Branson Red Route

Branson Red Route – The Northern Show & Attraction Alternative

When you come to Branson, be prepared for the Branson Red Route, and other alternative trafficways to get around town. For many years Branson has been famous for one long, very busy road, appropriately called the “Strip” by locals and tourists alike. The actual name is 76 Music Boulevard, aptly named for the many theaters that originated along this bustling thoroughfare. Many of Branson’s music theaters got their start and remain on Highway 76 also known as Main Street.

As Branson grew and grew, Highway 76 got a reputation for slow moving, often frustrating, Branson traffic tie ups. Although the typical Branson local is the politest driver on the face of the earth, often waving and always smiling, traffic was an issue. However, good old Yankee ingenuity brought about alternate roads to better serve Branson’s growing traffic needs.

One of the first extensions or bypasses, now just as full of attractions and fun, is the northern route known as the Branson Red Route or Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. Originating in old, downtown Branson, the Branson Red Route basically follows an east to west route just north of Highway 76 and finally intersects with 76 at the western edge of Branson, just a few short, scenic miles from Silver Dollar City.

The first theater you will drive by on the Branson Red Route, starting at the intersection with Highway 65, is Yakov, then Kirby Van Burch, The Mansion, and the newest and largest of Branson theaters, Sight and Sound.

What tourist destination would be complete without their own Imax Theater. And yes, it has a show about Ozark heritage. When the Branson Red Route hits the Strip, you are next to the RFD theater and the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure.

There are also many quaint places to shop and great places to eat all along the Branson Red Route. Wider lanes and even traffic lights will keep you moving along this new northern bypass turned boulevard shortcut. Please remember when in Branson traffic—Drive Friendly!