The Chinese Acrobats Thrill Branson Audiences

The Acrobats of China Featuring New Shanghai Circus

Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest, is one of the most cultured vacation hotspots in the country.  Featuring shows and talent from all around the globe, Branson brings the world to your doorstep!  You won’t want to miss great entertainment like The Acrobats of China featuring the new Shanghai Circus this summer.

The ‘Acrobats of China’ show is housed inside Yakov’s theater here in Branson.  The incredible Jinan troupe will amaze and delight you and your family with their feats of athletic ability!  Known worldwide, the members of this award winning troupe showcase Chinese classic dance and human performance art, with daring feats and breathtaking costumes.

Acrobats of China

This show was the first Chinese acrobat show in the city of Branson and has been running since 1998, when Mr. Lizhi Zhao first brought the Jinan troupe to Branson, and introduced the Midwest to the stunning human art form of acrobatics. Twenty acrobats perform award winning, crowd pleasing acts such as Spinning Plates, Diablo, Chair Stack, Spinning Girls, Drum Juggling and many more.

Guests who attend the Acrobats of China show are also invited to partake in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, which details the art and history of making tea, and includes free samples for guests to try.

Acrobats have been performing their art in China for more than 2,000 years; it is a magnificent art form that stemmed from everyday life and experiences.  Now, you can experience it for yourself right here in Branson’s backyard!  Book your tickets to Acrobats of China today.

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Amazing Acrobats of China

When many folks think of Branson, Missouri, located in the heart of the Ozarks, they often picture bluegrass, roller coasters, shopping and fishing.  Acrobats are probably not the first thing to come to mind!   But Branson is full of surprises – and stellar shows like the Amazing Acrobats of China!  Don’t miss the opportunity to see this talented troupe while you are in Branson.

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai China perform at their very own New Shanghai Theater, located on Highway 165 in Branson. If you’ve booked tickets to see this show, make sure to arrive early to this world class performance – there are plenty of fun extras to view before the main show!

Modern costumes and bright costumes blend seamlessly with the ancient human art form of acrobatics at the New Shanghai Theater.  Guests will marvel at stunning feats of strength, balance, coordination and risk, such as those displayed in the Chair Stack and Electrifying Cage of Death acts, and during the aerial acrobatics segment of the show.  Each performer of the Amazing Acrobats of China troupe brings their own unique flair to the stage, as a result of individualized training and discipline, along with raw natural talent.

Hundreds of guests have left the New Shanghai Theater in complete awe of its occupants – be sure to bring the whole family to see this surprising show for yourselves!

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