Read below for answers to some of the most common questions about the Platinum Experience. If you don’t see your question covered below, be sure and contact us at 1-877-262-0430 and our staff will be happy to help you.

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Q – Is the Platinum Experience one of those deals where you have to take a sales tour to receive it?
A – NO! Thousand Hills Resort does not do sales tours or solicit our guests. Each of our qualified reservations for stays after March of 2017 will receive a Platinum Experience book at check in, it’s as simple as that. No tricks, tours or strings!

Q – If there’s no tour or sales pitch, what is the catch? How is Thousand Hills able to give away the Platinum Experience book at no charge?
A – Thousand Hills understands that today, more than ever, our guests are searching for the best value they can find. We created the Platinum Experience through special relationships with nearly 20 Branson businesses, to make sure that out guests receive the best lodging AND the best value they possible could while in Branson!

Q – Will the Platinum Experience book actually be useful to us?
A – YES! We have filled the Platinum Experience book with Branson’s hottest shows, attractions and restaurants, all for your enjoyment. These are the things that you will WANT to do while you’re in Branson – you’ll just get to do them compliments of Thousand Hills!

Q – Is the Platinum Experience book really worth over $750?
A – YES! With numerous coupons in each of 5 categories – shows, attractions, activities, restaurants and miscellaneous, the total value of the Platinum Experience book is well over $750. You can use one, or use them all. The true value depends on how many coupons you enjoy. However, with the collection of Branson fun that is included in the Platinum Experience book, the hardest part will likely be deciding what to do first!

Q – What types of reservations qualify to receive the Platinum Experience book?
A – Any paid reservation for a stay of two nights or more between March 1 – December 31, 2017 in any 2 bedroom or larger golf condo, lake condo, or log cabin unit (group reservations and reservations in 1 Bedroom, King or Queen Suite units do not qualify) will receive a Platinum Experience Book.

Q – Can I get the Platinum Experience anywhere else?
A – NO! The Platinum Experience was created by Thousand Hills, and is exclusive to our resort. In order to receive a Platinum Experience book you MUST MAKE YOUR RESERVATION THROUGH THE THOUSAND HILLS RESERVATIONS DEPARTMENT. No third party reservations company can offer you The Platinum Experience!

Q – How many Platinum Experience books will we get per reservation?
A – Each qualified reservation will receive one Platinum Experience Book, valued at over $750.

Q – How long does the Platinum Experience run?
A – The Platinum Experience will run from March through December 31, 2017. For reservations beyond that date, please call for details.

Q – If I don’t use some of the coupons in my Platinum Experience book, can I save them and use them on my next trip to Branson?
A – Each Platinum Experience book will be marked with the corresponding reservation’s check in and check out dates. All coupons not used by the check out date will be void.

Q – Can we buy extra Platinum Experience books?
A – Platinum Experience books are not available for purchase, trade, or barter! The only way to get one is to make a qualified reservation at Thousand Hills Resort.

Q – How do I redeem the Platinum Experience Coupons?
A – All Platinum Experience coupons must be redeemed from our Concierge located at the lobby check-in, Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Q – I’ve made my reservation, can I get my Platinum Experience book before I check in?
A – Platinum Experience books will be given at check in only. However, you are welcome to visit our website at to see what coupons will be available to you through the Platinum Experience.

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