. The golf course is also 5 minutes away from Lake Taneycomo and 10 minutes away from Table Rock Lake.

The golf course in Thousand Hills is an 18 hole golf course – par 64. There is one par 5 hole, eight par 4 holes, and nine par 3 holes. The slope ratings as Blue 125, White 116, and Red 113. There are also rentals available in Thousand Hills, and Yamaha Carts with GPS are also available without charge. If you want to have assistance as you play golf, you can also avail of the help of a golf professional in Thousand Hills.

Play golf in the best golf course in Branson Missouri. If you are planning to stay for a couple more days in Branson, Thousand Hills also offers lodging services too. Make the most out of your stay in Branson! Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort! For more inquiries and reservations in Thousand Hills, just call 1-877-262-0430. 

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Autumn is in the Air of The Titanic Museum

If you are looking for a wonderful place to spend a great vacation this autumn season, the Titanic Museum in Branson is the perfect tourist spot to experience onboard a cruise ship without the feeling of sea-sickness and ocean waves. The Titanic Museum is the exact replica of RMS Titanic that will give each visitor a unique educational experience and exciting natural adventure. Visitors to this historic Titanic will be able to see the exact appearance of the Grand Staircase and the hallway of the ship that Titanic Museum Grand Staircase Logogives each visitor an awesome feeling of how a fantastic and unique voyage of RMS Titanic have been.  

All visitors who want to board The Titanic Museum will be issued a “boarding pass”. The pass also includes the information about the actual number of crewmembers and passengers. Once you are aboard the Titanic, you can start exploring the museum on your own. As you walk along the hallways, the Grand Staircase, the passenger cabins, and a lot of public rooms, you can feel how the passengers enjoyed the luxury of travel that time. The museum spent over one million dollars for the refurbishment of the Grand Staircase. This magnificent staircase was beautifully hand-crafted and built out from original blue prints of the Titanic. The Grand Staircase is where the first class passengers usually converge to meet up for shipboard social functions where the rich and the famous get together before dinner.

While you are onboard the Titanic Museum, you will learn how the first and lower class passengers were accommodated. You may wonder how many people slept in each cabin or how much was the cost to travel first class or lower class that time. You will learn the answers when you visit the museum. Every guest will be given an opportunity to visit the ship’s bridge and view old equipments like the telescope, compass, and the steering wheel. On this Titanic Museum tour, you will learn that the ship sunk 2 miles below the ocean bed. You can also take a virtual tour of the ship to allow you to see photos of the wreckage.   

The Titanic Museum features a gallery that housed about 400 personal items from passengers. The museum is the only place that displayed these items for the first time ever. The entire collection of personal items from passengers has a value of over $4.5 million. On your visit to the museum, it will be more interesting if you get the opportunity to touch the 28 degree waters, an iceberg, and a coal in the boiler room of the ship. The Titanic Museum has added for fun an interesting Murder History in groups of guests. Each group must solve the mystery death of Officer William Garrett. Each guest assumes the name of passengers while they search the killer among them.

If you want to spend a wonderful vacation this autumn season, and experience to board a cruise ship without the waves and sea-sickness, visit the Titanic Museum in Branson.


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Can You Make It Through the Emerald Mirror Maze?

The Emerald Forest Mirror Maze LogoIf you want to experience the beauty of the rainforest, visit the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventures in Branson this fall season.  Butterfly Palace features thousands of exotic butterflies that live in specially designed cages. Most of the butterflies are imported from tropical countries and place in aviaries where the environment suits the natural habitat of the species. The aviary features tropical environment that becomes a home for many collections of butterflies, birds, and exotic plant species.

In addition to this unique attraction of the butterfly aviary are the Living Rainforest Science Center and the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze that can be found inside the Butterfly Palace. You can find rainforest creatures, like poison dart frogs, salamanders, and giant cockroaches that are displayed at the Living Rainforest Science Center. In the center, you will learn the kinds of animals that live in the rainforest ecosystem. The Emerald Forest Mirror Maze is a rare attraction that kids love to experience at the Butterfly Palace. Each turns and twists of the maze may lead anyone to exit or make him go back to the entrance and try again.

Another exciting portion of the attractions at the Butterfly Palace is the Banyan Bungee Adventure. This unique adventure provides kids of all ages a rare feat to tackle your way through obstacles like trees, rocks, fallen pillars, and web of vines. During Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, Butterfly Palace is closed, but otherwise open all year round. During holiday season, a favorite attraction in the Butterfly Palace is brought back to Branson – White Flight. This attraction features special holiday display with hundreds of white butterflies in the aviary.  

Butterfly Palace also offers a 3D movie about the life of the butterfly. When you see it for the first time, you will find it very unique and exciting. You can also see many beautiful butterflies in variable colors in the garden of Butterfly Palace. You will also see a wonderful living statue in the garden, she moves very slowly and would extend her hand for a butterfly to land.

The palace is also home to butterfly documentary film about the monarch butterfly that struggles to survive. The palace also features science exhibits that allow everyone to enjoy nature. On the top floor of the building, you will find beautiful atrium for butterflies that come from the world over. In the atrium, you can listen to the beautiful tune of a stringed dulcimer and the xylophone music of a lady. The palace also boasts a pet shop with turtles, lizards, and chameleons.

Seeing varieties of butterfly species can only be encountered here in the Butterfly Palace for only 30 minutes while it takes a month of hiking seeing these species somewhere else.  The palace features rare butterflies that you can’t find elsewhere. Guests usually spend three and a half hours in the Butterfly Palace without even realizing it.

If you want to be overwhelmed with the rare species and a beautiful garden full of exotic butterflies, visit the Butterfly Palace and enjoy a challenging mirror maze that kids love to experience.


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Harvest of Memories at the 41st Autumn Daze Arts & Crafts Festival in Branson

Autumn Daze Arts  Crafts Festival in Branson LogoDuring fall season in Branson, there are many festivals that are happening in Silver Dollar City. One of these festivals is the Autumn Daze Arts & Crafts Festival that is held on September 19 to 21. This season’s most popular craft festival in Branson features more than 150 craftsmen showing their handmade craft items.  Visitors in this autumn festival will find sidewalk sale in downtown Branson which is open from 9am through 6 pm. Most of the goods displayed in the event are handmade craft items which are the best of Ozarks. The festival displays no other factory produced items but handmade crafts only from skilled craftsmen.

Silver Dollar City in Branson is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Midwest because of its entertaining festivals and other exciting attractions offered to visitors. The place has been known as the most visited spots by tourists who seek a wholesome family fun, great outdoor adventure, and a relaxing experience. In Branson, you can surely have all of these during your autumn vacation.

The annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival in Branson is a fantastic form of celebration where visitors will be able to witness the new perspective of the festival that allows visitors to participate with the event. Witnessing the festival will let you know more about Branson when it showcases the unique creations of handmade crafts uniquely and beautifully made by talented craftsmen and artisans.

This autumn festival celebrates the heritage of people in Branson and their craftsmanship. This annual festival is going to be interesting to many visitors as there are several craftsmen and women gathered together in the heart of Branson to show their unique creations of handmade crafts. This wonderful event comes with the show of talents and skills of craftsmen that give tourists and locals in Branson a glimpse of how these craftsmen from the Midwest do their crafts skillfully.

In this festival, you can find unique products made by craftsmen like quilts, toys, clothes, collectible items, and many more. Your autumn vacation in Branson would be perfect if you bring home with you souvenir items and other things what your loved ones don’t have back home. You can also take home with you some one-of-a-kind items for yourself so that you can always remember and cherish your memorable autumn vacation in Branson.

The Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival that is held annually in the heart of Branson gives you the chance to see colorful tents set up exclusively at the vendors’ area. As you move around from tent to tent, you can see lots of shopping opportunities and food vendors if you want to fill in your tummy with delightful foods. If you are interested to have a booth in the Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival, you can go to Downtown Branson Main Street Association to apply.

If you want to take a wonderful vacation this autumn season for the festival, stay in one of the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson.


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Catch the Little River Band Perform in Branson


Branson is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World because of its spectacular live music shows from its homegrown talents and other visiting artists from all over the world. These live music shows in Branson are able to draw a large crowd because these artists do not just sing. They give you a grand performance with their own unique brand of showmanship. Majority of these artists are also great comedians in their own way so you can expect a hilarious show too, aside from their display of their singing prowess.

For this July, you can catch one of Branson’s limited engagements. This offers you the best artists from other places, as they visit Branson and share their talents with the locals and the tourists. A limited engagement happening on July 25, 2014 is the performance of the Little River Band in Branson. The Little River Band was put together in Melbourne, Australia in 1975. This band was originally a mixture of musicians who were individually successful with their own acts in Australia. Together, they formed the Little River Band, which would ultimately bring them much success as a group. The Little River Band’s goal was to penetrate the airwaves in American radio with their songs. Fate and talents in songwriting, singing, and playing the guitar all collide to give them success in their goals. Eventually, they were named as one of the best bands of the 70s and the 80s. During their reign as one of the best bands in America, the Little River Band has produced chart toppers. Among them are the following singles: It’s A Long Way There, Help is on its Way, Happy Anniversary, Reminiscing, Lady, Cool Change, Lonesome Loser, The Night Owls, Take It Easy on Me, Man Yon your Mind, We Two, and The Other Guy. This show might just be the ultimate throwback moment for you as you reminisce on the hits of yesterday.

The show of the Little River Band will be at the Oak Ridge Boys Theater in Branson Missouri. Come and catch their show. For tickets, call 1-800-785-1550. If you are looking for a lodging place for your Branson vacation, there is one place you can always go to – Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills has various lodging options so you can choose which fits you best. Staying in Thousand Hills will also be more convenient for you since it is located just minutes away from the entertainment district of Branson. It is also situated near the Ozarks so you can be sure that you have a refreshing and peaceful ambiance as you take a rest after a long day’s adventure in Branson.

Take that vacation in Branson now and make it an adventure in music. You can start it off with a great show from The Little River Band.

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Be One with Fun in Silver Dollar City's Moonlight Madness


Branson is well known worldwide for its live music shows, concerts, and theater plays. Now, it has also been gaining much popularity for being the best vacation destination in the Midwest. Branson boasts of its wide range of activities and attractions that caters to people of all ages. Feel like a kid again, and enjoy your time here in Branson.

One of Branson’s main attractions are its theme parks. The most famous theme park in Branson is Silver Dollar City. This theme park has an 1880s vibe and it makes it a great bonding place for the whole family. Silver Dollar City has world-class rides. It houses the Outlaw Run, which is also considered to be the most daring wood coaster in the world. You can also try some daring and fun rides like the Electric Slide, Steam Train, Giant Geyser, and a lot more. All these rides are sure to make your adrenaline soaring, so Silver Dollar City also gives you other attractions to relax you from all the excitement. It has more than 40 shows that you can catch daily to take time to breathe and enjoy laid-back entertainment. This theme park is also known for having the best theme park food in America! Fill your tummy with all the food you like as you have a great time in Silver Dollar City. For you to enjoy all these activities and attractions, one day is definitely not enough.

Silver Dollar City offers you something that will be loads of fun. Presenting the Moonlight Madness from Silver Dollar City, where you can enjoy all that the park has to offer even after the sun has set! Enjoy 12 hours of fun and adventure in the park as it is open from 9:30 AM to 10 PM. But wait, there’s more! Silver Dollar City also gives you special shows, events, and deals so you can have a blast until the wee hours of the night. Catch shows at GAC Echo Hollow from Wednesdays to Mondays at 7 PM. Dance the Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, and Cotton Eyed Joe with the Street Dance show at 9 PM. There will also be limited edition merchandises that you can but in Midnight Madness. Worried about feeling hungry and thirsty? Well, the eateries will also be open until 10 PM.

The Moonlight Madness in Silver Dollar City is available from July 19 to August 3. The park also offers you a great deal by letting you have two days tickets for the price of one ticket only! For tickets to Moonlight Madness, just call 1-800-785-1550.

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Shop for Your Summer Essentials in Branson Outlet Mall


It’s summer once again! This calls for that one vacation where you can unwind and just forget about the worries of life. There is one place in Missouri where you can do just that – Branson. Apart from being known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, Branson has also made its mark as a popular vacation destination in the Midwest.

Branson Missouri is a vacation hotspot that is perfect for any season. For the summer, there are a lot of activities and attractions in Branson that will surely tickle your fancy. Try the theme parks and nature parks in Branson with your family and friends. You can also catch the live music shows and theater plays in Branson anytime you want for some indoor summer fun. But before all these, have you got your summer gear already?

If you still haven’t, then you can get your summer essentials in Branson outlet malls too. Branson is also home to many outlet malls to give you the latest finds at great discounts. One mall in Branson that is a popular destination is the Branson Landing. This mall has become famous for its wide array of shops and for the attraction it provides to the shoppers. Some of the shops you can find here are Bass Pro Shops, Chico’s, Ann Taylor Loft, and a lot more. Branson Landing also has a Water and Fire Show to keep everyone entertained as they hop from shop to shop.

Tanger Outlet Center is another mall that is home to over 65 brand name outlets. It includes Crabtree & Evelyn, Aeropostale, Levi’s, Eddie Bauer, GAP, Old Navy, Izod, Ralph Lauren, and many more. This is the place to be for the fashion-savvy individuals. You can also find trendy summer pieces in the shops here offered with great discounts.

If you are looking for something unique, Branson has the malls just for you. Go to Downtown Branson for historic shops, retailers, and a small town feel that you can’t find in other malls. You can also find unique items and great deals here. The IMAX Entertainment Complex in Branson is one heaven for the movie geeks. Here you will find movie posters, limited edition prints, soundtracks, IMAX films on video and many more. Collectors’ items are also available here. You can find quilts, grandfather clocks, custom leather apparels, jewelries, souvenirs, and others.

Summer is made even better here in Branson! Get the latest fashion finds and the best souvenir items for you and your loved ones. Come to Branson this summer and have the time of your life. For your Branson lodging needs, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort so you can stay close to Branson’s entertainment district and shopping malls. For more information, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Experience The Best of White Water in Night Water


When you are having too much fun in a park, time flies by so fast. And when the park needs to close before night time sets in, you know you have to stop the fun and get back to reality. Plan a trip to Branson now and give the best theme park experience to your kids and to yourself, too. Visit White Water in Branson, the only outdoor water park in the city, and have a refreshing time in the theme park.

White Water is that theme park where you can get wet and wild! It is also the perfect place to go to so you can beat the summer heat. It has exciting water rides that kids and adults alike will surely enjoy. You may think that White Water is already the most happening place in Branson Missouri this summer – but what about the early closing hours of most theme parks? It is certainly a deal breaker if you are having lots of fun, and you have to stop everything and head home. White Water brings you good news because it gives you Night Water! Night Water is an opportunity that White Water gives you so you can stay in the theme park beyond the normal park operating hours. White Water opens at 10 AM and with Night Water’s extended hours, you can now stay in the park until 10 PM!

Experience Branson’s water park at night time with Night Water. You can enjoy all 12 acres of rides and slides in White Water. Try the Aloha River under the night sky, or try some evening rapids in the Ohana Falls, or you can take a drop at 75 feet amidst the dark on the Kalani Towers. The Kalani Towers is also one of White Water’s most popular rides. It is a 6-lane Freefall and Racing thrill slide that is perfect for some family fun. You can choose between two 75-foot freefall drop lanes or a four-mat racing lane that is more than 310 feet long. White Water also introduces a new ride for you – the KaPau Plummet. Try out this new ride in the dark for the ultimate thrill and excitement.

Night Water activities start at 5 PM up to 10 PM. Take note of the following schedules for Night Water: July 3,4,5,10,11,12,17,18,19,24,25,26,31 and August 2,3,7,8,15,16,23,30. Night Water also extends up to midnight on August 9. Avail of the promo in White Water. You can purchase a ticket worth two days for the price of one day only! For more inquiries about the tickets for Night Water in White Water, call 1-800-785-1550.

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A Healthy Branson Hiking Experience for the Whole Family

During autumn season, more and more people visit Branson not only because they like to watch world famous entertainment shows but also because they also want to experience exciting Branson hiking trails. Hiking in Branson is the most fascinating way to enjoy nature as you will be able to see changing colors of foliage in the wildlife. Try to experience with your family some of Branson Hiking Trails that include Table Rock Lakeshore Trail, Busiek State Forest, Bull Shoals Hiking Trail, Branson Landing Riverwalk, and Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.Hiking Couple in Branson Logo

Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is a unique trail along the lake that connects to the Dewey Short Visitor Center. The 2.2 miles stretch of the trail allows visitors to see the delightful colors of the natural scenery around the Ozark mountains. The trail gives hikers a chance to view the beautiful Table Rock Lake. The trail stretches to the Table Rock State Park that offers many additional recreational activities.  

The Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Conservation Area is a large hiking trail located 15 minutes north of Branson. This steep, rocky, and forested hills of hiking trail covers an area of 2,505 acres. Busiek State Forest offers two trail systems. The first trail system has a distance of 10 miles east and the other trail system has a distance of 8 miles west. These hiking trail systems can also be used for mountain biking and horseback riding.

Bull Shoals Hiking Trail located in Lakeview Park is the only hiking trail around the Bull Shoals Lake. This hiking trail is rated moderately difficult with a distance of 3 miles round trip. Bull Shoals State Park has also two hiking trails. The first hiking trail is the Big Bluff Trail that boasts a beautiful view of the White River below Bull Shoals Dam. It stretches only 1.5 miles long and rated as easy. The second hiking trail is the Lakeside Trail that has a distance of only 1 mile, it spans along the shores of Bull Shoals Lake and rated also as easy.

Branson Landing Riverwalk located along the Taneycomo lakefront is popular for walking on the lakeside. This paved hiking trail stretches one mile and a half located near the vibrant town square. In the town square, you can see the $7.5 million spectacular fountain show in Branson Landing that features the merging of water, fire, music, and light.

Another paved trail covering 6 miles of flat land is Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. In this paved hiking trail, you can see beautiful limestone bluffs and tumbling waterfalls over bridges made with hand-crafted wrought iron. As you pass the bridge, you can see rainbow trout swim in crystal clear waters. You can also see a variety of native wildlife species if you take a complete hiking trail in the park.

If you want to enjoy a healthy hiking trails with your family this autumn season, come to Branson and get the chance to see the beautiful changing of delightful colors of foliage in the wildlife.


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Kanakuk Kamps: How It All Started


Kanakuk Kamps in Branson Missouri is known to many as the perfect camping site for the kids. There are so much to learn from here. Your kids will really have a grand time and they will have lots of good experiences where they can learn from. Kanakuk Kamps is also a great place where they can make new friends! And since this place is starting to get much attention this summer for the kids’ getaway, why not learn a little something on how the Kanakuk Kamps came to be. Let us run down memory lane to revisit the history of Kanakuk Kamps.

It was in the year 1926 when C.L. Ford decided to start a camp, and he originally called it Kugaho Kamp. As we know it this day, it had changed its name and became known as Kanakuk Kamps. Spike White then joined the Kanakuk Kamp staff as a counselor in 1931. The following year, Coach Bill Lantz became the Director of Kugaho Kamp, and made the move to change its name into Kanakuk Kamp. Lantz was also the one who instilled the Four Square and I’m Third Christian doctrines. In 1934, Kanakuk Kamps was officially under the ownership of Coach Bill Lantz. The Kamp has transferred ownership in the year 1955 when it was bought by Spike and Darnell White.

In 1958, Spike and Darnell decided to make things more exciting. Thus, they started Kanakomo Kamp which is exclusively for girls. It wasn’t long when the Kamp had to be in the hands of a new set of owners again in the person of Joe and Debbie-Jo White as the purchased it in 1976. Kanakuk Kamp was repackaged then as K-2 Kamp, which accepted teenage campers in 1978. The next year, it started the K-Life, which is a ministry of teen mentoring. The success of these camps prompted the owners to open K-West Kamp which is also for teenage campers in 1983. Five years later, pre-teen campers were also accepted in a camp called K-Kountry. In the early 90’s (1991 to 1993), Kanakuk Kamps had opened Kids Across America and K-Seven respectively for the urban youth and for pre-teen and teenage campers.

The camp then expanded to cater the families. It renamed itself as Kanakuk Family Kamp in 2006. This made the whole camping experience a new adventure of its own. The whole family got to bond with each other as they enjoy nature and Kanakuk Kamp. After another revamp in its name to cater to a wider group of people, it then opened the Kanakuk Adventure Series in 2011. The Kanakuk Adventure Series gives you different adventures to build your character and at the same time, have fun.

Backed with a rich history, Kanakuk Kamps certainly withstood the test of time to be one of Branson’s most famous destinations for the family. Check out other activities in the camp now by visiting their website 

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