Branson Platinum Experience for the Holidays

platinum-expAre you planning to go to Branson this holiday? If yes, then read along so you could make the most out of your money.

Branson Missouri is known to be the ultimate vacation destination of people – families and friends alike. You are guaranteed to see lots of attractions and enjoy various activities that it would feel like your time for vacation in Branson is not enough. Make the most out of your vacation without shelling out lots of money for it. Sounds impossible? Well, Thousand Hills Golf Resort has the solution to that!

Your stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort is more than just having a lodging place. It is also about experiencing fully all that Branson has to offer. For the upcoming holiday season, choose to stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort and make the most out of your stay. A way of saying thank you for Thousand Hills is giving its guests a Platinum Experience. Unlike other hotels that give coupons with percentages off, or buy one get one coupons, Thousand Hills gives you tickets, admissions and meals to Branson’s finest attractions and establishments amounting to $750.

The Platinum Experience booklet in Thousand Hills gives you access to the best musical shows there is in Branson. One such show is the Shoji Tabuchi Show. The performers in this show are considered to be Branson’s first family of extraordinary musical entertainment. Shoji Tabuchi, the main man of the show, together with his wife Dorothy and his daughter Christina, never fails to wow the audience with their innate musical talent. This show is purely family entertainment and would be perfect for the whole family to tag along and enjoy good American music.

The Platinum Experience also gives you access to theater shows – a shoutout to all the theater geeks out there. One of Branson’s unique theaters is Sight & Sound Theater. This theater depicts stories in the Bible in a way that you have never experience before. The stories that this theater perform are suitable for kids and adults alike. The theater has a cast of 45 professional adult and children actor. There are also live animals in this theater which they incorporate in their plays, so do not be surprised when watching a play. The sets of this theater are also known to be spectacular and will leave you speechless.

A Platinum Experience in Thousand Hills also guarantees you freebies in Branson’s best restaurants. Get a complimentary appetizer in Floretina’s Ristorante Italiano, a complimentary breakfast in McFarlain’s Family Restaurant and many more. You also get to have tickets to Branson’s famous theme parks, Silver Dollar City and White Water.

Can’t wait to experience all these perks for the holidays? For you to get a Platinum Experience booklet from Thousand Hills, a reservation should be made until December 31, 2013 in any 2 bedroom or larger lodging choice, which includes golf condo, lake condo, or log cabin. You will get your Platinum Experience upon check-in. Book now and enjoy Branson!

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