Greens Maintenance at Thousand Hills Branson Golf Course – Hydrojet Aerification

Greens maintenance is an ongoing process at any golf course, and at Thousand Hills this is no different. However maintaining a balance between a well-maintained green while allowing players to play through can be a chore as many traditional maintenance methods require significant player disruption.

In this video, Pat Shay GCSAA, Thousand Hills Course Superintendent talks about using hydrojet aerification for Greens Maintenance at Thousand Hills as a way to bring about greener, healthier grass that can be played on almost immediately after treatment. Pat specifically mentions the Toro HydroJect used on site.

PAT SHAY, COURSE SUPERINTENDENT>> Hi, my names Pat Shay and I’m the Thousand Hills Golf Course Superintendent in Branson Missouri.

Today the maintenance crew is using a high pressure injection aerifier that is going to allow us to increase the airflow through the soil structure of the green. This is going to allow us to get more, increase air down in the root zone to make a healthier green.

The benefit to this particular aerifier is that we can do this at any point of time in the year. It can be 100 degrees, it can be 5 degrees but we can do it at any point of time in the year and it’s not disruptive.

Everybody thinks aerification is a bad thing but this particular aerifier will leave a product that is 100% puttable immediately after the green is aerified allowing the players to not really even notice any kind of disruption at all on the surface of the green; while still giving us the benefits of aerificaiton.

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