New in 2016!

en years ago the Titanic Museum anchored in the port at Branson and they are celebrating that milestone with a 2016 World Exclusive Exhibit! This is your choice to see the breathtaking Bandmaster Titanic Violin, valued at $1.7 millon. It will be on display at the Titanic March 7 – May 29, 2016. While there you can also take the opportunity to see the only Bible to survive the Titanic!

“The museum is a true tribute to the people and families of Titanic. It is conducted with honor and respect to the lives of those effected by this historic tragedy.” – TripAdvisor Review

“Very educational, enlightening and emotionally moving…We highly recommend this exhibit for everyone of all ages!” – TripAdvisor Review

Thinking a boat trip on Table Rock Lake sounds good but are afraid you might get seasick? Don’t sweat it! If you’re looking for a nautical adventure in Branson, MO without the waves and boat, visit Branson’s Titanic Museum.

When you visit the Titanic, you may be surprised to see that the building is a replica of the ship. Inside, the Grand Staircase has also been duplicated so that visitors can experience the splendor of travel on the Titanic.

Each guest at the Titanic receives a “boarding pass” when they enter. The pass includes information about an actual Titanic crew member or passenger. From there, you get to explore the museum at your own pace. You can experience what it was like for passengers and crew to walk the Grand Staircase, the hallways, and in the passenger cabins.

There are also a number of galleries inside the museum that are home to over 400 personal artifacts from passengers. Many of the artifacts are on display only at the Titanic Museum and have been displayed there for the first time ever. The entire collection in the museum is valued at over $4.5 million.

You also have the chance to touch an iceberg, experience 28 degree waters, shovel “coal” in Titanic’s boiler room, learn how to send an “SOS” signal, experience the sloping deck as the ship sank, and sit in an actual size lifeboat. At the end of your tour, you can visit the Titanic Memorial Room. 2,208 names are inscribed on the wall in the room, and there you can discover the fate of your passenger or crew member.

Pet lovers will also love the Titanic Museum for Molly and Carter, the Titanic mascots. As a tribute to the pets aboard the Titanic, Molly and Carter visit the museum Friday through Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop by the museum to see these beautiful spaniels on board the Titanic.

In addition, the Titanic Museum welcomes groups visiting the Branson area. Groups must be 15 or more paying guests. Groups can get discounted or package tickets when they call 1-800-381-7670. Motorcoaches are able to get an enhanced greeting when they arrive, and still guide themselves through the splendor of the Titanic.

In 2013, the Titanic Museum has also added a Murder Mystery for groups. Each tour group tries to solve the mystery of Officer William Garrett’s death. Each person assumes the name of a Titanic passenger as they search for the killer among them. The Murder Mystery experience provides guests with a fresh and unique experience for the Titanic museum.

The Titanic Museum is open year-round. In order to ensure that your trip to Branson includes this fantastic attraction, it is best to call ahead and order advance tickets.

You don’t have to get seasick on the lake. Visit the Titanic Museum with all of the luxury of its time. Connect with the passengers and experience this historic ship as you never have before.