The Dutton Family Theatre features one of Branson’s favorite families – The Duttons! This talented family brings the some of the best talent to Branson, between the 17 members who perform in the show.

The seven Dutton children showed signs of their musical talent early, and their parents began supporting them by chauffeuring them to performances that eventually led them around the world and into a career of entertainment, with song, dance, and music.

Tim is the most instrumentally versatile of the Duttons. He has mastered a number of instruments, including the violin, guitar, and mandolin. He is also the family’s expert on sound recording. Tim’s wife Judith is as talented as the rest of the Dutton family. She had several years of musical training before she married into the family. Her skills include piano and various woodwind and brass instruments. She does most of the advertising design for both of the Dutton Theatres. Tim and Judith’s three children, Jessica, Rachel, and Timmy also perform on stage in the show, and are a big part of the current show. All study violin and piano.

Jon is a big part of the Duttons’ comedy featured in every show. His wife Belle is from Samoa and previously danced with the Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii. Together, Jon and Belle manage the Dutton Inn. All four of their children perform alongside the two, dancing and singing.

Amy Dutton Arambulo is the lead violinist for the Duttons, and has been voted Branson’s best violinist for the last six years. She has performed with orchestras all over the United States, and has four boys with her husband Rudy. Gabriel, Julian, and Damian are taking violin lessons, while the youngest, Josiah, makes cameo appearances on-stage. Amy produces four shows each year for the family, and sings and dances in each show. Benjamin is the lead dancer and comedian for the Duttons. Ben plays cello, mandolin, violin, guitar, drums, and bass, and dances on-stage with his wife Brande. Their four boys perform with them in the show at the Duttons’ theatre, and are taking piano and dance lessons.

Abigail Dutton Wright is a talented musician and performs with her siblings in their show. Her preferred instruments are banjo and violin, and her children perform with her. She loves interacting with the rest of the cast as well as the audience.

The youngest Dutton, Joshua, does not perform full time any longer, but still joins the rest of the family when he visits. He and his wife Evette have four children and they continue to play and produce their own music in Utah.

Currently, the Duttons are on tour and making rounds through the United States. Soon, the show will be making its way back to Branson for the Christmas season. Don’t miss out on the chance to see this phenomenal family perform live in Branson this year!