Branson is known nationwide as one of the best family fun destinations in the United States.  Each year, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest brings new and innovative ways for families to make memories that last a lifetime – like The Runaway at Branson Mountain Adventure Park!

The Runaway at Branson Mountain Adventure Park is one of the only alpine/mountain coasters in the U.S., and is housed in a unique parcel of land that will be developed into an eco-entertainment park with additional rides in the future.  Mountain coasters are unique in that they use the natural topography of the land, and provide riders with an unparalleled look at the respective scenery.  They are also unique due to the fact that the speed of the coaster cars is user controlled – so you can choose to take a leisurely spin down the mountainside, or race at blinding speed to the bottom the track!  Whatever your speed, you and your family are sure to enjoy the thrill of The Runaway at Branson Mountain Adventure Park.

Branson’s very own mountain coaster opened in early August, and is already thrilling visitors!  Guests have said how fun the ride is and how much they loved the scenery, and the passenger option for children who are too small to drive a car alone.  Many guests have waited in line to ride not once, but twice!  This $5 million investment covers some of Branson’s best scenery, including a water crossing at Fall Creek.  There’s no better view in the Tri-Lakes area!  This ride is suited to all ages (3 and up) and is outfitted with the latest in safety technology.  Each rider is given a short safety presentation prior to the ride.  The management and staff at The Runaway are dedicated to making sure that each rider safely has the time of their life!

A ride on The Runaway is some of the most reasonably priced entertainment in Branson.  For coaster car driver, the first ride is $15 and for passengers, the first ride is $10.  All re-rides after that are $10 each.  The ride is becoming so popular that guests are asking for all day passes!  You won’t want to miss the chance to take a ride on The Runaway at Branson Mountain Adventure Park – make plans to bring your family and friends today!