Branson Shops Embrace the Missouri Sales Tax Holiday

dicks-five-and-dimeNowadays, families are trying to cut their budgets and still meet their needs. In August, Missouri families have the opportunity to get a break from sales tax and get what they need for back to school. In Branson, merchants are embracing the holiday and you’re sure to find some great sales in the area.

The Missouri Sales Tax Holiday is August 2 – 4. During the weekend, students and their families will get a break from Missouri state sales tax of 4.225% on back to school purchases.

But what exactly qualifies as a “back to school purchase”?

The sales tax holiday applies to clothing, school supplies, computer software, personal computers, and computer peripheral devices.

  • Clothing – any article having a taxable value of $100 or less.
    • Any article intended to be worn on or about the body; does not include watches, watchbands, jewelry, handbags, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, scarves, ties, headbands, or belt buckles.
  • School supplies – not to exceed $50 per purchase.
    • Any items typically used by a student in a classroom, i.e. notebooks, pens, pencils, backpacks, etc. Does not include watches radios, CD players, headphones, sporting equipment, copiers, or other office supplies.
  • Computer software – anything having a taxable value of $350 or less.
  • Personal computers – not to exceed $3500
  • Computer peripheral devices – not to exceed $3500

During the sales tax holiday, cities and counties have the option to waive city and county taxes. In Branson and Taney County, city and county taxes still apply.

Tanger Outlets is helping even more because of their everyday low prices. The outlet stores located at Tanger offer their merchandise at up to 50% off. That’s a real break for your wallet, and during the sales tax holiday, you can find even better deals by shopping the sales going on in different stores. Check out what Tanger Outlets has to offer during the sales tax holiday and you could score big on your kids’ clothing purchases.

Take advantage of the Missouri Sales Tax Holiday and get what you and your kids need for the coming school year. For more information about the sales tax holiday, visit

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