Family Friendly Resorts

What to consider when choosing Vacation Lodging Options for your family.

One of the hardest choices when choosing lodging is where to take your family. The larger the family, the more considerations there are. One of the most popular ways to satisfy everyone is to go with resort style lodging with activities nearby for all ages. Even then, choosing family friendly resorts can be tricky, and there are several things to consider.

First choose a general area and destination you would like to visit. Once you have determined the geographic destination of your upcoming family vacation, your next consideration should be how your family’s style will dictate where within that location you can maximize your time and cost benefit. Possible selections can be ranked by their location and functionality.

The location of your accommodations is key to the easy access of the activities in which your family wants to participate. A day trip from your family friendly resort to enjoy a day in the outdoors for water skiing, hiking or an outdoor adventure can be accomplished from a wide range of locations. Selecting a family friendly condo at the water’s edge may be perfect if the focus of your vacation is to water ski daily. If your family includes children younger than ten years old, you may want to limit your trips from the home base to shorter lengths of time. This family style and budget would best be served by reservations for resorts close to activities-the more, the better. Staying within minutes of miniature golf, water parks, city park trails enables the young family’s fun time to be flexible enough to return to the vacation home frequently for naps and meal times. Selection of family friendly resorts built to include on-site activities is often the best value; both for cost and time management. Many family oriented resorts will feature multiple swimming pools, child proof outdoor gym areas, and game courts. Your private home base condo or cabin will also ideally include wi-fi access to the internet, DVD capability, and handy capability for video game plug-ins.

Functionally your family friendly resorts will feature accommodations with all of your preferences. Your home base selection should feature enough bedrooms and bathrooms to shelter your family comfortably for the duration of your vacation. Many condos offer pull-out sleepers or cribs at little or no additional charge so be sure to ask if these are options you are looking for. With a family oriented resort you will enjoy the ability to spend time in your own living room away from home enjoying a movie or sporting event while you prepare an affordable dinner in the fully appointed kitchen. During down times part of the family can watch TV or cook while other family members may be nearby on the resort property playing tennis, swimming or shooting hoops.

Quality family friendly resorts will be willing and able to go out of their way to make your family’s vacation experience as positive as possible. If you have any questions about attractions nearby or age appropriate activities for kids a helpful and courteous staff will be happy to help. There are plenty of vacation lodging options beyond the traditional no-frills hotels and motels that most think of. Especially when travelling with kids family friendly resorts can be a vacation-saver.