Sight and Sound Theatres Brings Joseph to Branson

joseph-sight-and-soundSight and Sound Theatres is growing here in the Branson community as more and more people traveling in the area make a stop at this spectacular theatre to see one of Branson’s favorite productions – Joseph.

Dubbed the “Christian Broadway,” Sight and Sound Theatres have been putting on shows and plays for 35 years. The current Lancaster County, PA theatre has been in operation since 1998, and the Branson, MO location opened ten years later in 2008. The goal of Sight and Sound Theatres is to spread the message of “peace, love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion” to its guests. Sight and Sound has continued to “inspire more than 800,000 guests every year to deepen their understanding of the Bible and explore a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ.” Sight and Sound Theatres is the nation’s largest Christian live action theatre, and is home to five different shows that rotate between theatres so guests get the opportunity to see something new often. Currently, Sight and Sound is producing Noah, Joseph, Moses, Jonah, and Miracle of Christmas. Branson is currently the home of fan favorite Joseph, which has had more than 1 million guests in attendance in both Lancaster County and Branson.

Branson is presently the home of Sight and Sound Theatres Joseph. A number of visitors to Branson come looking for the amazing experience provided by Sight and Sound. Joseph tells a beautiful story that spreads the message of God’s forgiveness. As you watch, Joseph’s story unfolds in front, beside, and above you. Elaborate dream sequences, Egyptian staging and stage props (like the 300 foot long Egyptian palace), colorful characters, live animals, and 20 memorable and original songs make up the magic that is Joseph. 45 adult and child actors make up the cast that beautifully tells Joseph’s story. Joseph will be in Branson until October 18, but 2013 will be the second and final season for Joseph to be in Branson. If you’re hoping to see this phenomenal show, act now!

In addition to Joseph, Branson will be hosting Miracle of Christmas starting November 2. This show will take you back in time to the greatest birth in history, right to the village of Bethlehem. You’ll see the angels proclaiming to the shepherds, “The Savior is Born!” and watch parades of camels, donkeys, and horses cross the stage. Reserve your tickets for this amazing Christmas show that will be like no other Christmas show you’ve ever seen.

Before you look at any other Branson show, make sure you check out what Sight and Sound Theatre has to offer. Joseph won’t be in Branson much longer, and this could be your last chance to see the beautiful story of Joseph unfold before your eyes. Miracle of Christmas will be in Branson starting in November. No matter which show you choose, your family will love the costumes, characters, and stories that the cast of Sight and Sound bring right to you.

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