Kids Sports in Branson

Kids Sports in Branson – Why They Stay at Thousand Hills

The number of kids sports in Branson and other Branson sports events increase year after year, and growing numbers of those sporting events choose Thousand Hills as their place to stay. Watch the video below and read on to find out why Thousand Hills is the smart choice.

The condos at Thousand Hills make economical sense–they offer lots of room both for sleeping and relaxing during downtimes between kids sports events, especially when compared to cramped hotel rooms that altogether will cost as much or more than any of our large condos.

The fully furnished kitchen is also a feature that make the condos at Thousand Hills attractive. Why have your kids sports team eat an unhealthy or expensive meal out at a restaurant before the big game when you have all the tools and utensils to serve up a big pot of spaghetti in your condo’s own dining room? Not only will it be healthier, you’ll get to enjoy more team togetherness or family time around the dinner table. Our condos also feature another invaluable tool for the sporting parents–washers & dryers! Both you and your kids will appreciate having clean uniforms every time they step on the field.

And of course, Thousand Hills’ central location is one of the most compelling reasons that kids sports in Branson often choose our condos. Located in the heart of town, we are minutes from all the sporting venues in the area. And once the sports events are done, you’re also minutes away from all the shopping at the outlet malls, all the great restaurants to celebrate tournament victories, and the family friendly shows and entertainment that have made Branson famous.

If you are attending a tournament in the area or bring a Kids Sports Team to Branson, contact Wanda Nicol at 1-800-697-9472 to book your condos today!