A Star-Studded Experience at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson

The holiday season in Branson guarantees a lot of tourists and locals coming out to celebrate. There are added attractions and activities this Christmas, which is why people come and stay here for more than a day. With the Christmas sales in malls and the crowded lines at the theme parks of Branson, why not explore more and go to one of Branson’s unique museums?

The Branson Hollywood Wax Museum is the only one of its kind in Branson. This museum shows us that there are many uses for wax aside from candles. The Branson Hollywood Wax Museum uses wax to turn your favorite Hollywood actors and actresses into life-sized replicas. Since the 1990s, the Hollywood Wax Museum has been impressing the guests with the Hollywood figures in the museum. The building itself is not easy to miss, since you can see a replica that is similar to Mount Rushmore but featuring Hollywood stars instead of the American presidents. This figure is known as Mount Hollywood. Right next to the museum’s building is a skyscraper with the Great Ape of Branson on top of it. This tourist attraction in Branson has become famous in the area being the only museum in the Midwest that is entirely devoted to Hollywood celebrity figures.

When you are inside the museum, you will see how the wax figures closely resemble the celebrities. These lifelike figures were created by Hollywood wax artists who turn old globs of wax and clay into these masterpieces. Take a photo with Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson, and a lot more celebrities. If you can’t score a photo with your favorite star, then taking a photo with a realistic looking figure of them in the Hollywood Wax Museum will do for now. The museum also tells the stories of the stars – their lives, accomplishments, and trivia you didn’t know about them.

The wax figures are not the only attraction that you can find in the Hollywood Wax Museum. You can also go next door to the Castle of Chaos, which is a big hit for the teens. It is a video game ride with special effects as you go on a gun battle with evil ghouls. Another attraction that kids will love is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. Here, you get to find your way into the maze in a race to save Princess Hannah.

The Branson Hollywood Wax Museum is open all year round. Special discounts for group tickets are also available. For the museum hours, ticket prices and availability, visit http://www.hollywoodwaxmuseum.com/branson/. After a day of exploring Branson, you will need a good night’s sleep away from the city noise and in the warmth of your home. For nightly rentals in Branson, go to Thousand Hills Golf Resort, which is located close to Branson’s entertainment district and museums. Thousand Hills is also situated close to Ozark Mountains so you can have a very relaxing ambiance. For reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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