Toe Putting From the Fringe

Toe Putting From The Fringe – Making that Tough Putt!

Toe putting from the fringe is one trick to use when your golf ball is in a position that’s tough to putt, but close enough that you want it to work. Instead of using the face of the club, you use (as the name toe putting implies) the toe of your club. Watch this golf lesson to learn how you can putt from the fringe with more success.

>>DAN DAVIS, PGA PRO: Hi I’m Dan Davis the PGA professional at Thousand Hills Golf Course in Branson, Missouri. And today we’re going to talk about a trouble shot you may come across sometime when you’re out here playing or at any golf course.

A lot of times we get in a situation where you’ve got the putting surface, you’ve got a different cut, this is what we call the fringe, or sometimes an apron. There is a different level here in the measurement that the grass is cut and you get a lip here. Again you get another little lip back here, you can see where my ball is up against the rough of the surround part of the green. What we get is that this lip gets in the way of us making a good stroke especially with the putter. I would normally want to putt this because I’ve got a nice smooth apron here to get it rolling onto the green but you can see I can’t quite get a good clean hit on the ball.

So the only way you can do this is if you have a fairly flat spot on the putter on the end here on the toe. All you have to do is instead of hitting it conventionally with the face go ahead and turn that putter on it’s end, make your normal putting grip and we’re just going to go ahead and hit it right off the end of the toe and go ahead and let it roll on down the hill.

Other than a pretty bad alignment there, not too bad speed and hopefully that will help you out of a situation like this and get a good, clean hit on the ball.

This video is just one of a series of free golf lessons by Dan to help improve your golf game.