Golf Equipment Tips: Choosing the proper golf equipment

By: Dan Davis, for Thousand Hills Branson Golf Course

People claiming to offer the best golf equipment tips are as old as the game itself. Just as all professions change and evolve over time the golf profession has made many changes in the last 200 years. Golf professionals were more commonly known as Ball makers or Club makers in the beginning. Decent golf clubs had to be made for the customer and were usually ordered months in advance. The materials used in making these clubs included leather grips, Hickory shafts, and either wooden or iron heads. The golf balls of this period consisted of a leather pouch that was packed with feathers. Each professional had a different way of building your equipment but your equipment choices were generally made by your home clubs professional and based on his golf equipment tips.

Today’s PGA Professional has many other responsibilities and club making is left up to the manufacturers. Although some may still assemble golf club components, these components are usually manufactured by a large company. One service that most PGA Professionals are capable of providing is general advice and golf equipment tips on what type of equipment will be suitable and for the more advanced players we can properly fit a new set of clubs. Today’s club fitting is done on site then the order is made to the desired manufacturer and is shipped to the course within a matter of days.

Today’s golfers are faced with plenty of choices as well. Manufacturers use the internet, television commercials, infomercials, magazines and direct mail among other sources in order to inform us of the latest innovation that is going to revolutionize the industry. Truth is that most of these are only slight cosmetic alterations of the previous year’s model. Choosing the correct equipment can become somewhat overwhelming to even the most vetted of players. Conferring with and asking the advice of your host PGA Professional can hopefully help in making these decisions. Listen to the golf equipment tips of someone who plays your home course and is experienced in reading through the manufacturers claims.

If you have specific questions, feel free to contact the Pro Shop at 1-877-262-0430. As the most popular Branson golf course, Thousand Hills is happy to help you pick the equipment you need-from beginner to pro. Also don’t miss the series of free articles with pro golf equipment tips!

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