How to Get Started Playing Golf

How to Get Started Playing Golf – Beginner’s Tips for Men & Women

Whether you’re a man just picking up the sport of golf or one of the many women golfers learning to play I highly recommend lessons from a golf professional if you are interested in learning how to get started playing golf. Your friends probably have not been trained to teach others; so to get started the correct way, hire a professional. One lesson will not be enough to learn all there is, but you will learn the grip and a basic swing to get started. Then a lot of time will be spent at the driving range to get your swing grooved until you do not have to think about it when playing.

And don’t worry about expensive equipment when wondering how to get started playing golf; if you are not sure if you will enjoy the game, a set of inexpensive clubs or a used set can be used to start. Often these clubs can be rented or borrowed from the professional teaching you. Once you determine that you want to continue, you can upgrade to clubs that fit you better. Golf is not an easy game, so don’t be discouraged. It is well worth the effort in the long run.

The first few times on a golf course, you should play when the course is not crowded. This is usually in the mid afternoon through the evening and is a great time to get started playing golf. It’s important to learn the etiquette of playing on a course, so be sure to play with an experienced golfer your first few times. There are also articles on golf etiquette on the internet or at the library that will teach you many of the unspoken rules of golf. If you are courteous on the course, you will have no problem finding others to play golf with you.

Some of the most important items of golf etiquette are:

  • Fix your divots and ball marks.
  • Don’t waste time looking for a lost ball. The Rules of Golf allow 5 minutes; if the course is busy, don’t take even that long.
  • Let faster groups play through. You will both enjoy the game much more.
  • Never hit until you are sure the group in front of you is out range.
  • Do not stand in front or to the side of any golfer when they are hitting a shot. Everyone can make a bad shot and you do not want to be in the way of an errant ball.

Now that you know how to get started playing golf, you can take these basic tips and expand on them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the golf pro during your lessons, that’s what they’re there for. Above all, whether you’re joing the ranks of women golfers, male golfers, or children just starting out remember the reason you’re playing–have fun and don’t let your golf game become, “A good walk spoiled!”