How to Plan Youth Sports Events

How to Plan Youth Sports Events – Free Planner’s Checklist

Are you trying to figure out how to plan youth sports events? Kids sporting events are one of the most common Branson youth activities that we deal with. Below is a checklist of items that we recommend for event planners to make the next kids sports event go smoothly.

Youth Sports events are one of the most fun things to plan. And no matter what sport it is, they all have the same type of planning and same type of preparations. In the Midwest, the most popular sports are baseball, basketball, volleyball and cross country. Each and every season brings many teams to a specific location to participate in a tournament. But the big task in the travelling tournament ordeal is the planning of the trip for your team. Some teams actually have to travel to other states or even other regions of the country or the world to participate in tournaments, and as always, someone has to plan the event for them. To make things easy, follow this checklist on how to plan youth sports events.

1) Location. Find out where the tournament/game is.
2) Transportation. Depending on how far away the event is, you will either have to drive yourselves, charter a plane, bus or train.
3) Length of event. Depending on how long the event is, you will have to set up some arrangement for accommodations.
4) What are the age groups? Depending on the ages, parents or coaches will be solely in charge of the planning of either the personal child or the team.
5) Accommodations. If needed, you will have to reserve a hotel, cabin, or some other form of housing. Sometimes the tournament officials will have accommodations for you but most times, you will have to take care of this.
6) Rooming assignments and entourages. Some sports groups have only male/females on the team, some are co-ed. So in these cases you need to have volunteer parents or entourages to take stay with the team in their rooms, this depends a lot on the ages of the teams. IF there are young children, the child’s parents will most likely take care of all the arrangements, unless of course the school decides to do so.
7) When booking rooms, you have to remember that you should be near the location of the tournament/games which your child or team will be participating in. So try and find an accommodation which is near by the game place.
8) Food. Food is always important; make sure you know where the closest store is, restaurant, etc.
9) Getting there is tricky but as long as you have the address and a good old GPS you should find everything find. Whether it is the Bus driver, the parent or the coach getting there, depending on distance, is tricky but with the GPS you should be fine.
10) Be sure to know what times you will be checking in and when your checkout time is. And if it is indeed a tournament, you might want the hotel to know so that in the event that you get disqualified from the event you can check out early.
11) Expect the unexpected at an unexpected time. Always have a backup plan for everything. Storms, hurricanes, cancellations of events do happen, but just plan accordingly and you should be just fine.
12) Have fun and let the kids enjoy themselves.

Now that you know how to plan youth sprts events you can begin planning your next tournament. If you happen to planning Branson youth activties, contact us and we’ll help you’re planning from the start!