Student Band Trips

Student Band Trips – Planning the Perfect Performance

A student band trip can be a nightmarish ordeal and a once-in–a-lifetime experience for you and your students: a little planning will make all the difference. Look for entertainment and education, and more similar to Branson youth activities to guide your plans.

When planning a student band trip, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. When choosing performance venues, there are a number of questions to ask when considering where to perform. Are you looking to compete, to provide an enjoyable experience, or both? Are there educational, motivational, or inspirational opportunities at the venue, i.e. master classes, professional performances, face to face contact with professional musicians, Q & A sessions, etc? Will the trip be something that may be onein-a-lifetime, like performing at a professional league stadium for thousands of fans, on stage at Carnegie Hall, or in the square of a small Swiss village? What is your budget? A successful performance trip should be fun, inspirational, educational, affordable, organized, and safe.

After the performance is over, what sort of entertainment and opportunity does the location provide for your students? A theme park will be fun student band trip but might not fulfill some of your other needs. Some cities have plenty to do but might not be the safest environment for your students to be in. By asking these sorts of questions, you’ll be able to narrow down your trip choices from the myriad offers that are out there for student groups. Incorporating inspirational and educational opportunities into your performance trip will add a lot to your students’ experience. Planned museum trips, professional performances, master classes, backstage tours, and unique opportunities will really add to a trip.

Not only are there the intrinsic values of educational opportunities, but it is easier to get community support for your event if it is more than just a fun time. A small budget and unsuccessful fundraising can stymie your trip plans. The more enriching an experience is, the more engaged your community will be in supporting their youth. Your booster club, band parents, and community groups can be a huge asset in helping you achieve a wonderful trip.

When considering your lodgings for student band trips, try to take in more into account than just price. A suitable location should be well lit, has plenty of parking (preferably free) for busses, and be able accommodate your group fairly close together. Condominium rentals can offer your group large changing rooms, full kitchens, and washing machines – the amenities of one resort might weigh out against the cost of a cheaper hotel. Check with a group sales representative at different properties at your venue. Compare costs and breakdown packaged-deals – you’ll save in the long run. In the end it comes down to comfort, safety, and cost.

Having an itinerary that everyone is aware of will eliminate stress for the entire group during the whole student band trip. Review your plans as a band. Everyone on the trip should have a watch. Make sure students and chaperons know when they need to be in uniform or dressed and ready to perform. Ensure that everyone knows where they are performing and review your plan with the group well in advance. Chaperones should be ‘in the loop’ when it comes to your group’s plan. The more organized your event is, the safer it will be. Hopefully these guidelines will help you plan a better student performance trip or at least give you a few more things to think about. Have a great trip!

-Events Coordinator, Thousand Hills Resort.

If you’re bringing a student band trip to Branson, contact Scott or Wanda to help plan your trip and line up Branson Youth Activities. Let Thousand Hills back your performance!