Explore the Caves of Branson

There is no mystery more thrilling than that which envelopes a cave. It may be mysterious to some, may be eerie perhaps. But one thing for sure it that caves are worth exploring. Ready to see some upside down bats, cave salamanders, and cave crickets? Or maybe the stalactites and stalagmites that you used to see in books and movies? Head on to Missouri and explore the caves in Branson.

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First off is the Marvel Cave in Branson. The Marvel Cave is one of the oldest caves in the area, so just imagine all the secrets that this cave possess. It was in the late 1800s when this cave was opened to the public as a tourist attraction. Today, the cave is located at the entrance of Branson’s famous theme park, Silver Dollar City. Another bonus is when you buy an admission ticket to Silver Dollar City, you also get to have a sixty minute tour of Marvel Cave! Go to the Cathedral Room of the cave, which is the largest cave entrance room in the entire America.

Next stop is the Talking Rocks Cavern. This is a cave system in Branson that will give you an equally great adventure. Talking Rocks Cavern has guided cave tours wherein you are led down a series of platforms to the cave floor. You can see some unique formations at the cave floor, too. Your guided cave tour in Talking Rocks Cavern would not be complete without a light and sound show! After the tour, you can buy some souvenir items in the gift shop that leads to the mouth of the cave. And don’t forget to ask your tour guide why it is named as “Talking Rocks” Cavern!

Next cave is the Fantastic Caverns. This cave system is located in Springfield, Missouri and is known to many as the only ride through cave. Just to feed you with some history tidbits, this cave was discovered in 1862 by a farmer’s dog who crawled through the entrance of the cave. It then took five years to call for explorers to enter the cavern. The brave souls who responded are still remembered as their names are etched on the cave walls until now. A tour of this cave features jeep drawn tram tours, whose main purpose is to preserve the ecosystem within the cave. Learn more about the history of the cave and the wonderful sights that it gives you. After your tour, you can also buy at the gift shop of the cave – perfect for souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home.

Lastly, go spelunking in the Smallin Civil War Cave, which is located in the Ozarks. Witness the native beauty of the Ozarks through a tour of this cave. Smallin Cave has no stairs, only inclines and ramps to make your spelunking activity even more challenging. As you go through the cave, you might just see unique creatures like the Bristly Cave Crayfish and the Blind Cave Salamander!

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