Spring Inspiration at the Shepherd of the Hills Inspirational Tower

Inspiration TowerIf you want to experience a great outdoor adventure this spring season, come to the Shepherd of the Hills Inspirational Tower in Branson. Your visit to the Shepherd of the Hills Inspirational Tower will let you enjoy exciting attractions and great outdoor activities. Get the chance to see a very inspiring 360 degree view of the Ozark Mountain on top of the Inspiration Tower. During daytime, you can see the beautiful horizon that goes far beyond the Arkansas region.

The Inspiration Tower is a tall beautiful structure that can be viewed from many locations all throughout the Branson area. The sight is truly amazing with the background of the panoramic view of the Ozark Mountain sitting above the hills with the refreshing air snapping around you. When you cruise at the expressway of the Shepherd of the Hills, you will see the top of the Inspiration Tower shrouded with foggy haze that slowly moves above the sky. This tower with a height of 230 feet will surely bring you home memorable and unforgettable experience.

The tower with an area of 160 acres was constructed in 1989 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the famous book “Shepherd of the Hills” of Harold Bell Wright. The Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and Outdoor Theater attracted many local, national, and international tourists around the Ozarks area. This memorable spot marked the birth of Ozark tourism in 1907. Before tourism became an industry in the Ozarks, the novel of Bell Wright already gained a huge flock of tourists.

The Inspiration Tower was built at a cost of $1.5 million. Its foundation holds rebar with a weight of 34.5 tons. The tower is made up of enormous glass materials enough to cover a third of a football field. This sturdy tower can stand against a wind of 172 miles per hour and can withstand strong winds up to 224 miles an hour.  The tower features two glass elevators that can go up to the highest point of the tower. The Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower is open from 9am to 5pm year round.

A magnificent view from the tower’s observation deck is not all the best feature of the tower. At the ground level of the tower, you will find a specialty shop that offers tower themed souvenirs and unique collectible items. In the area, you will also find a snack shop and restrooms. Up on top of the tower, you will see the starting point of the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider (you can purchase tickets for the ride down below the gift shop).  From the tower’s observation deck, strapped riders will travel half a mile zip line at a speed of 50 miles an hour. Get ready for the fantastic zipline adventure that will let you see panoramic view of the wooded hills and the wildlife around the Ozark Mountain.

The Inspiration Tower has been inspiring visitors for many years now. If you want to be inspired with the fantastic view of the tower, be sure to visit this magnificent landmark in Branson.

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