Branson Driving Directions to the Majestic on Table Rock

Thousand Hills Resort has recently expanded to include new, luxury condominiums on Table Rock Lake. Appropriately called the Majestic for is spectacular Ozark scenery, you will find all the amenities and services you have come to expect from the premier Branson development company. Below are Branson Driving Directions to the Majestic so that you can check out our latest! If you need driving directions to get to Branson or Thousand Hills’ Clubhouse check out our Branson Maps page.

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From the Golf Course Clubhouse, located at 245 S. Wildwood, turn left out of the parking lot and drive 0.25 miles to Green Mountain Drive (Yellow Route, there is a Lone Star Steakhouse on the left).

Turn left onto Green Mountain Drive and proceed 1 mile to Hwy. 165 (1st stop light, there is a While Oak Station on the left).

Turn left onto Hwy. 165 and proceed 0.25 miles to Animal Safari Rd.

Turn right onto Animal Safari Road and follow for 1.5 miles to Hwy 265. You will come to a yield sign just before reaching Hwy. 265, be sure to turn right. Do not go straight onto Skyline Drive.

Turn left onto Hwy. 265 and make an almost immediate right onto Gunner Hill Rd. (Under large billboard for The Majestic). Follow Gunner Hill Road to the stop sign.

Turn left onto Lenhart Lane at the stop sign and proceed 0.4 miles. The road will curve to the left and go down hill. You will se the Majestic below.

Turn right into the Majestic parking lot.

For additional driving instructions or rental questions please call us toll-free at 1-877-262-0430. If you’ve already used out Branson Driving Directions to get to the Majestic you may also use the red service phone located by the first floor elevator. We look forward to seeing you at the Majestic on Table Rock! For directions to reach Thousand Hills, visit Branson Maps.

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