Missouri Golf Instruction & Tips from the Pros

The Branson, MO Golf Professionals Will Help Improve Your Game

Missouri Golf InstructionBranson, Missouri has quietly become the premier golf destination in the Midwest. With all of this golf available there has natural become a need for quality golf instruction in Missouri. Its central location, good weather, affordability and year-round availability offer tourists and residents alike a unique opportunity to play and learn this beloved game.

As of 2011, Thousand Hills golf course is pleased to welcome PGA Pro Matt Dillman. His enthusiasm about golf in Branson Missouri assures every visitor to the course will receive great customer service from an expert in golf. Matt received a Bachelors Degree in Turf Management from Arkansas Tech University. Then in 2009 Matt became a Class A member of the PGA. Matt brings experience from working with a number of top clubs in Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas and recognition for his work in the largeset Junior Golf Program in Overland Park, Kansas. If you have any questions about golf instruction in the Branson, Missouri area, give Matt a call.

With the addition of the country's largest privately funded airport and the new highways now completed, Branson will also be the most accessible destination. With eight world-class Branson golf courses, Missouri is a golf lovers dream. It is no surprise that several of the worlds top golf course architects such as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Bobby Clampett and Robert E. Cupp chose Branson to design courses. Branson offers an amazing collage of courses that cater to a wide variety of golfers. Each course provides an array of challenges that include dramatic elevation changes, Ozark streams, lakes and beautiful hardwood forests.

Now, Branson, Missouri Golf Instruction is available on the web to everyone. Check Back to this page Often For More Updates!

  • Improving Golf Swing Mechanics - Get detailed tips on how to improve your golf swing.
    • Improve Your Golf Grip - It all starts where the hand meets the club. Looking to play golf for the first time, or looking to improve for your next time out--your grip is the best place to begin.
    • Golf Short Game Drills - Learn some quick and easy drills you can use to help improve your golf short game.
  • Golf Putting Tips - The short game can mean the difference between a birdie & a bogey.
    • Toe Putting From the Fringe - While we wish every shot landed in the middle of the green, this isn't always the case. Toe Putting can come in handy on the lip of the fringe.
    • Short Putting Tips - Get those short putts in one every time with these confidence building drills.
    • How to Hit a Mid Range Putt - Sometimes those ten to twenty footers can be the hardest! Make sure you set yourself up for a low score with these putting tips.
    • Long Putt Golf Tips - Make those long putts a lot more manageable with this simple putting drill.
  • Chip Shot Golf - Too far to putt? Too close to drive? Chip it in with the easiest but most impressive shot in golf.
  • How to Hit a Pitch Shot - The key is to go high, and roll to the pin. Learn more, including how to pitch it with 3 different clubs by watching this video.
  • How To Drive A Golf Ball Farther - Technique before strength. Learn to drive the ball farther without hitting the gym.
    • Perfecting Your Golf Swing - This video lesson features celebrity guest Marty Haggard as Dan gives you tips on maximizing distance and consistency in your driving swing.
  • How To Hit out of a Sand Trap - See Dan's Video lesson on getting out of your next sand trap bunker with a minimum of fuss.
  • How To Golf Left Handed - Even the right handed golfer will need to change things up from time to time--get out of tough lies using a left handed shot.