Branson Shows: Thrilling Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

The Headquarters of Spectacular Shows
When it comes to entertainment, Branson, Missouri is the all-inclusive location for live music, dancing, theater, and comedy shows that attract thousands of tourists each year. From January to December, there are numerous Branson shows taking place, and some nights you might be trying to decide between 100 different shows! While it is often difficult to decide on the perfect event to attend, here are three popular Branson shows you shouldn’t miss!

Dance the Night Away (Or Watch the Pros Do It)
Making the Branson Variety Theater its new home, The Spirit of Dance is now one of the hottest Branson MO shows ever. The Spirit of Dance is an internationally renowned show that has been seen by over thirty million people worldwide. Stemming from Ireland, the Spirit of Dance is now making its mark in the Midwest, where it is rumored to have shut down phone lines due to tourists’ overwhelming desire to get tickets this year. If you want to see some of the best dancers in the world, The Spirit of Dance is sure to exceed all expectations.Voices or Instruments? You Decide!
While most bands are comprised of a variety of instruments, SIX is simply comprised of voices. This brother sextet has been wowing crowds for years with their ability to create the sounds of a full band with only their voices! SIX focuses on popular tunes from the 1950’s and 1960’s, beautifully harmonizing and creating sounds you never thought would be possible with the human voice. Close your eyes and get lost in one of the most amazing Branson MO shows seen today. SIX is sure to rock your world!

Classic Comedy and First-Class Entertainment
Jim Stafford, voted Branson’s Best Entertainer, has been putting on some of the most popular Branson shows for over 19 seasons. Jim is an eclectic entertainer, meshing comedy, classical guitar, and wholesome fun for all families to enjoy. With his own theater in the heart of Branson, Jim Stafford is one of Branson’s most celebrated entertainers. If you make your way to Branson, you can’t miss Jim’s exhilarating performance!

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More Coming Soon!
Keep in mind, Branson is continuously adding new entertainment every year, and there are even more on their way! While these are some of the most notable Branson shows, there are hundreds of others to choose from. Branson is the place to be for entertainment!