Branson, Missouri, located in the heart of the Ozarks, is known for the abundance of live entertainment the town offers.  In fact, many folks call Branson The Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest!  You can find live music, dancing, comedy routines, animal acts – and even magic!  There are several magic shows to be found in Branson, and illusionist Rick Thomas boasts one of the very best.  And good news for magic fans – he is back for another amazing season!

Award winning magician Rick Thomas has created stunning shows around the world, and now he has decided to make a home base right here in Branson, much to the delight of his followers.  His breathtaking illusions coupled with his flawless dance skills and electrifying stage presence make for a show to remember – you’ll want to see it with your family again and again.

Rick Thomas started performing his own magic shows at the age of 7.  By the time he was 18, he was performing his own routine at the Disneyland Hotel.  After two years, Rick branched out and performed on numerous Disney cruises, and fairs and expos all across the country.  He eventually ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he performed 600 shows a year.  A show as complex and breathtaking as Rick’s is best undertaken with a helping hand- luckily for Rick, he met his performance partner Tara while performing in Vegas; Tara came to Las Vegas after a long and well decorated career as a ballet dancer and instructor with an interest in magic – she met Rick and the rest is history.

Rick Thomas is not just known in the world of magic – he has also won awards for his spectacular ballroom dancing!  From a young age, he and his sister turned dance partner wowed crowds with their outstanding talent.  And of course, Rick also holds many coveted titles in the world of magicians and illusionists.  Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts and Stage Magician of the Year by the World Magic Awards are some of the larger awards he has been honored with; he also aired on numerous magical television specials including NBC’s ‘The World’s Greatest Magic.’

The Rick Thomas Branson show includes levitations and disappearing acts, all with some help from some talented assistants – including breathtaking tigers and birds!