A Rainy Day in Branson at Thousand Hills

branson-weather-rainIt’s a rainy morning at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It’s just a prelude to the abundant sunny days that lay ahead as we welcome in the summer season. Even with the rain pounding a symphony against the lush greens and landscape, golfers peak from the doors of the Pro Shop hoping that the old saying “start raining before 7, ends by 11” rings true today.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked cookies sweeten the lobby air as our guests linger for just a moment to deliberate chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar or oatmeal raisin for their drive home. “Thank you” and “Safe Travels” are exchanged as our guests stay comes to an end…until next time.

The sky now begins to give way to just a glimmer of sunshine as golfers begin to bustle with anticipation. Laughter and conversations fill the lobby. Guests begin visiting with our concierge for today’s Branson entertainment. Families are checking out basketball and shuffle board equipment. Pool towels are flying off the shelf. Groups are filtering in to attend their meetings. Mulligan’s restaurant fuels golfers for their next nine. Stories are exchanged.

The afternoon transitions to evening as our new guests arrive. Just another day at Thousand Hills Golf Resort…

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