Can You Make It Through the Emerald Mirror Maze?

Emerald-Forest-Mirror-MazeIf you want to experience the beauty of the rainforest, visit the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventures in Branson this fall season.  Butterfly Palace features thousands of exotic butterflies that live in specially designed cages. Most of the butterflies are imported from tropical countries and place in aviaries where the environment suits the natural habitat of the species. The aviary features tropical environment that becomes a home for many collections of butterflies, birds, and exotic plant species.

In addition to this unique attraction of the butterfly aviary are the Living Rainforest Science Center and the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze that can be found inside the Butterfly Palace. You can find rainforest creatures, like poison dart frogs, salamanders, and giant cockroaches that are displayed at the Living Rainforest Science Center. In the center, you will learn the kinds of animals that live in the rainforest ecosystem. The Emerald Forest Mirror Maze is a rare attraction that kids love to experience at the Butterfly Palace. Each turns and twists of the maze may lead anyone to exit or make him go back to the entrance and try again.

Another exciting portion of the attractions at the Butterfly Palace is the Banyan Bungee Adventure. This unique adventure provides kids of all ages a rare feat to tackle your way through obstacles like trees, rocks, fallen pillars, and web of vines. During Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, Butterfly Palace is closed, but otherwise open all year round. During holiday season, a favorite attraction in the Butterfly Palace is brought back to Branson – White Flight. This attraction features special holiday display with hundreds of white butterflies in the aviary.

Butterfly Palace also offers a 3D movie about the life of the butterfly. When you see it for the first time, you will find it very unique and exciting. You can also see many beautiful butterflies in variable colors in the garden of Butterfly Palace. You will also see a wonderful living statue in the garden, she moves very slowly and would extend her hand for a butterfly to land.

The palace is also home to butterfly documentary film about the monarch butterfly that struggles to survive. The palace also features science exhibits that allow everyone to enjoy nature. On the top floor of the building, you will find beautiful atrium for butterflies that come from the world over. In the atrium, you can listen to the beautiful tune of a stringed dulcimer and the xylophone music of a lady. The palace also boasts a pet shop with turtles, lizards, and chameleons.

Seeing varieties of butterfly species can only be encountered here in the Butterfly Palace for only 30 minutes while it takes a month of hiking seeing these species somewhere else.  The palace features rare butterflies that you can’t find elsewhere. Guests usually spend three and a half hours in the Butterfly Palace without even realizing it.

If you want to be overwhelmed with the rare species and a beautiful garden full of exotic butterflies, visit the Butterfly Palace and enjoy a challenging mirror maze that kids love to experience.

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