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nancy-bryant-Poinsettias-in-the-WildIt is difficult to not appreciate fine art. Fine art makes us feel, it makes us think deeply, and it inspires us. Down through the centuries, people have enjoyed marveling at the Mona Lisa, staring at the sculptures of Michelangelo, and admiring the floral beauties of Georgia O’Keefe. Now, it’s your turn to get a taste of some fine art- fine Branson art, to be exact- courtesy of The Art Gang. Come on out to the Mount Pleasant Winery from September to January to check out some original art works from this local art group!

The Art Gang

Just who are these local artists? “We are people from the local area who were friends and decided to join together for The Art Gang,” said founding member Nancy Bryant. The Art Gang is a group of six female artists from the Southwest Missouri region. Each artist specializes in a different medium of art, including watercolors, oils, pastels, photography, and fused glass jewelry and glassware. Every member of The Art Gang has her own unique style and inspiration for her pieces – everything from nature to abstracts to people can be seen in these artists’ works. The Art Gang artists are also members of the Finley River Art Gallery Association in Ozark, Missouri, and they regularly volunteer at the gallery. The Art Gang is always eager for applications to accept new members into their group. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for membership, you can find the application on their website,

Meet The Artists

Nancy Bryant – Nancy Bryant is a watercolor artist who resides part of the year in Southwest Missouri and the remainder in Palm Desert, California. She spent a great deal of time in Baja Sur, Mexico and many of the bright colors found in her pictures stem from the inspiration she found there. Nancy’s art has been displayed in galleries in Missouri and Oregon, and she is a member of the Palm Springs Museum Art Council, the Springfield Arts Council, and of course, The Art Gang.

Linda Furse – Linda Furse is a globetrotting artist who endeavors to share every memorable bit of her journeys with other people through her art. She creates art using a variety of mediums, including pastel, oil, acrylic, mixed media, or photography. She lets her inspiration and the story she wishes to tell dictate the medium she uses.

Nicole Hanna – Nicole Hanna is a talented glassware artist who originally hails from Omaha, Nebraska. She and her husband have recently relocated to the Table Rock Lake area. Nicole creates kiln-formed art glass pieces, and she also has a vast deal of experience working with metals. She is a member of several art groups, including the Table Rock Art Guild, and her work has been displayed across the nation in numerous exhibits.

Judy Musch – Judy Musch is a Missouri born and raised pastel artist. She has always loved nature and rural landscapes, both of which have found their way into her multicolored pastel pieces. She loves to share colors and has never had a favorite – she loves them all equally.

Marjorie Peterson – Marjorie Peterson has had a fascination with art and design since childhood. As a young girl, she took pride in sewing her own clothes and today, she enjoys creating art in oils, pastels, acrylics and everything in between. Her work has found its way into collections both public and private across the United States, and Marjorie loves being able to share her talents with others.

Jacqueline Stoner – Jacqueline Stoner is a nature photographer extraordinaire who was born and raised in Southern California and retired to Kimberling City, Missouri, with her husband several years ago. Jacqueline doesn’t often leave home without her camera. Birds and butterflies, seascapes and animals are just a few of the things she finds artistic inspiration from.

See The Art

Now that you are familiar with The Art Gang, who they are and what they do, you have the chance to see some of their extraordinary pieces! By request of the Branson Art Council, The Art Gang is displaying several of their works at Mount Pleasant Winery from September 2013 through January 2014. Stop by to sample some wine, admire the art, and perhaps purchase a piece for your own home – all pieces displayed are for sale. There will also be a Meet the Artists Night at the winery on September 27 – you will have an opportunity to meet each member of The Art Gang, do some wine tasting, and snack on some hors d’oeuvres. It’s sure to be a night of Branson art appreciation that you won’t forget!

Images Used with Permission

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