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Come and Visit the New Dewey Short Visitors Center


Branson is very well known for the live music shows that made it famous all over the world. Aside from being called the Live Entertainment of the World, Branson is also famous for its attractions and activities. It has been the premier vacation destination for families and for friends, too.

Theme parks, nature parks, and the live music shows are the things that many people think about Branson. Now, shopping in Branson has become a reason for the large influx of tourists, too. Not only can you have unique fashion finds and gift items in Branson, you can also get these items for a huge discount. Branson outlet malls have become quite a destination of its own already. One of the malls that shoppers in Branson always frequent is the New Dewey Short Visitors Center.

The Dewey Short Visitors Center is named after Congressman Dewey Jackson Short who was elected for twelve terms in office! Dewey Short was a supporter of the Table Rock Dam and he was also one of the people who funded the project. Branson locals have a lot to thank this man for, because today, the Dewey Short Visitors Center reflects the vision of both Dewey Short and of Table Rock Lake Dam.

Dewey Short Visitors Center is located off Highway 156, next to the Table Rock Dam. The visitors center is also situated on the shores of Table Rock Lake, one of Branson’s most beautiful lakes. The ambiance of Dewey Short Visitors Center’s environment is very inviting thus it attracts more tourists. It opened in April 2012 and since then it has been called as the "crown jewel” of Table Rock Lake. The visitors center in Table Rock Lake has an outdoor viewing deck, a walking path, and a small rock garden with a wooden bridge. The exterior of this place is so picturesque that it invites you to come inside and know more about Branson. Inside the Dewey Short Visitors Center, you can find a theater which features a film about the dam. It also houses The Discovery Shop, where you can find one-of-a-kind gift ideas for your loved ones. Local artists and craftsmen of Branson are the one who makes the products, such as jewelries and wood carvings, for sale in The Discovery Shop. Other items such as hats, t-shirts, and other Table Rock themed merchandise can be bought here.  

Dewey Short Visitors Center also features wall murals and educational displays about the history of Table Rock Dam. Other exhibits that you can find are about Indians, White River, hydroelectric dams, lakeside wildlife, and many others.

Your Branson vacation is made complete with a trip to the crowning jewel of Table Rock! Plan your trip to Branson now and include in it a visit to Dewey Short Visitors Center!

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Feel the Branson IMAX Experience


Your Branson vacation will surely be filled with lots of live music shows and a taste of the Branson outdoors. But Branson is so much more than this. It has a lot to offer you so you can enjoy your vacation more. For one, Branson also has the best shopping malls where you can grab some great finds at the best bargain. One famous mall in Branson is the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

The Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex offers the movie goers a really unique experience. This mall has a giant IMAX screen, standing at six stories tall and measuring 83 feet wide. How’s that for a movie viewing experience with the whole family and friends? The theater also features 22,000 watts of surround sound so you feel every bit of the movie you are watching. Another cinema house in the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex is the Elite Cinema III. This is the place for you to go if you want to catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters. The Elite Cinema III gives you a comfortable movie viewing experience with their oversized seats and Tempur-Pedic foam seat pads. Who would not want to enjoy watching their favorite movie while feeling very much at home?

The Branson Entertainment Complex also offers you something beyond a great movie experience. It also gives you live music shows that music lovers will surely enjoy. Throughout the year, the IMAX Entertainment Complex in Branson has live shows that features local musical talents, as well as those nationally famous artists. Some of the shows that you might catch in the IMAX Comlex are the Petersen Family Bluegrass Band, Johnny Cash Songbook, A Tribute to John Denver, Hank Williams Revisited, Smoke on the Mountain, Sanders Family Christmas, A Tribute to Marty Robbins, and Patsy Cline Remembered.

Not only do you get a movie and music adventure when you visit Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex, you can also experience the best shopping adventure. There are 17 specialty shops in IMAX to give you unique and limited edition items. Your visit to Branson’s IMAX Complex is most especially suited for the Christmas shopping since this is one place where you can find gift ideas that are out of the box. Some of the shops you can find in the Branson IMAX Complex are D&D Leather, Fabulous Finds, Kelly’s World Famous Eucalyptus Oil, Ozark Mountain Quilts, Mini Masseuse, Fashion Liquidators, The Shadow Box, and many more. With these shops, you will surely find something for everyone.

Of course, your adventure in the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex would not be complete if you haven’t had some food to fill your tummy. Branson IMAX houses McFarlain’s Family Restaurant which serves burgers, chicken sandwiches, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, and many more. There are also other restaurants such as Florentina’s Ristorante Italiano and Montana Mike’s Steakhouse, located near Branson IMAX.

For your lodging needs, make sure you stay close to Branson IMAX. Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort’s lodging options to make your vacation even more convenient and perfect. 

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Watch and Enjoy the Buck Trent Show in Branson


Branson is well known worldwide for the live music shows, the Branson attractions, and the sceneries. These are the main reasons why the tourists keep on coming back. One of the most watched shows in Branson is the Buck Trent Show, which have been pleasing their audiences for more than two decades already. For your Branson vacation, make sure to catch the Buck Trent Show. For now, find out what you can expect from this spectacular show in Branson.

Buck Trent is a veteran in the business. Having been in it for more than 20 years, he has mastered the art of entertaining people coming from across the globe. Buck Trent has been entertaining millions of people already, and these people like him for that. He is one talented man, blessed with the musical talent and pure charisma. Buck Trent can sing – and he does it very well. Not only is he an exceptional singer, he is also a banjo player. His banjo playing has also been the reason why his audience is very amused. So if you want to witness pure musical talent, coupled with charm, watch the Buck Trent Show in Branson.

Because of his natural talent and love for music, Buck Trent’s performances tend to come out as passionate. That same passion that he has for performing also radiates to his audience so they feel more involved in the show. Buck Trent is also a recipient of numerous awards. Some of his awards are CMA Instrumentalist of the Year for two years, and also an Instrumentalist of the Year at the Music City Awards also for two years. It was in the year 1981 when Buck Trent did his first show in Branson. Trent loved the town. It was in 1991 when he decided to settle in Branson and opened the Buck Trent Show. He was the first nationally known performer to ever open a morning show in Branson. Since then, Buck Trent was unstoppable. Mornings in Branson now are even made better when you start it off with the Buck Trent Show. His show is so full of energy and fun that it is hard not to be affected by it. His fans also love the variety show that he brings to his audience, especially the country and bluegrass music.

For your Branson vacation, make sure to catch his morning show and you can also try getting an autograph from him during the intermission or after the show. If you want to stay a little closer to Buck Trent, why not avail of the nightly rentals in Thousand Hills Golf Resort? Buck Trent is just chilling on the greens of Thousand Hills during regular days. You can also try to play a game of golf with him!

Make your Branson vacation even more exciting with Buck Trent and Thousand Hills Golf Resort! 

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A Branson Cabin to Keep You Cozy and Warm


Your visit to the live entertainment capital of the world can be made more memorable and fun by giving you the best experience and a comfortable stay in the city, too. Branson Missouri has a lot to offer you with all its family friendly activities and attractions. You will surely have a blast in Branson to make your vacation the best one you will have.

Branson Missouri is home to the best theme parks, nature parks, and other recreational places. The live music shows in Branson are what made the place famous worldwide. Get ready to see energetic performances and exceptional versions of the most popular hits of yesterday and today. You can also have a great time doing shopping and dining out since Branson has the best outlet malls and restaurants. Get the best deals and big discounts in the outlet malls, and have a sumptuous meal after a long day. Whatever you are craving for, you will surely find a Branson restaurant to satisfy that. Treat the whole family to a Branson vacation to have some quality time and fun moments together.

To make your vacation in Branson more convenient and comfortable for you, why not rent a Branson cabin for the duration of your stay in Branson? The best Branson cabins you can probably find are in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. These comfy and luxurious Branson cabins are located in the most convenient location – just minutes away from Branson attractions and entertainment district, 76 Country Music Boulevard. The cabins in Thousand Hills are also made of Colorado cut spruce logs to give you that rustic ambiance. These cabins are also located in the woods of the Ozarks so you are assured of a calming and tranquil scenery. This winter season, let not the chill get in the way of you and your family enjoying the outdoors as you get warm and cozy in your own Branson cabin.

When it comes to amenities that it offers you, these cabins give you more than what you need. You can have access to the swimming pool, or you can also take a dip in the cabin bathroom’s Jacuzzi tub. All bedrooms are also fully furnished with luxurious linens, cable TVs equipped with premium cable channels, and a lot more. The spacious living room of the cabin also has a DVD player, along with a TV, for you not to miss movie nights with the family, or with your special someone. There is also a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare your own meals to save some bucks. You can even have some time for yourself in the cabin’s private deck. Share your exciting and memorable experiences in Branson and Thousand Hills to your friends from all over the country using the cabin’s free high-speed wireless internet.

Plan a trip to Branson now and make Thousand Hills your first choice in lodging. For reservations and inquiries, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Why Have A Branson Condo Rental


Are you planning to have a Branson vacation? If you say yes, then this must be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Not only will you be rejuvenated from all the stress and worries, you will also be treated to a days of fun and adventure! Branson is truly the premier vacation destination of the Midwest.

You are coming to Branson for your vacation, so you might as well plan for your lodging place to make your vacation experience even more perfect. For your Branson vacation, make Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort as your lodging partner. Thousand Hills has a very convenient location in Highway 76. You can stay close to Branson’s entertainment district, which means you can’t miss Branson’s greatest shows anymore! You can also experience fun in Branson’s famous theme park, Silver Dollar City, and in the countless nature parks. Shopping and dining still will not be a problem as restaurants and malls abound the area. Thousand Hills is also situated close to the Ozark Mountains, so you are still assured of some peace and quiet when you come to your home away from home. This is the perfect location – staying close to city for convenience, but far from the city for a relaxing atmosphere.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort offers you various lodging options. One of which is the Branson condos. If you are coming to Branson in large groups, then renting a condo unit for your lodging needs will prove to be the more practical choice. Maybe you have been used to renting multiple hotel rooms, and you tend to visit these rooms to check up on each other. By renting a condo unit, you don’t need to do that anymore. Live in one place with all your loved ones so you could check up on each other easily. The Branson condo rentals in Thousand Hills also gives you lots of first-class amenities that are similar to those in hotels – maybe even better!

When you avail of Branson condo rentals in Thousand Hills, you already have a fully furnished condo unit to call your home for the vacation. It has fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, which also features king sized beds and a Jacuzzi tub. The condo unit also has a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook your own meals if you do not want to dine outside. The rooms in the condo units are also very spacious. Its living room is also spacious enough, which makes it a perfect spot for some time to catch up with each other’s lives. There is also a private patio or deck where you can have some quiet alone time. Your Branson condo rental in Thousand Hills also comes with swimming pool access, televisions with premium cable channels in all bedrooms, free wireless internet and many more!

These Branson condo units come in 1 bedroom units to 5 bedroom units. Choose your Branson condo unit in Thousand Hills Golf Resort now to make your vacation the best one ever! 

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Why Visit Branson’s Bull Shoals Lake


There is nothing like the serene feeling of being near beautiful bodies of water. Branson is one place that never runs out of the wonders of nature, including the pristine bodies of water in this area. Branson is very famous for its beautiful lakes, which have become a tourist attraction of its own, too. Some of the famous lakes in Branson are Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, Bull Creek, Roark Creek, the Little Sac River, the James River, and the Pomme de Terre River. One of Branson’s best lakes is the Bull Shoals Lake, where a lot of fun lake activities are waiting for you!Bull Shoals Lake

The Bull Shoals Lake is a man-made lake in southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. This lake is part of Branson’s TriLakes Area, and is also controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers. Bull Shoals Lake’s main area for its activities is located in Arkansas in Baxter County and Marion Country. Get to know more about the activities you can do in Bull Shoals Lake for your vacation in Branson.

Boating is one of the most popular activities that you can do in Bull Shoals Lake. This place has multiple boat docks where the avid boaters can weigh anchor and set sail. Bull Shoals Lake ensures the safety of every guest by making sure they comply first with the boating safety rules. The Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock also offers rental services of its WaveRunners and boats. You can also avail of a guided lake fishing trip. The Boat Dock also has rentals of houseboats and scuba gears. Aside from these, the Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock also gives you a full floating marina store, wherein the guests can buy fishing equipment like rods and steels, marine hardware, clothing, sunglasses, snacks, and many others. You can also buy skis, wave boards, and knee boards in here.

You can also try bass fishing in Bull Shoals Lake. Fishing is increasingly becoming a popular activity in the lake, as it is home to several species like striped bass, black bass, catfish, walleye, crappie, and trout. There are a lot of varieties of fish in this lake, so you can have endless possibilities on what species you can catch.

Scuba diving is also one of the activities that you can do in Bull Shoals Lake. For the scuba divers, Bull Shoals for them is called the “Carribean of the Midwest”. Diving in Bull Shoals caters to different levels of expertise – from the beginner level to the expert level. There are also a lot of mapped dive sites that you would want to explore.

Your visit to the Bull Shoals Lake will definitely be something that will be memorable to you and to your loved ones. Come over now, and experience fun in Branson’s lakes!

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Plan a Trip to Mount Pleasant Winery


Branson is popularly known to tourists for its unlimited attractions and activities. While you may be used to associating Branson Missouri with theme parks and live music shows, then you should also know that there can be more to Branson than those. For the wine lovers out there, or for the people who would be interested to learn something new, Branson has the perfect attraction for you.

Another attraction that you can visit in Branson is the Mount Pleasant Winery. This place is a fresh break from Branson’s exciting theme parks. In here, you get to learn something new and you might even develop that love for wines. The Mount Pleasant Winery was founded in the year 1859 and it opened its original winery location in the Augusta Appellation. The Augusta Appellation is the first government appointed wine growing district in the entire United States, and up to this day, the Mount Pleasant Winery is still going strong.

The Branson location of the winery is located in an off beaten path and is far away from the live music shows that are happening along the Strip. The Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson opened in April 2008, and it treats the guests to wine tasting and winery tours daily. For the wine tasting part, Mount Pleasant Winery charges $5 for some of the winery’s Estate wines. If you are interested in knowing more about the world of wines, you can also avail of Mount Pleasant Winery’s Wine 101 classes. In these classes, you get to learn about the workings of wines, how to perfectly pair wine with food, and many others. After the class, you also get to have your wine glass souvenir courtesy of Mount Pleasant Winery. The rates for the classes are at $15 per person and are available on Wednesdays at 2 PM and Saturdays at 11 AM.

The Mount Pleasant Winery also has a souvenir shop so you can choose a souvenir you want to take home. You have a choice to bottle the wine you have concocted so you can let the people back home taste it. You can also sign and date the bottle to make it even more special and memorable. It could even be the perfect gift for your special someone, too!

For your Branson vacation and visit to Mount Pleasant Winery, book your stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort! This is where you can have the best lodging options in Branson. Say goodbye to the usual hotel rooms, and say hello to Branson log cabins, Branson golffront condos, and Branson lakefront condos. Make your visit to Branson a really exciting one! Visit and for more inquiries. 

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More Fun in Branson’s Promised Land Zoo


Branson has been all about the live music shows and the nature parks. After all, it is the live entertainment capital of the world. But what if you can have more to Branson than all these? You definitely can! Make your vacation with the whole family in Branson a lot more memorable and worthwhile as you visit one of Branson’s newest zoo!Branson Promised Land Zoo

Book your trip to Branson’s Promised Land Zoo, the newest attraction added to Branson’s long list. The kids will surely enjoy the zoo and the rare animals they can see in this zoo. At last, they can see the animals they used to see in books and television only. Your visit to Branson’s Promised Land Zoo will really be worth it because this can be a perfect opportunity for learning – not just for the kids, but for the adults, too. You can see lion cubs, lemurs, hyenas, and many other animals.

Branson’s Promised Land Zoo opened to the public last June 2013, and since then it has been one of the most popular destinations for the families visiting Branson. Promised Land Zoo encompasses five acres which serves as a home for more than a hundred different animals and over forty-four different species. You can also find caracals, alligators, prairie dogs, spider monkeys, and a lot more exotic animals in the Zoo’s hillside paths. There are also some animals which have become a hit with the visitors. These are Delilah the lion cub, and Bonzai the sun loving hyena, Forrest Hump the camel, Calamity Jane the babboon, Banana the largest albino Burmese python and a very adorable baby zebra. Jungle Josh is one of Promised Land Zoo’s animal show performers, whose shows you have to catch for some entertainment while in the zoo.

Promised Land Zoo is open daily, from 9 AM to 7 PM. If you haven’t planned for a trip to Promised Land Zoo, then you might still catch the selling of the last admission ticket, which is at 6:30 PM daily, too.

While in the zoo, you can walk around, take pictures, and ask some questions to the personnel to gain some knowledge about the exotic animals. You can drop by Parakeet Paradise, which is a sanctuary for exotic birds – you can even feed the birds if you want to. This is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM. The live animal shows in the Promised Land Zoo goes on every day at 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, and 5 PM.

Make your family vacation in Branson really worth it. Not only do you get to bond with your kids, you also get to learn and see something new with them. For your lodging needs in Branson, partner with Thousand Hills Golf Resort to give you the best lodging options there is. Inquire now about the Branson lodging options you want for your Branson trip, just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Chick fil A Coming to Branson

Branson Chick fil A

We have all seen those funny commercials, billboards and magazine ads that feature the spotted cow holding a sign saying ‘Eat Mor Chikin.’ It is a humorous advertising campaign that has stretched across the nation, and familiarized most Americans with the restaurant known as Chick fil A. Chick fil A, the home of the original chicken sandwich, is a popular fast food franchise with an emphasis on tasty chicken and quality service that has venues nearly everywhere. And now, they’re coming to Branson – be on the lookout for the cows telling Ozarks residents to Eat Mor Chikin!

Chick fil A came to life in 1946, when a gentleman by the name of Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia. After creating a widely popular boneless breast of chicken sandwich, Mr. Cathy founded Chick fil A Inc. in the early 1960s. These chickin’ fixin’ restaurants made their debut in shopping malls dotted around the South, with the first one opening in a mall in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1967. Chick fil A literally skyrocketed in its popularity, and today, they are the largest quick service restaurant chain in the United States. In 2013, annual sales at Chick fil A were over 5 billion dollars. Even with all the growth and popularity of this restaurant chain, Chick fil A is still privately held and family owned.

Chick fil A has hundreds of locations, in shopping malls, as stand-alone restaurants, with drive-thru only outlets, or sometimes both! Chick fil A also makes it a point to give back to the communities they are located in – they do this through youth and education programs, local giving, community involvement, and leadership and family enrichment programs. With such an emphasis on community, it is no wonder that the home of the original chicken sandwich was offered a home in Branson!

The Branson Chick fil A will be located just east of the Highway 65/76 interchange between Casey's and McDonalds. Local city officials hope to see this restaurant expand its reach into the Ozarks region, now that Branson has opened its doors to Eat Mor Chikin.

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Top 5 Cleaning Tips From the Pros

With over 300 condos, cabins and townhomes to clean, our housekeeping staff has to be among the best in the business. Tara, our Director of Housekeeping has these top 5 tips for you that her staff uses to good effect daily.

Housekeeping Tips From the Pro1) Does your shower head have a hard water film on it? Then try this. Take a bag of vinegar and tie it to your showerhead; let set for 30 minutes; take bag off scrub shower head, and then rinse it will be squeaky clean!

2) To remove grease on microwaves, door handles, light switch plates and other surfaces use some dish liquid and hot water with a magic eraser. It comes right off. Do this regularly and the buildup will not be as bad.

3) To eliminate pet odors use white vinegar to cover the solid areas then cover with baking soda let set until dry. Vacuum or sweep up excess baking soda. There will be a strong pet odor but that means its lifting the odor up!

4) Do you have white grout that gets stained easily? Take vinegar and spray on the grout. Let set for 5 minutes then take a brush and scrub the grout and it will immediately go back to its original color. Wipe up excess vinegar.

5) To get red wine stains out of clothing or carpet try spraying peroxide on stain. Let it set for a couple minutes then wash.

Do you have more helpful cleaning tips to add? Leave a comment below. Or return to the Branson Blog

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