Improve Your Putting

You too can improve your putting with this free video lesson from Dan. Watch as Dan takes legendary Branson performer, Shoji Tabuchi through three simple steps to improve his putting. Try these at home once you’ve watched through the video, or see Dan’s article for more Golf putting tips.

>>DAN DAVIS, PGA PROFESSIONAL: Hi,I’m Dan Davis and we’re here at Thousand Hills and I’ve got Shoji Tabuchi with me today and Shoji and I have been out here working on our putting a little bit. He’s been kind enough to share with you some of the points he’s learned today and he’s going to be demonstrating here.

Shoji, go ahead & line up to the ball there. The first thin that we covered here with Shoji was that we wanted to be sure that Shoji’s lining up to the putt properly and that he’s got his body in the best position possible to see his line and be able to make that putt. And one thing I look for is that we want to make sure that his eyeballs are directly over his line, and that would be his intended target line. Go ahead & line up there Shoji.

One way that you can check that is we’re going to put a ball basically right between his eyes and let it fall.

See, that landed just a little closer to him than his line so if he can bend over just a little further and get his eyeballs over the ball a little more. It’s similar to if you’re aiming a rifle and you had your eyes over here. We want to make sure you’re looking right down your target line, or right down the barrel.

Ok, so one more, go ahead & give it a good putt there Shoji. And again, you can check this yourself by jut putting that golf ball between your eyes and letting it fall and gravity will show you where your eyes are in relation to your target line. Go ahead & hit one there Shoji.

Ok, great!

Ok, next thing we’re going to cover is we want to make sure that Shoji’s got a pendulum stroke in his putting stroke. So go ahead & take a couple swings without hitting the ball. Ok, and Shoji does this really well. Notice that Shoji’s arms are basically the only things moving here in his putting stroke. His legs and back and the rest of his body is perfectly still just like on the pendulum of a clock. That pendulum is going to be an exact same back & through until you come move the back of the clock then you’re going to get some movement you don’t want. So very good there with his pendulum stroke.

We’re going to move on through to distance control now, the 3rd item in making sure you’re doing your putt correctly. Go ahead & line up the ball. We’ve got a fairly short putt here, about 10 feet, it’s not really uphill. So he’s going to take a rather short backswing, about to here. Go ahead & hit one. And then if you notice, what Shoji did really well there is that Shoji is actually taking a short backswing and extending through a little farther than he took it back. And now he makes sure that he’s got the proper acceleration all the way to the hole. And that I think is going to help you a lot. And it’s going to help you, make sure you’ve got a nice consistent stroke and keep you more on target to hopefully have a little better game to be able to beat Dale and all those guys you play with. All right?

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